Wednesday, May 30, 2007

writing and cars

You know I have another place here for my shorts and I haven't written one since *shock horror* the 7th of May
Everytime I start I'm interupted no kidding is so annoying, anyway as I can't get Baby computer to "talk" to this one now arrgh networking between XP and ME is a b*tch, I've had to save what I've done on Yahoo mail notepad that way at least I can go sit in the dining room on Baby and do more than 4 sentances of a short story and I can post it from Baby
Now my mail is going off yup yup thanks I know I have a comment on the last blog here I posted that one thank you ..why it tells you YOU have posted I don't know

Anyway today same as yesterday we have to fiddle around with the car, here in NSW you have to get your car checked to see if its roadworthy and of course mine isn't is it hasn't been for 2 months, we went and did shopping put petrol and air in the tires and bang no brakes, got the car home but haven't been able to get anyone to even look at the dang thing for 2 bloomin months now it's up for rego on the 10th of June and theres this big panic isn't there
It needs a new hose from the brake cylinder thats where all the fluid is leaking from, no fluid no brakes of course.
Now yesterday it was soppossed to go down the garage but it wouldn't start would it oh no, silly car cracked a sh*t because I've been driving another car battery was flat as a tack, it wasn't the other day but someone left the door open when they where looking at it didn't they. Same agravating cousin who thinks he knows everything but doesn't and doesn't listen to a word you say but he was the only one who's bothered to look at the car, I do know about cars. I told him it was the hose to the brake light but oh no I'm wrong can't be that of course now he's saying he knew what it was and the offending broken hose is the one to the brake light arrgh . He recons The Sims wont play on Baby either but it does ner ner!
This is why I can't write yesterday was car, today is car but he only has one car and his wife is using it so we have to wait around till wife comes home so he can come here, drive my car down to garage so it can be checked by someone who knows what they are doing and I can follow in white car that I've been using, if you are wondering Adrian doesn't drive won't drive total PITA that is. I didn't take my car down to the garage myself because I had no idea why it didn't have brakes there was no way I was taking it out on the road without brakes even though it does have handbrake (parking brake)
Poor old car its 23 years old, no personality at all well ok some it did get jelous over the white car but its no where near the personality of my Renault that I had
If I start writing on my short story he will be here as soon as I start
----- 15 minutes later (see told you)
Ok car is now down garage, mechanic wasnt there but car is there waiting to be seen, think its one of many, now we wait for him to call us and say what is wrong and how much (ouch too much probably) but it has to be done or it doesn't get back on the road

Monday, May 28, 2007

Want to be confused?-- 28 May 2007

28 May 2007

09:39 PM - Want to be confused?

This is like Days of Our Lives this is or Young and the Restless
Adrian is the youngest of five boys
Now his older brother has never married, he's the one who lost part of his leg to diabeties and looks after dad
The second oldest married late and his wife allready had a daughter who now has a 2 year old of her own
The third and fourth now this is the confusing part not sure on this myself but anyway I'll try to explain
We will call them M & G , M is the third or middle boy and G was the baby before Adrian was born and never took well to a new baby brother but that's another story entirely.
Anyway M married a woman called J and he is the father to two of her kids, but J moved in with G after a while and had another two kids by him
So the kids are brother and sister but also their own cousins
All in all theres 8 kids in total to the two brothers but to different women...I think
The oldest is 19 this year the youngest 8, I think most of them are G's, well it is a bit hard to tell they all look alike
Sometimes they will be with thier mother somtimes with G sometimes with M it's so confusing and I've never been able to work out which one is which

