Thursday, August 28, 2008


think I was bored before wasn't I?
no idea , was I?

my back is hurting, mowed the lawn I KNOW shock horror amazement the lawn mower actually started wonders will never cease
Might possibly have started because it had a new spark plug and I mean a brand new one this time not an old 2nd hand one in a new looking box that "looked" like it was a brand new one
You know the [smarta$$] cousin he sticks this spark plug in it right when lawn mover was residing at FIL's and tells them its brand new one backside it was and he charged them $5 for it he's such a rip off merchant
Anyway still got a bit of lawn to mow as its a PITB lawn mower one of those with a "deadmans switch" handle means you can't let go of it or it stops and you have to start the dang thing up again, so if you don't have a garden furniture mover handy and you are mowing by yourself, you have to mow around things I mowed around things
kills my back though mowing does must be the vibrations from the mower I don't know as I can push it around ok don't know anyway I'm ok as long as I don't have to bend over and have you seen our fridge?
Our fridge is built for midgets its tiny only about 4 foot tall so getting milk out for my coffee is a bit of a pain
Think I might go to bed and warm my back on the furry one bit like having a furry hot water bottle that snores except he's not made of rubber and he don't make sloshing noises, well he does make noises but its more like a chain saw LoL

anyway cup is empty ..... did you drink that?
find some pain killers and go to bed, made the mistake last night of taking the pain killers before I logged out then of course I was sat here longer because my back wasn't hurting started again when I got into bed, not exactly what I wanted so do it the right way around this time huh

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

its all in the guts

Connect IDE to disk drive making sure cable select is pinned correctly
insert ram horizontally, remove video card for easier insertion and replace
DOS dir a:
BIOS check for master status and boot device
drop screws on floor while trying to tighten up alignment of HDD
insert dummy ROM to cover up fact that rom slot cover is broken
trip over case cover from another computer three or four times

ok you want me to type in English right , not sure if I can had my head stuck inside the computers guts for most of the morning sounds disgusting that does
well it kind of is, was a bit of dust in there
Anyway computer is fixed now Frank the computer that is, he's all back and running again using the parts from another computer yet agian.
Someone broke his face though so it looks like he has two roms (burner and CD) doesn't actually ones a dummy not plugged in because the plastic plate "hole" cover wont stay on now very annoying because that one was painted to match
It should look the same as its partner .. is a silly thing I know but we have matching cases, keyboards and mice only Frank doesn't match now he's slightly "off"
Anyway won't explain what I had to do inside Franks guts if you didn't understand what I wrote first you'll have no idea what I did
No kidding though I wish those pin selectors would come off easier have to use tweezers to get them out and I've dropped one or two inside cases before, things are so tiny and slipperly as well they should have knobs on them so you can get them off easier with your fingers and don't get me going about case wires either change cases the wires for the lights never fit on the pins on the motherboard
The ram wouldn't go in because the Video card was in the way had to take that out to get the ram in and then out it back

Ok I'll shut up I'm talking "computer lingo" again, I've been in the guts I've fixed the guts up and now we have a computer without guts because its guts are in this one, well parts of them anyway
and no I did not put a sheep in the computer LoL that would be silly

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dana! you drink my coffee again??

I'll swear no kidding, Dana is still drinking my coffee

extra long straw that girl has
with all the suction of a Dyson vacuum

back .. ok who typed that bit ?? wasn't me well ok maybe it was LoL
Speaking of the coffee drinker with the long straw, there's a big difference between me and her you know she can sit there and write about things I can't you know, she can write about death and people in her life, how they lived what they were what they still are
I can't almost 3 months now and I've been shoving it back in it hurts you know , hurts too much I can feel it trying to get out and it hurts so I put this big fat band aid over the top of the leak, you know the one the one with the big yellow smiley face on it, I stick that on the leak.
Don't want pity don't want anyone to see me cry , I've been smoking too much, not sleeping well not exactly not sleeping not wanting to go to bed more like it, drinking more coffee than I should doesn't help the fact that the cup is always empty and there's never enough chocolate around here

I'm burying my head in the sand here, not wanting to come out, you know I've played every level of Zoo Tycoon (Dinosaur and Marine upgrade) and made so many themes since the end of May I've lost count, have to keep myself busy can't start thinking can't let it out I'm afraid it wont go back in if I do

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