Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Pool

“What is that?”
“It’s a pool”
“Yes I can see that” she said peering over it looking at her reflection in the still slightly blue water, suddenly as she peered into it more another face appeared
“BOO” he exclaimed as he placed his hand on her shoulder
“Very funny ha ha almost fell in then” she exclaimed
She looked back into the depths of the pool, the water was so clear you could see the bottom were fish and tiny turtles gave the impression of swimming around in circles, so close but still so far.
How could this be she thought the water looked deep and mysterious, where they really there, she could only hope as she tentatively gazed into its depths
Maybe if I reach out and try to touch them
“You think they will swim away?” She said
“Will what swim away?”
‘There look in the pool” she said pointing her finger at the water
He laughed and almost fell in himself
“No I don’t think they will swim away, quite disciplined those are I’ve trained them very well” he said laughing
“They won’t swim away look” he said as he put one hand on the side of the pool, the water rippled slightly making the fish dart around even more, he very slowly placed his hand into the water and reached out and touched a fish
“OH! You touched one, let me let me” the girl was almost jumping up and down with excitement
“Ok but slowly or you might hurt something”
The girl gradually lowered her hand down into the water, and reached out to touch the fish.

Good thing she did it slowly too as her hand hit the bottom of the pool very quickly
for you see wading pools are not very deep at all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google Plus

Anyway I have that Google Plus thingy now, WHY ?? dunno its a bit silly no link back to here like DOH its Google why the heck isn't there a Blogger link ??
Anyway as my typing speed is now what 56 wpm I can type faster now , not that there will be less crap being uttered, I said I could type faster not talk less
For those that care my mum died back in March not been so good for a while ,neither have I since but hey can't do anything about that
You know how long it takes to scan 2000 photos ?? A LONG time a very long time but they all turned out well the rest of the family was happy with the result ..yes they got a CD with them all on there cost me a few $$ to send them out too
All of the photos were mums of course, dating back to the 20's (thats 1920's btw) but you know what I still don't have my school class photos typical
I should come here more , got the netbook set up in the lounge room its finding time , I'm typing this at 8.30am before I go off and do TAFE ...(Cert 2 in Buisness) where you think the good typing speed comes from yesh I know possibly yours is faster but well this is me and I need a new keyboard thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it !

Note : don't try and hit publish on IE nothing happens ... :-/

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