Friday, November 23, 2007

Ice writes part 4

This is part four of "Ice writes" Ice is a stumpy tail cattle dog of medium size who's never been to dog school, so please excuse her spelling she does try though.

i talk on sizes ...June 25, 2007

somwon ask me how big i am, i not know how big i am i dog i not know about this size thing
all dog same size all dog got 4 leggs an fur an big fierce teefs efen if dey in a jar like Frostys
all dogs same size no little dog or big dog you still all dog
you want pack an food a place to sleep place too run and somethin to chase efen if it in yor dream
i not know size i try to sit on persons lap her lap shrink that wot i recon
i not haf much of tail but somtimes it knock thinks off da table da table shink too i recon one time it be high an me sit unda it now i go unda it i dots to go low so it shrink
my person she tell me she hav a dog like Buddy, like Max who lif next door he name Thunda but he die, she say he stay small like me when i was puppy, thing dey not shrink for him but he still all dog, he try to bite other boy dogs efen da girl dogs, he chace da chooks and bite dem too i say dis Thunda sound a bit naughty but he still a dog he sound like he was all dog big fierce dog but person she say he little dog that not sound right to me he big fierce brave dog i recon
but Thunda he get bit by car i recons cars are big an noisy so you gots to be carefulls with dem you watch outs for the cars i recons dey take you persons away inside of dem and dey bite you too if you not watch so you be barking and biting dem but not if dey move ok
you stay away from da movin cars they bite you dey bite you hard!!

Persons note: Dogs don't know size, Thunder (1989- 1998) was in his head a BIG dog he never tried biting a person but would try and fight any other dog no matter what size, his father was killed fighting an Alsatian, he loved chasing chickens (chooks), that's why I got into dog training to try and help me help him, never did stop him from chicken chasing but the fighting I was able to stop or he would have gone the same way as his father, sadly it was a car that never stopped that killed him I don't think the driver ever saw him.
Thunder who in his heart was as big as a horse was only a little dog, the car just went right over the top of him, he had a small mark on top of his head and that was it he just looked to be sleeping.
He was a dog that like all dogs didn't know size, he was out visiting Curly (his friend) the dog down the street at the time, wasn't supposed to but he was a big brave dog he didn't know that a dog of his size wouldn't be seen by a fast moving car at dusk.
Actually one of the things I've taught all my dogs and that's road crossing, most dogs cross at an angle mine don't they cross straight and look for cars even Thunder who used to go visit Curly all the time would cross straight (less time on the road) and look for cars but unfortunately the car was too fast, it was dusk and he was too small to be seen.

lawn mowa an stick thing .. for July 17, 2007

i not be able to get at puter person she allways on it, i put paw on her she not get off i try get on her lap she still not get off me gots to wait an wait an wait me end up go sleep me wait so long

an when me wake up dere a lawn mowa in da garden i not like lawn mowa i bark at it and you know what person do he spray me with wata from a bottle it not taste so good it taste like what dey call it lemom i think it lemom enyway it not nice wata and dey quirt me when i barks
i only barks to protect person from da lawn mowa and i gets squirted bit unfair i recons
dey gots da long stick thingy as well me think it soppossed to cut da grass like da lawn mowa but it not make da big noise da peoples dey poke it and pull it and it still not make da noise
an me not chew it eifer but me think it broke so in some part of garden da grass is taller than me
Coppa an Frosty dat WAY ova your head you get lost in da grass here me gets lost in it da person she just see my tail stick out it bit mean i recon to throw ballie into grass that bigger than my head so i loose ballie now hahaha i make person get it

Persons Note: Ice I am not getting your ball/s out of the grass you have to wait till the wipper snipper is fixed as its too high for the mower now . I know you don't like either but you will be squirted with lemon spray everytime you bark at them, besides I don't want you trying to bite the whipper snipper when its going that might be rather nasty, so spray it is.

Actually Ice is rather good at fetch, normally if the ball is in the long grass she will find and bring it back but our yard is full of these rather tall weeds they would look like trees to Copper or Frosty and they do need to be done with the "long stick" as Ice calls it only the dang thing won't start will it.
Ballie or "get the ballie" is one of Ices commands that she does know and does well

is a ring kneck dove --- Ice's birdy friends who live outside look like that

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Yahoo launces Kickstart

New from Marketing Pilgrim

Yahoo’s hoping to fill a social networking void with its "preview" launch of Kickstart.

