Monday, May 4, 2009


Bored with life bored with everything, hearts just not in it...mood swings don't mind me
No though seriously I am bored at loose ends at the moment don't quite know what to do
course it doesn't help being constantly interrupted I can't finish anything because I'm not able to get started on it
That's why I haven't made any Multiply themes lately, I can't think just can not think
most of the time I don't even get five minutes to write a blog up and tutorials no kidding that's why most are worded terribly it's "look at this" or "drive me somewhere" do this for me or do that
If he goes to have a sleep the dog will jump on him or bark, so then I save what I'm half way through and play solitaire because I can't do anything else as soon as I start the nattering starts
he's always done that though I put my hands on the keys and it's "come look at this" he does it so much I just don't bother any more

You know internet folks are my friends, don't have any RL ones don't know any one here in this town and I do get lonely was lonely before of course which is why I started online, I went online to meet people but hardly ever find any that I really get on with the few that I have gotten close too have disappeared on me ...I give up why bother doing anything why bother trying to talk to anyone can't anyway I'm not able to do it ..interrupted all the time
And no one wants to get to know me they are all to busy with their other friends ...I'm boring I know
faded that's me
The new background on here is one of my paintings made into a seamless tile the text is a dark purple on purpose's faded like me

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I think I need a make over

Not me well ok I could do with a make over, certainly need a hair cut it's half way down my back... from my head I do not have hair on my back

I mean the blog here it needs a make over course one good thing about it is I can do it all by my widdle self
I did have a 3 column before but for some reason Firefox doesn't let me move modules so went back to a 2 column. no I can't use IE it won't load and I loathe using IE anyway

Now I've seen the snazzy peoples blog pages you know the posh ones that they've paid for those have a light background
I'm thinking of going a lighter colour background here maybe #CEA7D5 (mauve) with a slight pattern effect maybe a little texture not too much just a little with a dark text #42024D
I'm not very good at headers but I think a small purple cow logo would do
Not sure yet
What ever gets done I'll be doing it, not paying for something I can do myself and it will stay like that as well that's why I'm still thinking and not doing don't want to be changing all the time

So I know 24 people read this well ok you get this in a RSS feed, doesn't mean you read possibly because it too difficult to read right
Anyone got any suggestions what would be the best colours for my blog here?
Remember I'm no special blogging entity...... I'm just me
Which leads me to another thing I've got all these snazzy people following me on my twitter and I mean fancy ones top 100 top blogger types following , don't even bother asking me how that happened .... serendipity ??

Friday, May 1, 2009

You Americans are so touchy sometimes

Listen I don't hate you , it's just fun to bag you out, ok you don't know what that word means do you
To "bag out" means make fun of
Like this ...
Americans can't spell it's coloUr and favoUrites you loose the U out of your alphabet or something?

And when exactly are you going to catch up with the rest of the world ?
You are a day behind most of the time and are still on Imperial measurements, what are you still a colony, we were too you know a colony of Britain but went metric 40 plus years ago about slow

As for being big headed it's a joke isn't it that every one in the world should look to the US for troops we have our own thank you very much, don't need looking after, yes some countries are helping you out well that's as you see it anyway they aren't you know the troops from other countries are in Afghanistan for their own reasons not for you. America is rich enough to help itself
Well ok maybe it can't you fixed up where Hurricane Katrina blew down all those houses yet, built new schools and the like fixed that yet?

Don't be asking for help from any other country for that lot either we have our own places to fix up you know.. our troops are kinda busy in East Timor, Solomon Islands and Sudan
Yes I know yours are as well and I know someone will argue but hey that is what a lot of you Americans do you argue it doesn't matter what it is you "think" you are the best at everything

Oh and shut up about your 911's and your president already, we've heard it we know we don't care.
Do you know who the Prime Minister of Australia or England is?
You don't do you, you're so inward focused that you don't even know what goes on in other countries
Did you know Australia was bombed in WW2 ? (Oh I spose I should Google that for you shouldn't I)
Here you go take a look
You didn't did you that's because we don't go on and on and on about things we say it and that's it.

I could say something about guns as well but hey, you've got those we haven't we don't need them we use nails instead

As for American TV shows the ones with the laugh track, you know why those are there don't you
So everyone knows where to laugh WHY because shows like Seinfeld are NOT funny that's why they have a laugh track and a sign that says for the live audience "laugh here" because a lot of Americans don't have any sense of hUmoUr you just can not see a joke when one is pushed into your face
Yes you can be funny...funny to laugh AT

I know one of you is going to go "blah blah waaa" I know you will what you don't think I've talked to non humorous, stubborn, narrow minded and slow Americans before

Missy Angel
(humour has U's in it)

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