I don't mind M he's fairly even keel he is, works hard but he does let the kids push him around the old "If you don't let me do what I want I'll go live with xxxxx" depending on the mood sometimes its mum sometimes G, see I think he's a little scared of being alone so he lets the kids basically run rings around him it was the older four that drove the mother of the youngest boy away (she's a bit snoooty anyway)
But G uggh you know he's about the only guy that I could punch right in the face allmost did one day, of course most of that behaivour is because he got ousted from the "baby" spot, so he is like "thats mine and thats mine and THATS mine!"
Arrogant he is, he's just married a woman from Vietnam or some place she's only 25 years old as well, we will see what happens with that because I know those kids umm his brothers kids yeah those
See they haven't ever got punished for anything because they allways had "if you do that I'll leave and go to xxx" and they do as well.
Problem is that one place isn't any better than the other they shoot backwards and forwards kids will push you I know that got two of my own had housefulls of teenage boys and girls, girls are worse though the boys just sit and play Playstation all day, except for the broken nose incident his fault he ran straight into the glass door but the girls arggh well ok not the girls but the big sisters you know this great big teenage girl just barged through by front door one night no knock or nothing, just came straight in goes out to the back of the house to the rumpus room and starts yelling at her sister to come home so anyway she got yelled at by me, never saw her again yeah I'm a big bully but you have to be she was old enough to be adult about things and you just don't do that.
Wasn't my kid I could yell at her, problem is when the kid in question has got ammo on you eg: the X the first thing they are going to say is mum/dad yelled at me for no reason waaaaa , we have all heard that one now me I'm like yup, yup no reason yeah suuuuuuurrrrrre because I know what kids are like they will play one on the other just to see the reaction. Yeah sure the X may be a totall utter nut job (I know mine is) but I know kids as well and they do it to granmas too, they know exactly how far they can push mum and how far to push granma to get something and how far to push dad ..pity we don't have stairs ..whoops did I say that ... don't read that bit

Pissed off

I am totally pissed off today, woke up early because of things on the forum site I'm on were worrying me
See we have a few people on there who think that by spam(crap) posting eg: just smiley faces and posting stuff that should be in a chat room that they can get thier amount of posts up and
1. get more stuff to access on the site and 2. get cred
Anyway we spent a pile of time last night deleting the crud posts, Adrian posted about people doing it and what do 2 of them do turn that post into a chat on games they didn't even read it
so those had to be deleted as well.
I get up this morning dreaming that the whole site is covered with the same kind of thing and you know what it was! ...I logged off can't stand it anymore
There is one in particular who is driving me insane, I don't know why but she just persists in posting "chat" in a non-chat area, every single post she can she's leaving some kind of comment, on older posts 5 months old, not on topic just posting for post sake so her 'post amount' will go up
We have areas for chat, the site has it's own chat room, you can send mail to each other etc. Most of the threads are help threads like here is a link for the yahoo smileys and an animation programme to download or people asking where can I get ... that kind of thing
I cleaned out the Trash bin (where the old posts go) I moderate that as well as other things and she was outraged her post amount went down by 200, well mine went down by that as well as others didn't worry me didn't worry anyone else either. She went mental though as if your post amount really matters anyway its the colour of your name that really matters, she's brown, I'm purple Adrian is bright flouro green (site co-owner)
I don't know I get the impression that she thinks by being number 1 poster that she is going to get site ownership or something it doesn't work that way
In a month she has over 600 posts thats 20 per day, way above anyone elses average even Adrian who has been on that same site since Nov doesn't do 20 per day, he does do a lot and has got over 1800 posts though, in fact she has allmost got more posts than the site owner himself and he's had 6 months running the site
I am really annoyed totally livid about this, her sister is ok she's a sweety
but her arrrgh, she soppossed to be doing a job for the site as well but she isn't doing it wish she would at least that way she would stay away for 5 minutes so we could clean up the place a bit

Saturday, May 26, 2007

crazy idea

So anyway I had this crazy nutty idea, set myself back up in the dining room with the strange monitor that doesn't like baby computer (7.85 gig 65mg ram, its a baby) and the keyboard that you have to punch to get it to type anything (hurting my fingers this is) just so I can get some peace and quiet and well hell yeah that worked it's the only way I can get any work done at all so yeah this is good this is

The other crazy idea is Taste Buds (yeah full of crazy ideas me) I think Dana is going to be doing most of the posting she's more of a foodie than I am, I can cook don't get me wrong but I'm a chucker I chuck what ever is available in then forget what I used so nothing is ever the same, cook like my granma I do don't use recipe books not for ingredient amounts anyway basically it's yeah I'll do that but change that and do this instead
Anyway if you have a blogger and want to contribute (done 2 myself tonight saved as draft, told ya being in the dining room is good) just gimmie the email that you use for your blogger and I'll add you as contributor thats contributor not conspirator **wink**

