Monday, April 30, 2007

I will NOT be silent

This is also posted on my Yahoo 360 page and my MySpace

Why be silent
Shout, speak up do something
All over the world ALL OVER THE WORLD people are getting killed every single day why should I sit here and be silent about 33 in the US when every day more are dying much more than that people starve, children loose their lives from land mines people die!
You the silent sit there in your comfortable houses and cry how terrible it is that you have lost 33 well how terrible is it that hundreds die every day in another country?
Maybe you can be silent but I can't

Here are some numbers for you to look at

From 1957 to 1973, the National Liberation Front assassinated 36,725 South Vietnamese

Journalists killed in Iraq - 98, 61 by murder and 37 by acts of war
Civilian Workers Killed in Iraq - 516
Casualties in WW1 - 11,016,000
Most casualties in WW1 -Germany 1,800,000
Casualties in WW2 -59,028,000
Most casualties in WW2 -Soviet Union -25,568,000
More figures here

National days
Hiroshima -6 August - Death toll of atomic bomb 80,000
Anzac Day - 25th April
Bastille Day - July 14th
National day of mourning
Canada - 28th April
Solomon Islands - April 2nd
Nairobi, Kenya -8th August 1998 -224 killed
Bali - October 12th 2002 - 202 killed
London - 7th July 2005 - 56 killed

Every country in the world has lost hundreds of people either to war or disasters They do not sit silent doing nothing just because 33 where killed they do not have a national day for that no they mourn the passing of millions! Bombs go off, guns fire every day somewhere in the world hundreds are killed
Sorry but I will not be silent

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Glitter in my hair

I need a hair cut
told you I was hairy's all the way down my back

Oh yeah thats right Glittery stuff

Why? because I can!
No I didn't make those ones but I can
I made this earlier on tonight
and this one the other day

So yeah you CAN have glitter on Blogger even your own glitter

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hair ... April 28, 2007

Hair ... April 28, 2007

Oh no now I have to go look for a song hang on brb

No not Choke Me Spank Me Pull My Hair by Xzbbit

This isn't the song I wanted either but great song anyway

I am not my hair -India Arie

This is just to show Yardy what my hair looks like unbrushed

(still a bit wet though, just washed it today)

And now for brushed yes I actually brushed my hair well it takes me a full on 10 minutes and my arms get sore

I know it's blond on the end but it allways does that that's natural that is, when my hair is short it's dark and straight when its long its wavy and blond

I need a hair cut don't ya think? Maybe I could sell it?

Friday, April 27, 2007

Sign Here April 27, 2007

And now for a real post .....April 27, 2007

Don't worry if the legal speak confuses you, there's a plain English translation at the bottom

Sign this disclaimer

I the friend being of sound mind and body declare that I will comment as often if not more than needed on either quick comment section and/or blog post when and if I read it.

Being the party of the second part I declare my face the sole responsibility of the blog owner to be photo shopped onto any body that the party of the first part that being the afore said friend of which I am a friend of to which I am signing my life and fortune away too. The party of the first part that being the blog owner will not Photoshop anyone who is not on the aforesaid friends list without permission

I therefore declare that I being the afore said friend that I will be funny, sad, maudlin and/or depressed, confusing and mind-blowing and may often in pure fits of just plain enjoyment laugh out loud at myself if not at and including others to which I am connected to.

I being the friend of which the party of the first part is connected to reserves the right to delete and re-add up to and including the number of three after the number of three the right of refusal of the add request is hereby given.

The party of the first part reserves the right to delete and refuse admission to this blog of any person mentioned or not mentioned who in a time of absolute mind numbing idiocy sends sparkly pictures over the size of five hundred by five hundred pixels wide to the Blogger in questions mail box

The party of the second part that being the blog friend in question shall at it’s own digression add or delete as many or as few people to his/her own list as they may so wish the party of the first part hold no responsibility for the second parties friends nor can they at any time make the excuse that a thrice connected friend is connected to and above or beside them and decide to delete for that reason only. Each party in question shall take responsibility for their own friend lists and can not tell another to delete, they may under certain circumstances warn of immediate or imminent danger but force or coercion must never come into the equation. Neither should race or sexual preference be a reason for deletion

