Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beware the evil drop bear

All visitors to Australia be warned
Drop Bears are out and about today

They attack from any tree, dropping on you from height with large teeth bared you may loose face in more ways than one also just might need new undies
Be warned they are loaded with worms, these will burrow inside of you via open sores that the Drop Bear has inflicted
Drop Bear wounds are nasty and will become infected, hideous sores will appear all over your body forcing you to wear loud shirts and white socks to cover the sores

Attractions for Drop Bears : camera clicks including those on mobile phones, the words "Y'all" and "Howdy" and bad pronunciations of "G'day" , loud shirts, large floppy hats and sandals worn with white socks

Species : Bearusdroperus
Related to : Koala, Tasmanian Devil and Trap Door Spider

Drop Bear Repelants::
True there are no sure ways of repelling Drop Bears
Smearing yourself all over and I mean ALL over with Vegemite might work but has not been proven to repel them
Other repellants that may work:: Aerogard large spray can kind not the roll on or unscrented, Carrying a Stobie Pole on your shoulder or driving the Ute on the corro and not spilling the esky

Monday, March 30, 2009

Multiply blocked on Digg

Don't know how many of you use Digg but I've found out recently that Multiply seems to be blocked on there try posting a Multiply URL and you get this error message (see screenshot)
This URL has been reported by users to host illegal or restricted content and cannot be submitted at this time. Please refer to our Terms of Use (digg.com/tou) for more information.

I have submitted a bug report on Digg , this is the feedback I recieved from them
Thanks for taking the time to contact us at Digg.com regarding this website.
As you know, Digg is a community-driven website – our community has consistently reported the domain to which you refer as hosting the kind of content mentioned in the error message.
Because unblocking your domain would not be in line with the best interests of the larger Digg community, we cannot reverse this decision.
For more information, please see http://digg.com/faq and http://digg.com/tos
Thank you,
- Digg Support Team

So looks like 12+ million members of Multioply miss out ...or Digg does , their loss I suppose not Multiply's

This entry cross posted from Multiply onto Blogger so I CAN post the link up on Digg (the only way around the blocking of Multiply links)

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

No wonder my ears were burning

Apparently at the boca tweetup (what ever that is) last week my name came up ...scary thought
anyway I'm a "Multiply user who makes graphics and stuff" which is a straight quote from the person who said it (get off I'm not telling who it's a secret)
I'm not sure what kind of stuff I do but yeah I do stuff LoL
Spose if you are going to be talked about for stuff it may as well be good stuff which is what I do ... I do stuff

Is interesting though the things you get to know via Twitter

'computer, Earl Grey ...hot"

Hello computer you working
"tap tap"
dang thing seems to be broken
oh well have to make my own I spose
Be good if it did though huh I mean we have half of Star Trek already so why not that
what do we have
Cell/ Mobile phones = communicators
Touch screen computers
Voice activated computers
Auto sliding doors
Girls wearing tiny skirts
We have hollograms
We pay for things with credit
No need to use the bathroom ..no wait we don't have that just wait ok BRB

The last one if you've ever watched any movies at all how many times to they say excuse me and rush off for a P , you see people having showers but they never P
I mean come on everyone has to P sometimes and well the other one if you don't you die (that's the uncrude version btw)


It's rather dark at the moment normally is of course at 5am , nice outside though why am I outside at that time to let the dog out of course
I don't mind outside at night few stars well normally there is but can't see any at the moment it's cloudy means its totally dark except for a few street lights nice soft breeze as well gives me a nice little think time well it would but I've got to keep my eye on the dog can't have anything setting her off and making her bark, one bark and the twit next door is complaining even though she's a ventriliquist most of the time it's not her at all but one of the 20 other dogs that live around here
She's my sounding board she is ears like that shes got to listen can't help it, pick up satelite transmissions on those ears
I talk to the dog, she listens gives me kisses no not on the mouth eww, she don't really care or understand but she listens to the words
Garbage truck!! ..told ya it was early good grief can you be any noisyier
yeah the dog she listens don't talk back either which is good you can say anything you like "guess what dog, you have big ears and you are black, hows the heat what do you think about this ?" and she's there , just there for me well ok unless there is a ball or food involved I've allmost got her full attention which is good I mean someone has to listen don't they and it may as well be her

Course the title of this is said by Capt Picard ... but you knew that

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Didn't feel a thing

I'm in NSW not Victoria ..would you feel an earthquake in New york if you lived in California
na didn't think so
besides it wasn't much more than a big truck an 18 wheeler rolling by might make the dog bark maybe put a crack in a few walls that's about it
No big fault lines here nothings going to break off and float away no over passes fell down on the cars underneath

I mean look ok locusts, red sky, apocalyptic fires and earthquakes, big fat frogs and floods as well oh and the water in Melbourne kinda a bit black because of the soot
If I you see a guy riding in on a pale horse THEN you can worry

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