Friday, May 25, 2007

Aboriginal kids must learn English says government

This made me furious it really did, ok so to be able to cope in today’s society you should speak some semblance of the language of the country that you live in.
If you live in China you should be able to speak Chinese or Russia or France where ever, you can’t get a job ask where the toilet is if people can’t understand you.
The thing is we live in Australia, John Howard the prime minister lives in Australia he should be able to speak at least one Aboriginal dialect after all English is not the language of the people who live here, who lived here for thousands of years before the white man, many different languages are one of which is the Koorii language
Now Mr.Broughs argument is that not many people speak an Aboriginal language so the Aboriginals should speak English, well I say this if all the schools across the country taught at least one aboriginal dialect, the language of the people of Australia then everyone would know it and be fluent and Australia would be a truly multilingual society.
There are different versions of Indian languages; different Chinese languages even some parts of England people speak a totally different language
They don’t force the indigenous people of India to speak English not anymore, they can learn it if they want but they learn their own language as well, everyone in the whole county does, the people of India are truly multilingual.
New Zealand has programmes set up for the schools to teach the Mauri language and culture, they are teaching their children how to embrace the indigenous culture
Australia isn’t a 3rd word country why then is the government basically taking a step backwards in time? We should be embracing the culture not destroying it. These children in the outback aborigional communities aren't even learning thier own culture because of cut-backs and the government wants to force them to learn english its just so very wrong.

Now I will say this if you come here from another country you should be able to speak the language, myself as an immigrant to this country many years ago I had to learn to speak "aussie" and that does include many Aborigional words and words that only aussies use like coorong, kangaroo, woolongong, ice-block, lollies, mince and thongs. You should learn the language of the country that you live in and here it happens to be mainly English...well kind of.

Aboriginal kids must learn English
May 25, 2007 10:20am
Article from:

Indigenous people 'must speak English'
School non-attendance punished by welfare cuts

INDIGENOUS people had no hope of being part of mainstream Australian society unless they could speak English, Prime Minister John Howard said today.

Mr Howard backed a proposal by Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough to ensure indigenous children in remote communities learned English, and said the best way to ensure they became proficient in the language was to send them to school.
Mr Brough is drawing up a Cabinet proposal that would require indigenous parents to ensure their children attended school or risk losing welfare payments.
He said today there was a lot of support from Aboriginal communities for the plan.
Mr Howard said: "Indigenous people have no hope of being part of the mainstream of this country unless they can speak the language of this country.
"If you require them to go to school they'll have to learn English."
The children of non-English speaking immigrants learnt English through their contact with the school system and so should indigenous children, Mr Howard said.
"In the case of indigenous people, none of them come to Australia as mature-aged people. They were all born in this country, in that sense they're different from migrants," he said.
"The children of Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants are forced to learn English because they go to school. Equally, Aboriginal children should learn English because they should be required to go to school."

Mr Brough told today's The Australian newspaper that Aboriginal people should follow the example of Greek and Italian migrants and become bilingual.
He said this - coupled with a "basic grasp" of mathematics and improved school attendance - would allow Aboriginal children living in deprived communities to find work and economic independence.
"Most of the children (in many communities) don't speak any semblance of English," Mr Brough said.
"So what chance have they got?"
"They speak the language that in many cases only a handful of people do," Mr Brough said.

Mr Brough's proposal was met with amazement by NSW's first Aboriginal MP, Linda Burney.
"I think that he needs to understand that culture and country is incredibly important to Aboriginal people and they will be protected at all costs," she said on ABC radio.
"Aboriginal kids do need to be bilingual but it's a bit rich coming from a person who actually is part of a government that took away funding for bilingual programs in the Northern Territory."

