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16 Jan 2006 -Movies that involve chat

16 Jan 2006

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- Movies that involve chat

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We are trying to
think of movies that have 'chat ' in them, either the characters use chat to
interact or meet or they use the internet in some way to interact we can
think of
The Net(
Her driver's license. her credit cards. her bank accounts. her identity.
DELETED Sandra Bullock- 1998),

Strange Lands/Capt. Howdy,
Electric Dreams
(An artificially intelligent PC and his human owner find themselves in a
romantic rivalry over a woman made 1984) and

You Have Mail
(Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan - 1998), Warriors of the Net- 1999)

Can anyone think of

Well, this is

amazing; you guys came up with so many its marvelous what you can do with so
many heads puts together. The thing that got me was that most
of these I have seen but it just didn’t click that they used chat to
communicate .I had to be reminded

Now I remember LoL

Quite interesting
because even Mr. Photographic memory could only think of three (The Net,
Strangelands and Electric Dreams) I had to ask in the video shop what the
Meg Ryan Tom Hanks movie was (You have Mail)

One that we (Dandy
and myself) haven’t been able to remember the name of is
the one shown on Austar (pay TV) one of the “Hallmark” movies .The main
character is a mother who helps the police catch Pedophile’s online using
chat. It isn’t, Not without my Daughter with Sally Field, but the name is

Oh and if you want
to go TV series,
SouthPark– MAMDA episode, and Star Trek

Obviously the more
recent movies the chances of them using a computer to communicate is far
greater, wasn’t much you could do in the 80’s on 35meg of ram with a 286.

Even though he did

actually talk to Hal in 2001 a space Oddesy he wasn’t talking to another
person via the computer he was talking to the computer it’s self

Aliens!! I just had
a thought, don’t they use video links to talk to each other and talk to
people back home, same as they do on Star Trek

People who posted
comments in
my comments in red

-- Copycat - 1995 Sigourney Weaver, Holly Hunter (Sigourney Weaver IM’s with
the killer), Hackers - 1995 Angelina Jolie, Jesse Bradford (Computer
Hackers), Sliver - 1993 William Baldwin, Sharon Stone, Tom Berenger (William
Sharonchat on line)

Copy cat is a

good movie, got that on video here somewhere

Generic Girl
–Swimfan, (Stephen Rea), The Matrix? .
at the beginning of The Matrix when Neo is sleeping in his room he
communicates via his computer screen, Fear .com I’ve never heard of that one
and “Googled” it, the reviews say it’s a really bad movie LoL


perfect match

Amazon Monkey--
Swordfish; John Travolta, Hugh Jackman (Hacker forced by CIA spy to steal
money) Mr Deeds - Adam Sandler (There is a scene where Deeds is talking to
his friends back home. I swear!)
are right AM he does

Pretty in Pink (Molly Ringwald, James Spader, Andrew McCarthy - 1984ish)
featured two characters chatting via networked terminals in the school
That was the best
you could do in 1984, chat via a network LoL

The Skulls

Weird Science


Jumping Jack Flash -Whoopie Goldberg 1986 .
that movie if you haven’t seen it it’s funny to watch someone using an 8inch
green screen monitor on Dos,and that was the latest thing

-- Disclosure and Johnny Pneumonic. What about Superman 2 - the part with
Richard Pryor, or Tron


Sandra Bullock -The Net

Matthew Broderick - War Games

Richard Brennan - Click

Jay R. Ferguson - Campfire Games

Documentary about Gay Chat - Hooked

C. Thomas Howell - Net Games

Claudine Jennings - Playboy: Girls of the Internet

Queen Latifah - Bringing Down the House

Xuxa Meneghel - PopStar

Adam Cox - Breaking the Cycle

Sheri -- The
Perfect Man, Cinderella Story (both Hillary Duff), The Glass House, The Core
SouthPark:Bigger, Longer and Uncut

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