What’s the void?

That big gaping hole between Facebook and LinkedIn. Yahoo wants Kickstart to be a professional network that connects college students, recent graduates, and alumni for business networking and career advancement.

Realizing that Facebook might be a tad too whimsical for that purpose–sheep throwing anyone?–and LinkedIn a too vast–can you introduce me to that person you met once at a conference–Yahoo hopes Kickstart will be useful for anyone hoping to capitalize from their college association.
-- Andy Beal for Marketing Pilgrim

.. here's a link to a sample profile

Obviously I picked someone who works at Yahoo but profile is still blank and basic, the link it's self is the "gobbledegook" link same kind of links as they used for 360 .
You would think though that with Mash and this new universal profile that this Kickstart would be the last thing to come out, its been done in a rush the only schools available are of course in the US and the ONLY reason Yahoo have done this is to compete with Facebook and the decline of membership of Mash and of the Yahoo user base over to a more user friendly, feature packed (compared to Yahoo) Multiply
Someone at Yahoo has gone "quick do something, fast!" and this is their attempt
Its feeble and ill thought out
I haven't had an in depth look at it it yet and couldn't be bothered making a profile on it just to see what features it has but by the looks it has very few and obviously a picture is difficult to upload or set as avatar as quite a few that I looked at didn't have a photo at all vis a vis if you work for Yahoo and can't get photo in your profile its difficult to do.

As one person says in the comments on the MP post "Yahoo got lost in the social network boom "

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Not about sport

I'm in a bitchy mood ... do you want to know nosey buggas of course ya do
My family are idiots, no sense at all they where rude and downright nasty to me made out they where some clone of my ID on Multiply made out it was my fault for being nasty to them, well if someone uses your name and picture on profile with personal info on you and not themselves wouldn't you go WTF , of course I was nasty someone does that to you it makes you feel sick to the stomach.
You know it wouldn't have worried me if they had used their own picture and their own info but noooooo they used mine and its rude disgusting and wrong to use someone else's info and harrass them with it, which is what they did.

Nasty rude comments aimed at my friends on Multiply and MySpace even getting my own daughter to post nasty rude comments aimed at my friends, TG my Multiply friends list is only viewable by my friends or everyone on my list would have been bombarded as well.

You know my nephew is on Multiply and it wouldn't have turned a hair on my head if he had tried to contact me that would have been fine but now after basically harassing me like that they all can get nicked as far as I am concerned, bad enough if some stranger does it but your own family .. its disgusting !

14 readers here on my Blogger page
and it should be 10% that comment what's that? 5 per post?
As I'm getting none at all it ain't worth it any more
I can't work out Wordpress at all or I'd switch over there
*doh* I can transfer I'm not that stupid I do know how to transfer the posts from here to Wordpress its getting them on the right pages I want my poems/stories on there as well but not all in with the posts from here, I don't want them mixed up that's why they are on a different page here on Blogger
I want them on a different page on Wordpress as well even if its a link they have to be on a different page ... so I'm fussy that's how I want it and if I can't do it like that I won't do it at all.
My Wordpress is also putting my posts on Technorati ... like WTF how/why did it do that?
I can't fix up a theme on Wordpress like I have here .. so I want the stars and a bigger font size I said fussy!

But Wordpress tells me who's looked, who's clicked to my page that's how I found out about the Technorati thing my Wordpress is at the moment more private than here ...14 subscribers poooft! and looks like most of my blog hits are from Sucka's Y Pipes .. great actually I don't want to be looked at or read but hey if you are wondering Feedburner tells me which posts get the most hits apparently "my take on soccer" is my most popular post with 86 hits ... now that IS a worry
Anyway as I am not going to post about bloomin sport and my family didn't even bother looking here even though I gave them the link .. as I said they are idiots.