The time zone of the party of the first part will and in most cases be at least if not more than eighteen hours in the future, this can and will be used ahead of time for hilarity, typing mistakes and/or sleeping whichever comes first, the party of the first part takes no responsibility for sleep blogging and/or commenting

The party of the second part will be held responsible if they see anything posted on another blog page including their own that includes the party of the first part that being the blog owner that portrays them in a good way. The party of the first part wishes to know if they are linked or need to participate in said blog. The blog owner does not wish to know if there is anything bad or derogative said against them this will be found and dealt with accordingly by them and them alone

Please sign here ______

In plain English.
You as a friend give me permission to use your head but only your head to Photoshop onto any celebrities body

Don’t send me huge pictures

Delete me once, twice but three times you might just not get back unless you are just a Big NPITA (that’s a secret code word)

Comment as much or as little as you want as long as you do

Laugh or I’ll slap you on the head with a wet banana

I don’t care who you have as a friend neither should you care who I have, you can tell me what a person is like you can warn me and others. If I choose to have a black gay Asian elephant on my list, I can! It’s my list as a matter of fact I have a dog, a budgerigar, a hornet a whole circus and a frog as well as lesbians and gay guys and a teddy bear and some with a very good tan. You can inform me if I have a moron on my list but I can make my own mind up who to add and who to delete I’m big and hairy enough to make my own decisions and so are you

I’m ahead of you in time you sleep I’m awake and vice versa so don’t expect me to be coherent at my 5am and I won’t expect it from you

Tell me if something good has been said about me, but not if it’s bad please honestly I don’t want to know

Sign here______

Thursday, April 26, 2007

parallels .... April 26, 2007


Somewhere in the world we have a twin, someone who looks just like us its a known fact it happens, or maybe someone has the exact same name as you or you get mistaken for someone else

I was once I was riding my bike home from school and got a flat tire so I pulled into a service station and the attendant was adamant that I was this girl in the newspaper he even showed me the paper of course she wasn’t me but she did look just like me.

Sometimes people have the same personalities as someone else maybe they type the same or have the exact same things happen to them now in real life you can tell these people apart but online it’s difficult.

Some confuse Missy with me because our names are the same, I get Tiff and Tigga muddled up because of the T.

Now my last entry was true but it wasn’t about anyone around on 360° not anymore or anyone connected to you she just parallels someone you do know, maybe she just stole her ideas from her, maybe it’s just a coincidence that their daughters look alike, their husbands both died and their bothers died in a nasty car accident but I can tell you that they aren’t the same person I know this I’ve heard them both speak the voices are different but they did once have each other as 360° friends and yes they are so similar that you would mistake one for the other.

Even identical twins can be different in certain ways but somewhere in the world there is a person just like you scary thought isn’t it.

Oh and just for a bit of fun here is a video for you to highlight the fact that yes you never really know who you are talking to online they could just be the same person under different ID’s using multiple computers you just never know and yes I know someone else who shall remain unnamed and unlinked has this same video on their blog.... where do you think I got it from I do have a look around 360° sometimes you know

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Friend

I type these straight into the compose box you realize I dont Word them up so if there is a spelling mistake or a typo blame my fingers

I come here when it's quiet you know I can't concentrate otherwise by the time I've checked everyone elses pages and my email as much as I get and get logged into here "it" is awake then when he goes back to lie down again I'm too busy commenting to even think of something to write so I end up not doing anything at all
I don't want this page to be "fluff" this really is me
I'm shy, I dont get close to people yeah sure I make them laugh but I don't get close don't trust too many too many let downs in the past I had this really fantastic online friend used to talk to her every night had her on MSN as well when I used it before it went to windows live ** rollings eyes ** and now she is gone had a pile of computer problems and I've not seen her for ages.
I got close didn't I and she went away, all the time that happens to me everytime I get close to someone something happens and I never speak to them again
It was the same with Sharon I was close to her in High School very close if you know what I mean only she liked boys so yeah we didn't go that way I hid "those" kinda feelings from her she never knew, we had this big fight she thought that I was out to steal her boyfriend only wouldn't tell me that or I would have told her it was her I wanted dammit not him
You know I didn't talk to her for years I met her sister, twin sister mind you they are identical but don't look alike never did Joanne was always a little scruffier than Sharon anyway I get this phone call from Joanne between christmas and new year in 1990 telling me that thier older sister had died (in her sleep on christmas day, ashma attack)
I held Sharons hand so tight at Bronwyns funeral that I allmost cut off her circulation I don't know what upset me more the funeral itself or seeing the half dozen people that I hadn't seen since HighSchool or just being able to hold her hand.