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Done on MS Paint?? ... I don't think so

Some people cheat I swear
The idea was to do a picture using MS paint a self portrait, now I did one

This one, using MS Paint

As you can see it's like this image (well kind of)
This one is done on Adobe

Now what I was seeing around is a few that cannot have been done on MS Paint no way they were, they've been done on Adobe or PSP, I can tell a Paint from an Adobe image and they where not done on Paint, Ralas was done on Paint, Yardys was done on Paint couple of others as well but some no way hosay the image was too close to the photograph.
Some people yes they have the skills to do one on Paint my sister could she went to art college she learned how to produce fantastic images
I can on Adobe and the one I did on Paint is more or less the same
Now I could have done mine on Adobe the B/W one and put that up and made people think I did it on Paint but I ain't that good I know I'm not that good
Thing is I was seeing a few that obviously where too damned good to have been done on Paint now I know that there are at least two people who could do an image like that one's Jaquie and the other is Eddo they are both are extremly good artists and could do an image like that on MS Paint.
Really though if anyone else but those two had an image up that was allmost too good they didn't do it on no basic Paint no way they did and as far as I am concerned thats cheating

What do you think
If I had put that B/W one up would you have known it wasn't done on MS Paint?

being funny is hard work

You know sometimes I feel like its hard work
See I get on in the morning and load my iGoogle so I can read peoples Blogger posts, then I load up MySpace and the Forum site I moderate then Yahoo mail, then I check 360 and Bloggers Anonymous amazingly today no add requests for the group only for the blog, don't know where those came from either they aren't in the group probably from blasts get a lot like that they have no idea how to favoritize someone or how to read a blog post link they just send an add request and you never see them again even if you do add them I could go on about 360 and the so called "social networking" but I won't ...haven't got a roll of TP for a list.

Back to subject feels like hard work it really does I've been running BA (the group) since July last year and you know I reject more than I approve 4/5 don't get in, theres only 423 members then again it's nicer like that anyway and I only did it for a joke that's what gets me the whole thing is a joke its not real ok so BA helps people out with blogging ideas and fun things but it's not serious and people think it is, its actually quite unbelievable that people take BA seriously .. no sense of humour some people I swear and that's whats such hard work they won't flipping laugh they just don't "get" it
Take Jesus (check the Blogger friends listing) now he's funny and really I don't think he's really Jesus I know that, you know that but can you imagine him on 360 OMG! He would be taken seriously there would be people asking him things and taking it not with a pinch of salt and tounge in cheek but serious!
Thats why I have to be so carefull with the posts I write for BA I know there are people who correct spelling, typos and just cannot see thats it's ment to be that way (I typo on porpose didn't you know **wink**) and that its ment to be funny

It's hard work being funny it really is and I'm not getting the time to think about things either see no comedian in this word does things off the top of his/her head its all thought about before hand the timing the wording is all done before hand it looks spontainious but it really isn't and seriously I've run out of jokes I should be writing short stories as well haven't done one for ages but its just not there any more it's all so very hard

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Picture

Has anyone noticed anything about my picture on here?
It comes up so small in comments thats its a bit hard to see but take a look at my Blogger profile, pretty neat huh.

Just a very simple animation I made it only has 5 frames doesn't move much but it does move
I like it because it isn't really flashy and annoying and if I hadn't of told you, you really wouldn't have noticed the eyes where moving
I love doing animations I've been fasinated with them for years now I've got a few programmes up my sleeve and I can play with them a bit more now I can whip one up in about 1/2 an hour some take more it all depends on how much fiddling around has to be done
Did one for K the other day took me all of 15 minutes, it took longer to get it to her than it took to do it
Wait right there I'll do one

As per usual it took me longer to get it on here than it did to make it
Oh and Josie I borrowed your flower hope you don't mind

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I would like to introduce to you this new bloggger click here he's new I'm helping him and we had a devil of a time getting blogger to let him sign in on his computer he had to get Firefox to be able to sign in it's something on his computer thats blocking him signing in on IE
Can't for the life of me work out what it is, his firewall I susect.

Anyway he's only going to do music on his blogger thats what he does he finds downloads and music hopefully with an Imeem player as well so you can listen to at least one track before you download I might have to pop into it and put the players in though.
Brilliant thing that you can give someone else access to your blog here on Blogger and they can post as well as you, so his blog is on my dashboard now which means I can help him out easier can't edit anything on the template but I can post and edit blogs for him

All of his music will be a rar. file not winzip so if you don't have win.rar I would get it, it's like winzip only a win.rar file can hold more and win.rar can open more zipped files than winzip can XP and Vista come with an unzipper but its not as good as win.rar besides win.rar has penguins.
It's on my downloads page on my website along with other things like the animators I use.

