Saturday, June 21, 2008

question for you

Can you remember anyone making/doing anything to make the blog compose box on 360 bigger?
I vaguely remember someone doing it ..sure of it
If it was any one it would have been either Sucka or g00gs

anyone remember that.. anyone got a link or know how?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mothers and sisters

Only got one mother and one sister (TG for that)
my sister my little big sister whos only 5' 3" but 12 years older than me is a nut job
My poor mother was going insane with her around , I mean look ok she cleaned up and dusted for mum who doesn't dust or vaccuum like ever , my dad used to do that and since he's been sick mums had a cleaner come in but the cleaner was organised via the nursing home so seeing as my dad is longer there no cleaner
Thing is right my sister cleaned the furniture and dusted alright but no kidding you should have seen the kitchen floor , think it was polenta from the "thing" she was making I dunno what it was some kind of flat bread with no taste at all anyway most of it was on the floor
Still trying to get my head around her new hubbie ok so he's Indian and a Muslim that doesn't worry me he's very quiet and has no idea what you are saying half the time but he's only 36 years old that's younger than me, she's old enough to be his mother
Poor little bugga didn't get his dinner till 8pm the other night even though he's Muslim you should have seen his eyes light up when mum offered to get pizza for dinner but my sister says "but I'm cooking" this was at 6pm only took her another 2 hours for the food to arrive Mum had cooked for herself by then
Oh my sister keeps hiding stuff on mum as well , ok not exactly hiding but putting stuff away in the wrong places I was chasing her around and putting them back were they should go
Yes mum does need organising and I could have stayed another week down there , see that's what I used to do for mum clean the fridge out tidy cupboards that kind of thing not move stuff or make more mess
See I lived with mum and dad for longer than she did I got married at 19 and that's when I moved out only moving up the road , my sister stayed in England when we moved to Australia she was 17-18 , came to OZ when she was 24 but didn't live long in mum and dads house
I've lived with them longer I KNOW where stuff goes , even though mum has moved house the "things" are still in the same places you don't move stuff or mum can't find it and if you make mess you clean it up or its still there next time.

I think my sister will be ending up a little shorter soon because mum is going to whop her on the head with the frying pan

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