Spose you want to see Sharon?
She's right in the middle behind the sign, and no I'm not on that pic I was in a different home class, don't have any of mine at all my mother wouldn't buy the class pics when I was in High School for some reason only the single ones of me.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Slide show

Don't even know if this will work here oh well can only try I spose

It's just for a laugh really some don't even look like it's not thier body , others the 'older' ones I did last year are not as good but there was no way I was doing them all again it took me 2 days to do the newer ones you try sticking a persons head on a pale body when thier head is dark coloured or pink its damn difficult
anyway I've gotta get dressed and brush my hair and my wrist is sore from mousing on Adobe I'll be here but after that lot I just have to rest

Thursday, April 19, 2007

19 Apr 2007- Readers

19 Apr 2007- Readers
whats 10 percent of 58 ?
ummmmmm lets see now carry the 1 divide by 34
Na I'm not that bad at maths its 5.8 ......I think
Whats 10 percent of 69?
6.9 ...see not that bad
Why the maths?
Did you realize that its only about 10 percent of your list who actually read and/or comment I worked that out ages ago
Actually here on MySpace I've done 84 posts and only got 84 comments so it's even less than that here which is why I am different here I know not many read I know that for a fact.
What is also true though is if you post a blog saying "I'm going to block you all" people come out of the woodwork thats quite funny that is not that I want 300 comments on each post arrgh NO way but I am making here and my 360 friends only bugga it.
I'll still run the challenges but I'll do those on Blogger if people can't manage that it's thier problem I will not make yet another 360 page I've got too many as it is

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

what I do that for?

Why did I click on new post I didn't want to post ...I've gone mad oh well seeing as I am here
might as well type something
My hand is sore now from doing a pile of photoshopping and painting want too see? Of course you do
The first one is a 3 colour pic I did last July the second one is tonights, I've lost it can't paint anymore, well either I've lost it or I need a mouse that doesn't stick stupid neutered mouse (ball less)
The third one well guess who those are

I want to do a post about the fab 5 only that particular fab 5 are all the one person and as I'm waiting on his permission I can't say any more but I can show you this one though
He doesn't look to bad blond

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Well someone did ask ..... April 14,

Well someone did ask ..... April 14, 2007

I'm not gay I'm just very happy

You scored as Lesbian.









Are you Bisexual, Straight, gay/lesbian?

created with
I do like girls though but hey you knew that

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

rumours April 11, 2007 .. inc. comments

rumours April 11, 2007

Why the song? ask Miss Interupted

Tonight I'm asking a couple of simple questions

Have you heard any rumours about me?

What are they?

Don't have to tell who told it just what the rumour is.

(26 total)

* Me Ag…- Wednesday April 11, 2007 - 01:35am (EST)
hey 360 gimmie my song back dammit
you ate it didn't you grrrrr

* Yardy -Tuesday April 10, 2007 - 10:41am (CDT)
I haven't heard anything about you that you haven't already mentioned in this blog or the other one before.

* Bert.…Tuesday April 10, 2007 - 10:43am (CDT)
No, I haven't heard any rumors abut you, but - "what are they?", someone tell me.

* Me Ag…Wednesday April 11, 2007 - 01:44am (EST)
I heard that yahoo likes to eat my music ... that one is true I made it spit it back though
Oh come on I'm a witch or a slob or a dried up old buiscuit ?? geeze anything will do

* Me Ag…Wednesday April 11, 2007 - 01:46am (EST)
oh Bert are you a capon? I heard someone say you where

* Heath…Tuesday April 10, 2007 - 11:48am (EDT)
Um...I heard that you were a dark and mysterious and deeply depressed...thinking of turning EMO...or was that WACKO...