Anyway speaking of him who is sleeping at the moment otherwize I wouldn't be able to write this, he's sleeping ok so I go to take a shower and the smoke alarm is in the passageway next to the bathroom door and the steam from the shower sets it off so I'm running around dripping wet, naked of course grabbing for the broom to poke the dang thing to shut it off and you know he never even moved bad if we have a fire and he's asleep he really would be dead then.
When we lived in that tiny flat the guy next door was deaf ( he still is) his smoke alarm has a light on it as well, no kidding though that snoring man in our bedroom would need half an earthquake to wake him up, alarm clocks, dog barking or the dang smoke alarm nothing wakes him up yet if the phone rings he wakes up, not enough to answer it mind you allways me that answers it unless I'm asleep as well then it can ring out .. he's waiting for me to answer it I swear.
One day I'll set up an answering thing on the computers then I won't have to answer the dang phone wait then he won't wake up at all .. no scratch that one

So go and visit his page and when he wakes up he will get a little suprise hehehehe

Just my thoughts

I was asked if I would go back to 360 and seriously looking around tonight, if I did my list would go down to maybe 20 or so I've found out who my real friends are this last few days so if you read this from 360 and you find yourself with a big green plus sign it's because I've realized who is just a list collector who cares and who doesn't and I know that the ones who don't care, don't read won't even notice if I remove them
There will be a few who stay those who are on my MySpace list will stay those who bothered clicking on a link and can get out of the 360 loop for 2 minutes those will stay. Those who really care will stay

See I've had a hell of a time with some people who say they are my bestest friend but treat me as if I don't exist they say they don't have time for me yet have time for others those will go bye bye's as honestly I don't have time for them any more
I got sick of the constant "I'm better than anyone" nonsense from a few people
Got sick of the snarky QC's
Sick of not hardly knowing who to talk to and who to trust
Who I was sopposed to be talking to and who I wasn't
Sick of people treating others like crap when they are sopposed to be friends and I ain't talking about me here I see how people interact and some of it is nasty

I will be opening my page back up but it won't be the same

Friday, May 18, 2007


Dana asked if we could find her Crazy Horse Singers, couldn't find anything at all searching comes up with Neil Young unfortunatly but we did find this
Sacred Spirit
I've been sat here listening to the whole album at first I thought it might be classical and a bit slow but its not at all
This is the write up that came with the album when I downloaded it

"After the success of "Sacred Spirit", Higher Octave delivers more of the same with "Sacred Spirit, Vol. 2: More Chants and Dances of the Native Americans". As with the first volume, this collection presents spare, hypnotic Native American chants augmented with electronic beats, keyboards, and other modern instruments. The mix of these elements is particularly potent on "Looking Far North," which contrasts a rolling melody with female vocals and a sparser, more rhythmic part chanted by a male vocalist, and on "May You Walk in Sunshine," a mix of flutes, strings, and sung and chanted vocals. While Sacred Spirit, Vol. 2 doesn't offer the purest incarnation of Native American music, it is a pleasant and occasionally unique update on these ancient sounds." -- Heather Phares (All Music Guide)
Release date (UK): 18.09.2000 (MiniDisc, CD) / 08.10.2001 (CD)Label: Virgin UK / EMI Music PolandFull title: Indians' Sacred Spirit: More Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans

Styles: Native Americans, Ethnic Fusion, World, New Age, Electronica

01. Intro: Gods & Heroes

02. Looking Far North

03. Dela Dela

04. Land Of Promise

05. The State Of Grace

06. Yane-Heja-Hee

07. A-La-Ke

08. May You Walk In Sunshine

09. The Spirit

10. O-Loa-Ki-Lee

11. That Noble Dream

12. The Sad Eyed Chief

Download Album here (type 3 letter code in box press download)
Listen without download