I don't want anyone to read here you can all go away, if I wanted hits and comments I'd be posting on Multiply or 360 .. no scratch the 360 part no one uses it according to Yahoo

I'm not in the best of moods just want to crawl in a hole and die

Ice writes part 3

This is part three of "Ice writes" Ice is a stumpy tail cattle dog of medium size who's never been to dog school, so please excuse her spelling she does try though.

me mate Coppa May 19, 2007

me gots this little mate his name is coppa he a proppa cobba is me mate coppa
he in a bit of trouble doe at the moment he bean a bit naughty well his person say he naughty
he jus been a dog, dogs do dat we doos it in purpuss hahahahaha
is funny to make person make funny face dey get all red and screwed up hehehehehe
see me is da boss here of one person and de other is me pack leader i looks up to her but him hahahaha i do what i wants with him me jump on him, me lick him he do nothing he don shout and say the N word at me the girl person she say da N word she da boss of me
me gots into trobble me upset da rubbish bin i jus laugh at his funny face but the girl person she not happy she not think it funny so i had to go do the lie on da floor thinggy for her and de sad face
coppa mate you gots to have respect for your girl person she da boss ya know she say you do, you gots to hab a pack leader her puppies not da pack leader an you a dog in da pack mate you try to be pack leader you gets into big trouble with the girl person i know it funny it very funny to make her face go funny but you don wan her to have face like that you want her to show teefs the persons not hav tail dey show teefs when they happy
you make person show teefs you make em happy you get whats you want
enny way me muss go and bark at fings now annoy girl person hehehehehe

Persons note: Ice is right dogs need a pack structure and one person must be pack leader, the dreaded N word that she won't say is NO said in a stern voice. The pack leader must be strong and say that N word strong no pandering "oh baby don't do that" but NO and SIT
You have to be the leader or your dog will just jump all over you literally and figuratively, the dog needs a pack structure it's instinctive and someone in that dogs pack must be leader or your dog will be totally unmanageable of course the dog won't care after all it will be the boss of you .
So be strong be the pack leader for your dog
Oh and it works on kids too

G'day ..June 04, 2007

Woof hi

sniff, sniff
Hi mates, see my person she gots da food in the big white box thing, but when I stick my nose in there i gets told off but my food is in dere so i recon i should be able to hav that but my person she say no, i gots to hav my food at the banging on da fence time so i not scare the persons next door when i jump up on da top of da fence is hard chooose that is, jump up and scare peoples or food me take food

Frosty my eyes are brown both of them i know because sometimes there other dog in our house, under the thing called teevee is da clear see through stuff it cover up people food bowls that they neva eat out of i not understand that the peoples got lots of bowls i hav one an i lick it clean they got lots and they dont use dem at all an sometimes dis other dog who people say is me it be there under the teevee and eyes are brown, my person she say that there are other cattle dogs kinda like me that hav one eye different colour but they not da same as me lotsa dogs all different but still dogs i recon
an Frosty you ask why my name Ice when me was very small a baby me was all white colour
see me kinda looked like ice an i know what ice is too it the white stuff that is on the grass in the winta and the stuff that i get food inside in da summa it very cold but is fun to lick and get the food out from da inside of the ice
me not all white lookin now me more silver i say silver coz it sound better than grey an my ears stick up now i not baby now but my name still Ice
my person she say that it was hard to get me to sit still then well what you expect me was a baby

i stay cool it winta here .. June 21, 2007

Staying cool?

see da things in da sky those things send down da wet stuff call rain
it the winta time here I cool all da time cept when I get to go inside den the scarywarm thing is there I not like that very much it make da noises dat I don like but no cold win blow in da house an no rain fall from da sky on me I try catch the rain but it very had to catch dat water is very fast so I bark at it da rain should go slower I recon

If me get tooo wet then I not come inside coz girl person don’ like me make artwork on da floor with my feet she say me should wipe my feet on da furmat by da door but me not do that dogs not wipe feet that silly cept wipe feet on person now dat funny

If I not ery wet I go inside an go under da desk or on da bed with the big furry man person he my toy I like too play wiff him sometimes he ly on da bed an I go ly next to him he very warm an cozy

If i can i stay inside a lot in da winta but I not mind de outside dere lotsa scary noises outside an sometimes big hard rain fall an I try catch that too but girl person she bring me inside spoil my fun she say i get hurt try too catch the big hard rain that like me it ice but i not get hurt i tough

