Sunday, September 30, 2007

My take on soccer

Watching the English soccer today there was a white and blue team and a red team, the reds had some guy called Ronaldino playing for them the red team won and then the Australian soccer came on Adelaide and some team called Mariners

Now as you can tell I know nothing about any game that has guys playing with balls but I could tell the difference between the English soccer and Australian soccer, for one there weren’t any police sitting around the edges of the field on the Australian soccer there wasn’t as many spectators in the crowd and they weren’t making as much noise the actual cameras where further away from the players on the telecast of the Australian soccer which made them look very small and puny.
The main difference I saw was the players didn’t move as fast and even though the camera was further away they actually where smaller than the English players skinny puny guys the Australian soccer players are when the cameras zoomed in close they looked pale skinny and white and just didn’t have the same looks on their faces as the English soccer players did almost like they didn’t even want to be there

I noticed it and I know nothing about he game.

Actually I do know who was playing, the red ones are Manchester United and the blue/white are Birmingham, Ronaldino plays for Man U. In English soccer they use a white ball in the summer and an orange one in the winter a “snow ball”. Only the goalie is allowed to handle the ball the rest of the players mustn’t touch the ball with their hands. A yellow card is a warning and a red card is “get off”. David Beckham played for about 5 seconds and got paid a few dollars more (just a few) than a player who played the whole match and I still have no idea who won that particular game.
Not many goals are scored in soccer except recently when Portsmouth and Reading scored 7 to 4 personally I think both of those teams need new goalies.

Normally a 0 in soccer is called nil, one team can beat another 1- nil. A soccer match is 90 minutes plus what’s called time on sometimes maybe 5- 10 extra minutes depending on how many times a player is rolling in pain from leg cramps the better acting the more they get paid.

Soccer is shall we say a “posh” game very civilized, the players tend not to have blood steaming from their heads like they do in rugby. The crowds tend to get more injuries than the players do

Any way that’s my take on soccer

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Every day I come across as this happy person and I'm not, "not happy Janet" not happy at all
Just plain old sad most of the time
I get so happy when someone does talk to me it lifts me you know I'm not a reacher not an attention seeker I'm not the kind of person who as soon as your name lights up on IM I'll message you, my IM is invisible all the time has to be it won't stay online stupid thing but I'm on you know I see peeps go on and off see them online but I don't message them don't know why I don't but I just don't
Its like I don't want to get close to anyone but I do need the contact sometimes, don't like being left out but its so scary to get close that I wont

Friday, September 28, 2007

well do they?

Josie had an interesting post just recently talking about your other half reading your blog, I know mine doesn't even though he's sat right next to me at his own computer most of the time he doesn't read mine .
Sometimes I'll talk it over with him about what I'm going to write but mainly no I write when he's not even in the room, if he does read he doesn't comment but tells me, well we are in the same house it would be silly for him to sit and type to me now wouldn't it.
I know he doesn't read and honestly I don't want him too be reading everything I write, I don't stand over his shoulder and look at what he's writing to others ok well sometimes but not all the time, if you ever get in IM with both of us at the same time you may get confused as we answer each other which is freaky to some people they don't realise how close we sit, so sometimes you get both of us but as for him reading my blogs no he doesn't and of course my X doesn't he doesn't even know how to turn a computer on never mind know what a blog is.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where has my blogging gone?

Haven't really posted anything at all recently just either not had time or not been in the mood, last night I did my blog roll on 360 always have and always will do a blog roll, there was only 27 posts in the last 2 months and I used to to at least one a day, every month 30 posts this last blog roll was July to September hardly any at all
Ok so a lot of what I used to do was crud, not like it was all hyper intelligent stuff but I did do one every day and commented on everyone else's blogs as well 360, Blogger and MySpace blogs.

Lately though I just haven't been in the mood, haven't hardly posted on Bloggers Anonymous either and I know I should but its got to be upbeat got to be funny and I just can't do it.
Just feel like crap all the time.
there's stuff I can do and there's things I can't

Or my Blogger template

I can do things like that but I can't seem to blog .. don't know why
Oh and the template there you can try to use it but I don't think it will work properly its missing the [title] tags as Blogger made me take them out

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

At the Window --For Dana

Dana writing challenge

“Why that little girl is in that house and what happened”

For Dana…..

Hey mom you can see for miles from up here this is cool mom, mom, hey mom, where you go mommmmmmm

Pardon honey what you say

You can see miles from up here mom

I know that’s why I love this place, so high up on the hill always used to come here myself when I was small with my parents your grandparents, when the place wasn’t like it was now of course back then it was beautiful no weeds grew in the garden, the walls covered in a pretty wallpaper and red curtains hung at that same window you are at now magnificent rugs covered the floor and almost every weekend they held huge parties carriage loads of people arrived, the grooms in their red uniforms leading the horses away and bringing them back at the end of the night

“Careful honey you might fall”

The girl leaned a little further out of the window

Part of the windowsill suddenly broke away and fell onto the floor, startling her and making her fall back into the room tripping over the broken slate floor

“owwwch, mom I hurt my knee”

Told you to be careful didn’t I

“Yeah I know mom I know” the girl cheekily grinned back “what happened here anyway mom why is this house like this now?”

“Well honey I’ll tell you come sit here beside me and we can eat our picnic right here in this room, this is where it started you know the fire caught hold from a dropped lantern the oil spilling across the rug and over the curtains there was nothing anyone could do the interior of the house was almost totally destroyed in a matter of hours this part the shell was saved but no one wanted to live here any more.”

“Well I can see why, there’s nothing much left now apart from the view” the girl said sadly

“See there was a scandal in this house the master of the house was caught in bed with one of the downstairs maids, the girl of course was dismissed but Mister Smith got into a huge fight with the lady of the house I’m not sure exactly what happened but I heard that he killed her and buried her in the cellar” her mother whispered.

“Oh mom he did not she’s still alive and living by the sea, Miss Melissa told me that”

“By the sea well then she can’t be buried in the cellar then can she I do know that they did have a huge fight because I was told you could hear it all the way down into the town then there was a crash and after that the house could be seen on fire.

Do you think its Mr Smith that’s buried in the cellar? We could go look you know” her mother asked her tipping her head to one side and raising one eyebrow.

“No mom I don’t think so, you can but I won’t be I’ll just be very careful and look out of the window again I want to think about how this place was back then, the parties the dresses and the music it must have been a wonderful place”

“Yes it was wonderful honey unless of course you where murdered and buried in the cellar” her mother said giving her a wink.

“Oh mom you are such a joker” the girl laughed as she helped her mother pack up the picnic things
”its just an old half burned down house now but I kinda like it as it is I can imagine what it was like all those years ago and look out of the window and ….

Hey mom I can see our house hey mom, mom where you go MOM “ the girl yelled but her mother had gone.

Gone out through where the magnificent wooden main entrance doors once stood but now where just an archway covered in the leaves of some vine, her mother was walking home it was almost time to start getting dinner ready

She knew the girl would come running up after her shortly, she always did.

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