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Message to a friend

I just sent this message to someone who asked me why I didn't come on 360 anymore and decided that to post it would be a better idea that way its open, well to the people who read this anyway
Read previous posts here and you will realize that I am just way too busy/constantly interupted to be lurking anywhere

Message body :
I've had a look around today on 360, had to go on BA anyway and there is something missing from the whole thing I had to grab Eddo's link for the BA web site post (bloggers on blogging) and it took me AGES to find him, had to check my old mail to find his new page he's shut down too.
Something about trolls ..I think.. don't know really wasn't looking at posts
I see blasts and thats about it (need the 360 home page to check simple urls for BA memberships) I won't shut down BA but I'm only on it for 1/2 hour tops each day, check mail and comments thats it.
Its only been a week but I'm staying away if I'm not there I can't be implicated in anything
I havemy MySpace that I've shut down to friends only and my views went down from 150 in a week to 35, I have Blogger that you don't need to be a member of to comment on **hint hint** that is open, the link to my blogger profile is on my 360 blast (page views climbing LoL) and my Imeem
I'm just staying away from the whole thing I used to love 360 but really its gone so far down hill far too much backbiting and bitching going on,who's friends with who, who's fighting, who's doing that,this, whatever its impossible
The only thing I can do is just not bother with it any more
The same thing happened in the origional chat room I used to go in (the one I wrote the story on) there is only one person from there I am in contact with now the rest can go F themselves, there are more on 360 that I am closer too but sheet it's going the same way

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Can't possibly be easier can it ?
I'm the laziest person really if I can find an easy way to do something I will but even if its a right royal PITA I'll go at it till I get it, work out how to do it and show others how as well because that's how I am, if I can inform people how things work I will and I have been showing, telling and teaching people how to use an extremly simple basic blog site like 360 for years and thats just it 360 is simple and a pale copy of Blogger and MySpace the problem is when they set up 360 they didn't look at all the other blog sites to see how they worked what people wanted, really they didn't look they just said "hey we gotta do this blog thing, we will loose money if we don't" shoved a blog on a page and said here you go we are giving everyone on Yahoo one even if you don't want it you got it but you work it out, we know it don't work properly half the time but we are keeping the Beta label on it because we just haven't bothered looking at the other blog sites and really we are just in it for the money
I used to love 360 love the simplicity of it but really even Imeem with its photo uploading, video and music and blogging all in one even though its fairly new just walks all over Yahoo 360 because they looked at what people wanted before they released the thing!

Of course its easier here on Blogger this place knows what people want they have had a blogging site running for years YEARS! Of course its easier to insert pictures
Click on the insert picture link/icon and add as many from your computer or Photobucket or Flickr where ever you got them you can add them, you can put them on the side in the middle where ever you want no html no copy paste no messing around and no uploading to another site its easy!
Just watch gifs though it will insert as many as there are frames for that gif but statics no problem
Anyone can comment here they do NOT need an account
Comments can be moderated
You can put what ever you want on the sides of your blog page you want flashy gifs on the sides have them, links put them there, a clock, readers, RSS feeders basically anything you want
You can write a post and save it for later (save as draft)
Someone else can write posts on a blog (permissions-blog authors)
You can have as many blogs under the same profile as you want
If I wanted to restrict access to this blog I can (choose blog readers)
Blogger knows what its doing its been doing this for years they listen they update they tell people what is going on

If Blogger had been in this format years ago (unlike Y 360 Blogger is out of Beta) I would never have bothered with 360 but then again there are a few who I would never have met and who I really love
One day 360 will get of its lazier than my own backside and get its act together untill then I'm sticking with Blogger, MySpace and Imeem

Monday, May 14, 2007

Punishable by death

I've been slack, not posted anything at all here since the 11th and it's now the 15th that's punishable by death isn't it?
Here on Blogger??? No I can post when I want and if people read it they read it, they can't delete me for not posting because well they can't add me to a friends list if they don't wanna read they just don't read simple
If they want to read my posts they can and if they don't want to read it's not my problem
See here I have this freedom I'm not having to compete with the attention of others just to get my posts seen I don't have to shout "look at me" or post blasts continuously, here this is me if people read they read (and I know they lurkers you)
I'm no attention hoare (did I spell that right? Probably not)
I don't have to think of the next fantastic post or the most "ranty" to vie for peoples attention I don't care if I get 100 comments or zero I don't care any more
Here I can be me, writing for me not blogging for the readership but blogging for me I'm not competing for page views, not having to comment on 360 milllion other blogs before I write anything of my own otherwize no one reads mine, here I don't care.
I'm writing for me
writing or blogging how it should be

