Monday, February 25, 2008

RWC #14

Random Writing Challenge #14

The party had gone ok I suppose plenty of people there plenty of laughs always was at one of the fancy dress do’s that Susan threw, you knew it was going to be good before hand and they always where good

Fancy dress though and she always did this, she chose the costumes that way no one ever came in the same outfit

Had me dressed as a turtle one year, another year a big fluffy dice that one was great NOT couldn’t eat couldn’t drink couldn’t get my hands up to my face should have seen me oh boy head sticking out the top, hands sticking out the side and little skinny legs sticking out of the bottom was itchy as well that would have been the worst one except for this year

This year when she showed me what I’d be wearing I nearly fainted to the floor, you ever seen one of the pantomime horses, one person is the head and front legs the other person the back, well guess who was the arss end of a horse this year? Me of course

I’m telling you life isn’t far it really isn’t I mean who wants to spend an entire party with their head up someone else’s backside I certainly didn’t

But you know I did it anyway, got to spend the whole night with my hands on Susan’s backside which was a perk and every now and again someone would laugh hysterically at a hand snaking out from the horses body too grab some munchies off the table had no idea what I was grabbing of course, grabbed what I thought was a party sausage roll at one point in the night , yeah well it wasn’t have no idea what that was

Another one of Susan’s ideas that was the “bring some food” idea so we would end up with six dishes of tuna mornay and no dip but that was part of the fun

I did at the end of the night, actually early morning get to not be a horses arss anymore and say good night which was good, not good for everyone else those panto horse costumes make you sweat another good thing it did make the other guests clear off pretty quick, nothing worse than finding a sleeping person half in half out of a boose stained panda costume on the front stoop in the morning

So we got rid of them fairly quickly and Susan and myself sat in the swings in total silence and stared at the stars

“No horses arss next year ok Susan” I whispered not wanting to break the silence “I’m never, ever doing that again that was the worst costume ever

“What ever you say Farlap, what ever you say”

Monday, February 4, 2008

This time on Superball

About this Superball thing

Lets see it has advertisements which are obviously more interesting than the actual match, game what ever it is think its football can't be football, ball is the wrong shape it should be more like an egg not pointy.
Looks more like the blokes are getting ready to rage war in some arena gladiator style I mean they have all that padding, helmets and shoulder pads ..hang on shoulder pads what the??
Ok then the game was obviously invented in the 1980's shoulder pads were very popular then

Can't be football I mean here football is played without padding because Aussie men are tough

Lets see the names of the teams we have teams like Adelaide crows see ADELAIDE you can tell what state they are from that way and the Canberra Raiders are from the city of CANBERRA , this superball thing I have no idea if its a national thing or just one state or might even be one town for all I know
I think its the end game the Final match so should be two teams playing no idea who they are though could be Wobbly Wombats could be Yelling Bears could be Loud Flushers

Yep yep I think I got it now the Squeezing Thinkers versus the Loud Flushers at the Superbowl yep yep wait I don't think that is right do you?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

About my Wordpress

My Wordpress
Which I just found by the way because someone commented on it, no idea who either but hey it wasn't spam so who cares even if it was slightly rude click here to see
Think I have a blog on there too ..gawd knows where though

See I have that Wordpress thing and I've just been on it and got lost AGAIN too confusing Wordpress is.
The theme is dark font on a dark background too and there is no way of changing it to a lighter colour font like you can on Blogger its CSS or nothing and I can't be bothered even finding where to change it never mind bothering doing CSS on it
Ok so Wordpress tell me how many "hits" I've got when, I can find that part and so? Who cares I don't care how many "hits" I get , the anti spam thing is neat though I will give it that.

Basically its so fancy smancy that its impossible and I can't be bothered with it
I want a blog that is readable that one isn't, I want a blog site that's easy to hit "post" that isn't
Don't care how many "hits" I get, I know what "pings" are but do I really care what they are?
No I don't

I blog for me not "hits" and and "pings" need to be able to read what I've typed and what others have typed
I can't do that on Wordpress I can't hardly even find my own blog

Oh and I'd post this on Wordpress too but Multiply doesn't cross post to it and finding the "post blog" link on Wordpress **rolls eyes** just been on it looked couldn't find it and can't remember where it is

Give me Blogger for "that" kind of blog its a darn site easier

Friday, February 1, 2008

I knew that...... Feb 02 , 2008

Got 4 Blogger pages, a Wordpress, a MySpace (it has blogs on it you know) got a Multiply and oh yeah thats right six ..count em SIX 360 pages
AND Bloggers Anonymous on 360, Blogger and Multiply .... I knew this was going to happen just knew it

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