Saturday, September 26, 2015

I realized the other day that I haven't written in a long time , its time that I don't have along with a deficit of actual writing as in what to write
Not that nothing interesting has happened as it has , still finding inspiration is difficult I need a sound board an interesting clever person to write to and well everyone keeps leaving , not that they are all dead you understand  some are my mother is and she was my main inspiration, then there is Atarishark he's gone as well as 360 Myk apparently the other day
Red7 and Dana are still alive and kicking Dana is literally kicking a** in the literally sense publishing a book a pointing with lips kind knew she would one day , don't go saying I didn't because I did I wrote it down ok typed it down years ago so ner I KNEW.
And the other who thinks she is old but isn't because she is young at heart has kinda gone as well last blog from her was June/July , shes got an instagram but seeing as I don't and wont , I got accounts all over don't need another I have no idea if she is active on there or not. If you see this Miss Red I'm waving HI ok

On another note seeing as I am at the moment alone most nights from around 6pm to around 10pm I might have to start rambling on to no one in particular again.
You may ask me why I am alone and why my only interruption is Ice ,out in out in out look at the sky bark at a cars headlights no the big furry one he's not dead well ok he is  "The DeadMan" but not actually dead he's alive just not here to interrupt me , tell you what it gets awfully quiet sometimes.
Which is why I'm making some music not me you understand only keyboard I can play types letters , no this is the Mp3 kind recorded from records we've got a pile of them its only about 5 foot high and thats just albums so I'll be busy for a while , so far I've done David Bowie, Ravie Shankar, Bon Jovie  Crowded House  and a Melissa Etheridge track its going to take a while as each track has to play through but without interruption and a duster I should be able to do a few each night

Do we need a picture ? yes I think we do here is a picture of a painting I did

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