Friday, May 11, 2007

Last Straw

I know people lurk here its the only place that is open

No one knows me, no one really bothers to get to know me
I know where I am not wanted so I left
Its been coming for a while I realized quite a while ago that I wasn't wanted anymore and this time was the last straw
When you try to say why and people don't even care thats when you know they don't want you around

There are some things that people will never know about me and why should I tell them anyway its me that obviously has a problem and I know I do I have a problem I have a problem with the childishness on 360 the cliques that I know I'm not in, I'm not wanted anymore and that is why I left
You know I try to be happy all the time I really do but basically I'm just so sad inside all the time
If I don't go back people won't care they didn't want me anyway
I could die and there wouldn't be a single person even care

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Who am I?

A blog topic brought to you by Jeepers
My name is Missy A, subject to change but most times Missy A … A for Anything? No A for Angel only the angel part attracts men of middle eastern origin for some reason so seeing as I don’t need an oil rich guy from AOE I try not to use the Angel part
My real name is Fran or Frances and no I’m not telling my married last name or my maiden name either
My home is in Australia, lived here for 35 years yet I can’t get an Australian passport or vote because I wasn’t born after 20 August 1986 or turned 18 before 1984 (“missed it by that much” –Maxwell Smart) I turned 18 on July 4th ‘85
I can and do make animations and Photoshop up pictures for people
I can do PC help and I have the paperwork to prove it, even though I didn’t touch a computer till I was in my 30’s as all the computers I’d come in contact with before that where cumbersome huge things that seemed to do nothing, I now have a certificate in IT.
I can now rip the guts out of a computer and put it all back together and do spreadsheets and databases and make little programmes.
I can’t do math at all, have to get out the calculator or use my fingers to add 2 and 2 together
I have 2 children one boy (19) one girl (17) they both live with their father in South Australia over 1000 ks away
I’ve done dog training classes with my little dog Linda and won prizes in dog obedience, well ok the dog won the prizes but I did the training I even trained the cat to sit and stay and speak … did you know cats can speak? They can they can say meeeeet and meeeeout.
I’ve sold Avon, worked picking grapes and worked as volunteer at a Community Center where I received a recognition award from the Governor of South Australia in the field of women’s help groups and ran the Op Shop or 2nd hand shop
I learned to weld and do woodwork at school and to drive a tractor, I can’t ride a motorbike but I can ride a horse and I can ice skate and roller blade just don’t ask me to roller-skate I fall over
It says bi on my MySpace not because I’m bipolar but because I am bi, funny thing is it’s always guys who try and chat me up, sorry fellas (no Word spell checker not fleas, fellas) but really you have no chance.
I wrote and ran the local newsletter for the town I lived in for 3 years, totally by myself I wrote articles, printed and collated, folded and collected money for donations and advertising and of course placed piles of the newsletter in shops and businesses every month and didn’t get paid a single cent.
I love to cook but hate washing dishes
My plants grow easily I can grow things just by looking at them
Most times I have 4 web pages open, one on 360° one for MySpace, another on Blogger/Google and one on another Forum site, sometimes even Imeem or Facebook but I don’t like Facebook that much
Sometimes I write bad poetry
Sometimes I find things difficult to remember, I need a re-caller, a mechanism to help me remember or I’ll just walk off into the kitchen and remember by the time I’ve come back.
So don’t ask me who wrote that song or starred in what movie because even though I’ve heard it or watched it I just can’t remember.
My eyes are green; my hair is long and streaked with grey
And you can call me Missy A
(I told you I wrote bad poetry)