Persons note: Ice is scared of a lot of things the heater, noises from the cemetery (tractors moving soil), footballs against the fence, riding in the car, the car starting and lawnmowers and thunder even in the house she has to be on the lead but she does get treats every time the thunder booms and she sits still and doesn’t bark. Not being so scared is an on going thing with Ice even a click from the heater will have her so scared she won’t even come in the room.
Being scared is part of why she barks, flight or fight she’s tough and chooses fight or bark at the noise
Ice can jump 6 feet into the air (that’s 2x her height) with a run up and at least 4 foot straight up if I don’t bring her inside when there is a thunderstorm it looks like the whole back yard is a trampoline we should have called her Tigger because she does love to bounce and jump

Friday, November 2, 2007

Ice writes part 2

This is part two of "Ice writes" Ice is a stumpy tail cattle dog of medium size who's never been to dog school, so please excuse her spelling she does try though.

Coat? No way.. March 28, 2007

Hey woof

See that , that is picture of Linda my girl person talks of Linda how smart Linda is, Linda went to dog school and won prizes I not have any prizes I not go to school eifer that why me not write so good
Me is big dog I come up to knee Linda only half size of me she small hehehehe
she get wet on the belly when it rain hahaha I not get wet only paws get wet I not have to wear coat eifer Linda wear coat and my girl person tell me Linda have red nitted sweata
Dog look funny in sweata hahaha

Ok Ice you've been typing for an hour thats enough you can type more later ok
Linda lives in South Australia with her own girl, a rescue dog from the Animal Welfare League she's 7 now but when she first arrived she was only 4 months old and half the size that a 4 month old Mini Fox Terrier X should be I think she only weighed 2kg and should have been 4kg even still she was allmost the same size as Thunder the Mini Foxi that had been hit by a car about 2 months before, Thunder was tiny his coat was too small for her.
Linda has some Dashound and is long and tall compared to Thunder who was short and stocky like a Fox Terrier should be.
Both dogs got wet bellies when it rained and neither would go out even into the backyard in the winter without coat . When Linda did her dog school on Saturday mornings she wore both a sweater and a coat in the winter time otherwize there would just be a shivering lump of tiny dog not a bright obedient attentive student sat there with all the other dogs

Poor Ice there isn't a dog training school anywhere near here but I think she's trying to teach Lyon the lion a few things

That a very big dog ... April 06, 2007

See dat ?
I saw one of doez things last week, think it a dog but it a verrry big dog it saw me and it run around a bit then come closa to me it not smell like a dog and it tall as my person but it have 4 legs like me an it have a long tail I not have long tail but I noe other dogs have long tail
I want to go unda da fence and run with it as that look like lots of fun but my person she say no, she say it house? no horse it not be house coz it don't look like I can get in it beside it not have a door and house not have 4 legs eifer that silly
I bark at it only once tho coz my person she say not to, she say I scare it now that even sillier how I scare that it way bigga than me, my person she is silly

I not noe much of these things called horses and cows my person she say dogs like me they help wid the cows and people sit on the horse my person silly those things big how little dog help with cow? Why person sit on this horse ?
peoples are strange but is ok they haf food an as long as dey haf food is ok wif me

I still not know what dis horse animal is not really

keeef .. April 09, 2007

me took my peoples to go see keeef he not come round here to my house for long time so we go see him, keef a bit scary but me like keeef he ok for a person who don't give me food
keeef look funny now he haf 4 legs now he haf two legs that are bright and shiny and he haf one that is verry smooth an one that look like normal persons leg
keeef have a chair that have big wheeels on the side too and when he sit on it he only have one leg keeef very clever now he can put 3 legs away me not be able to do that

my person she tell me that keeef have dis thing called diabeties and he not really have 4 legs he really haf only 1 leg now and his other leg is gone but peoples they not like dogs if a dog loose a leg they haf 3 more but peoples they fall ova so keeef has to have some extra legs to help him stand up so now me like keef a bit more he a littel bit like a person but bit like a dog too

Persons note: Ice liked Keith before, she used to try and jump all over him like she does with everyone but she was a little bit scared of his crutches so she just sat down and looked at him. Poor dog hasn't seen him in months she was little confused about him I think she thought he had grown extra legs
He lost his leg just under the knee 8 months ago due to diabetic complications and has only just this last couple of weeks started walking around on "4 legs" as Ice says, it's fantastic to see him up and about again

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