Sunday, December 30, 2007

Two in one .... 31st December 07

As I had two of these they might as well go on the same post

Letter to my body

Dear body,

Where did you go?
My rings don’t fit any more they are loose on your fingers

Jeans fall down for no apparent reason

I had to tighten my bracelet because it kept falling off

The watch that I haven’t worn for ages because the battery was flat now sits halfway up your arm

Where did you go body?
Was once a time when things where tight, those jeans I couldn’t even get up your legs now they fall off

Oh and I am sorry I ran one of your feet over and squashed your toe, even thought it did go a very nice colour combination of purple and blue and the resulting operation did leave a permanent scar at least that foot is thinner than the other one now.
Then there is the hoof print on your right arm, that wasn’t my fault or my horses either and I spose you are lucky that you where wearing the riding helmet, my horse did try to avoid you, that neat tear in the cover of the helmet could have been your head

I’m sorry I splashed you with hot fat, I’m sorry I crack your knuckles, I’m sorry about all the times I’ve cut your fingers while slicing things up with sharp knives

It’s no wonder you have disappeared on me I wouldn’t hang around either

If you want to do this:
Write a letter to your body. Think about it. If you could write your body a letter, what kind of letter would it be? Angry? Happy? Sad? Hopeful? Ladies and men too can join in on this one. Write it up and then post the url here in the comments. I will be writing one too. It can be a narrative, poem, song or anything that you create. Please feel free to pass this along to your friends.

Writers Challenge 10

The dog sat stock still, it nose at the door, tensed ready to spring on command, the officer gave a quick hand command a slight twitch silently telling the dog to stay as she silently opened the door drawing her pistol she had it poised and at the ready as she quickly scanned the room

A bed, a wardrobe, a chair and an old TV covered in dust except for the hand prints on the screen, her eyes quickly focused on the pizza containers the empty cans of beer, ashtrays full. This was the room all right, he had been here question was, was he still here

She knew the dog would find him, another quick command this time to search and the waiting dog sprang into action, sniffing quickly around the room bypassing the left over pizza, a pie crust on the carpet and a tin of beans its contents spilling out, the dog noisily sniffed the room until she came to the window with the curtains drawn typical hotel curtains the ones that never quite meet in the middle

The dog swiftly sat by the curtains its muscles tensed she knew what was behind those curtains and she knew why she was finding it too, she didn’t need any imagination to know what was behind them

What was behind them was the reward, or what she would get when she found something the reward the dog knew the officer had it on her belt, behind the gun holster and the handcuffs that where now on the person behind the curtains, the dog was never concerned about that person just the reward

“It comes, it comes” she thought her eyes bright with anticipation she barked twice, the person now in the handcuffs jumped he looked scared they always did.

“Now” the officer spoke softly withdrawing a bright red rubber ball, squeaking it twice she bounced it high

The dog pounced playing grabbing the ball and running back and offering a play bow to the officer she dropped the ball at her feet

“Enough” the office uttered making the hand signal to stop “we gotta get this guy put away, good dog Janine you got another one”

The dog grinned a big doggy grin “Yep I got the ball again” and fell into the heel position at the officers left side as she led the guy away the dog heard the all too familiar “You have the right too remain silent”

If you want to do this Link here

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