Monday, May 7, 2007

My Inspiration

For those who don't read my shorts here is the link you might want to read this (Long Lost Love Found)
I find it difficult to find inspiration sometimes but there is one particular person who has inspired me to write here and here (The Eagles Shadow and The Eyes)
A woman who I hope won't ever stop writing won't ever stop being who she is and that's her own creative self
She's funny, serious and bueatiful I know she's going to say that she's not but I think she is its an inner bueaty that shines from within and I'm happy because she is, happy in a crying sort of happy so happy that you cry happy that kind of happy.
She's a big sweet kind generous person with such a sensitive heart she is my inspiration and she just got married and I might not look like I'm happy for her but I am I really am.
Dana I'm going to miss you but you are happy which means that I am too and that big hunk of a guy had better look after you or I'll be after him along with your brothers
I may be little but I've got a very big stick!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Read and then scroll down to the bottom of the page

Sometimes you just get presents out of the blue for no reason at all you just get them and the other day well I got one its at the bottom of the page here, pretty neat huh
Susan made that for me pretty cool I recon

Oh you want to see something really scary?

That really old looking fella is my X he's 46
He allways was a bit grey he had a grey streak when I met him when he was 25 but geeze now he's totally grey.
I've been asking people on 360 how old he is and only ZFrog and Jeepers have come close most are saying in the 60's
Here is a very small badly scanned wedding picture (1986)
Yes he IS dark in that photo
Can't find the picture that I wanted a family one, one of those proffessional ones he isn't so dark on that, it has to be on disk somewhere as I won't have uploaded it because the kids are small on it doesn't matter I'll find it later
No he's not Aborigional well don't think so anyway have my suspicions that his grandfather was part Aborigional though as when the family tree was recearched they came to a full stop at grandad but granma could be traced back for like 10 generations
See if grandad was adopted (read one of the stolen generation of Aborigional children) then they wouldn't find anything would they and I've seen a picture of him and well he's very dark and ol Kenny boy (my X) has an uncle who is the spitting image of him he looks Aborigional as well so it wouldn't suprise me
Grandad would have been born in about the right time frame but there is no way of finding out not now
Both my X and my daughter go very dark after about 5 mins outside I burn my son burns they go tanned very tanned as you can see, he's very tanned looks funny in the summer time as its only his arms up to his elbows and his face and neck the rest of him is white and now his hair matches .
I shouldn't laugh at the poor old bugger he's only 6 years older than me I'm grey myself now but damn not THAT grey

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I was going to post something else here but I've forgotten what it is, got a bit upset before and its given me a headache for those of you who can't read my Little Fairy blog its all about family basically
Ok OK allready, I'll grab it for you
I even checked my hotmail and theres a tiny message from my brother there in with all the spam stuff that that email is full of as well, he's here in Austraila again his email said "here for 2 weeks did you know your dad is sick"
Thats it, nothing else I didn't reply I know my dad is sick he has parkinsons I know he's sick, my mother has my mobile number she has our house number but do I get phone calls? No I don't
I talk to my daughter on MySpace my mother don't tell her anything either
It annoys me everyday Adrians family is on the phone to him every single day "hello how you going, you ok" birthdays they call each other, new years the phones go mad, christmas the phones go mad but not my family I get nothing no birthday cards, not even a christmas card and you can forget phone calls as much as I hate talking to my mother on the phone ( you can put the phone down and walk away come back 5 mins later she's still going on about something no idea what and has NO idea you left) and in IM she's worse I won't IM with her, you could be there all day but hey it would be nice you know for her to ring me I've been here 4 years and never ever has she rung me my X has drunk of course but not my mother, I get TXT's from my daughter and I don't expect my mother to be able to work out TXT'ing but dang she knows how to use a phone and she knows I don't have enough credit on my phone to ring her
I would love to go home right now my dad is sick my brother is there and I haven't seem him in years (he lives in the UK) but I just can't my car is broken down and the cost well it would cost $500 at least we don't have that i'm stuck here with his family ringing him every day and it makes me so sad inside

see I don't have anyone here not RL people only the people online and I can sit here feeling so danged alone sometimes, not that I had any friends where I was before the kids loved me allways had a house full of other peoples kids or my X's friends but never any of my own, I didn't go anywhere wasn't wanted and I'm not even wanted by my own family

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