Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Kids..... Tuesday October 25, 2005

Yes I do have kids , got 2 of them my son is turning 18 in November and my daughter is 15

The pic at the top was taken when he was 10 and she was 8, the thing with the hair sticking up is my X and the one with glasses is me ( I don't look like that now I am a lot thinner, lot grayer and my hair is a LOT longer )

I haven't seen them since April 2003 my X wont let them ring me and I can't ring them ,I get to talk to my daughter on MSN sometimes but not very often

I can't really write much here I will get too upset I do miss them so much and one of Deadmans twin nieces is SO much like my daughter it's not funny they make the same face like this

Here is a more recent pic of them don't worry about the wine glass that's on the table because it's Christmas last year

I don't have any more recent pictures of them my X also refuses to send me photo's
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