Tuesday, June 25, 2013

more or less

Well thats at least four recipes done for Cathy at Centacare , just posted one on Tastebuds  hopefully I should be able to get all of them up, not on the same day of course you don't want them all at once and besides Dana's Indian Taco's is already there.
Cathy wanted some easy stuff for teens who haven't ever cooked .. they can use a phone but not a stove apparently.
Me I can cook because you can't eat a phone.

Lets see what else is new? I'm going to be getting a new desk soon ... soon err yeah well soon hopefully
this will be my last spend, ain't spending any more coin on anything bigger than groceries and bills.
Must have a new desk though this one oh gawd I think its as old as I am, got a piece of wood stuck on the front for the keyboard another loose one over the top drawer or I'd have a gap things would fall off.
Been leaving the desk because well its got a pooter on it hasn't it and well can't be without pooter now can we.
It was alright being without a lounge chair because the shop had to order a two seater in and I had to wait 3 months for it, that was ok but I ain't going without computer for three months the house would be spotless can't have that.

I got bored with Twitter you know, it was ok early on before every man and the dog and the dogs dog had it, now its blah 
Kinda miss blogging a bit but its hard to write now, lost it you know the incentive to write about anything 
lost 360 and then Multiply, so end up on Facebook playing games, so I add all these people who play games   and actual relatives and people I know in real life who either post stuff thats so boring it hurts or so cryptic that you've no idea what they are on about, only you can't ask or you'll look stupid which is the point of course they want you to look as dumb as they think you are.
You know I can post up a photo of a flower and get more likes on Facebook than something profound, maybe I should share someone elses photo of a flower with something profound written on it rather than taking my own, clear professional looking photos that I've taken myself.
You know I got told that my photos were boring ok maybe they are but at least I can use a camera a proper camera not some blurry sideways mobile phone photo

This is one of mine, the rest that I've uploaded to G plus spose you want a link? go here to see

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