* Me Ag…Wednesday April 11, 2007 - 01:56am (EST)
an Emu?
Well I am tall and I can't fly either ... Oh EMO na way too old to be EMO
and I'm not that depressed just a bit of a concavity

* Heath…Tuesday April 10, 2007 - 12:02pm (EDT)
concavity-had to look that one up...:P

* Yardy ..Tuesday April 10, 2007 - 11:04am (CDT)
LOL @ Emu!

* Daisy...Tuesday April 10, 2007 - 11:59am (CDT)
I heard that you're a famous rock star incognito in the online world... You know, just what I heard...

* red74…Tuesday April 10, 2007 - 12:22pm (CDT)
I heard that someone was worried that you didn't like them or were mad at them and they are sad about it. But I haven't heard anything derogatory about you. I kind of like you myself.

* SB's …Tuesday April 10, 2007 - 12:55pm (CDT)
Haven't heard nayting over here in Knox, Indiana USA....
Maybe if you bribe the guilty party with chocolate BILBIES, that's what they are(DOH!)
Ya, that's it, maybe you have mountains and mountains of chocolate bilbies and you won't share them with us and some one said,"Oh look at Missy over there and all her chocolate bilbies, I wonder if she's going to share....." Or something like that...hahahahahahahaahahahahahaha
Have a great evening, night, day or what ever it isout there
OH YA, Which way does the water go down your toilet? Clockwise or Counterclock wise?
Come on, don't tell me you've never

* SB's …Tuesday April 10, 2007 - 12:56pm (CDT)
*wonders if Missy secretly plays "guitar hereo 2"....Ya, maybe that's the
* SB's …Tuesday April 10, 2007 - 12:56pm (CDT)
What's a "capon"?

* Me Ag…Wednesday April 11, 2007 - 10:19am (EST)
Daisy* yes I'm Marianne Faithfull no wait isn't she dead?
I've explained this before, we have less water in ours, it doesn't just swirl down like yours does the water comes in from the top kinda like a waterfall
I don't even have a Playstation
A capon is a castrated rooster
Red** I just got up, still too grumpy I'll answer that when I'm not so grumpy, yes I know it's 10am here but even sleeping in the spare room I'm still managing to get woken up all through the night

* Zusiqu...Tuesday April 10, 2007 - 08:27pm (CDT)
I heard you were Mick Jagger's secret lover.

* Me Ag…Wednesday April 11, 2007 - 11:35am (EST)
he was ancient when I was born ... I ain't THAT old

* Red D…Tuesday April 10, 2007 - 09:04pm (CDT)
Something about an accent...

* Me Ag…Wednesday April 11, 2007 - 12:22pm (EST)
Bawb**I don't have an accent I was told it was you that have the accent
Well I checked the grumpy meter and its low now
and yep that one may be true then again a lot don't like me so I'm allowed to not like a few
The 'don't like' level on that person is actually a more of a 4/10 but others have more like a 9/10
does that make sence?

* Atari…Tuesday April 10, 2007 - 10:54pm (CDT)
I heard that you care alot about friends, and that you work as a "Dominatrix" for a widely known Breakfast Cereal Company that has paid in advance for 10 more years. But then again, I hear alot, these damn voices!!!!

* ?ddo-…Wednesday April 11, 2007 - 12:22am (EDT)
I've heard no rumors. Is that good?
I sometimes wonder that about me, but that's just looking for problems. Why bother?

* Me Ag…Wednesday April 11, 2007 - 02:32pm (EST)
Eddo I heard that you are a bit of a nerd ... a naked nerd?
but I think we are ALL nerds
I mean what do nerds do?
Sit at computers ... so there you go we are ALL nerds

* ?PLAY…Wednesday April 11, 2007 - 05:13am (EDT)

* Santu…Wednesday April 11, 2007 - 04:54pm (IST)

not much yet but i think it had some thing to do with Aussie Idol? You gonna host that?

* SB's …Wednesday April 11, 2007 - 02:22pm (CDT)
I'm on your "Don't like meter"?!

* Me Ag…Thursday April 12, 2007 - 10:36am (EST)
you are NOT on the 'don't like' scale SB


The art of the rumour
I'm going to post this on 360 but not now, only just posted there.

All I'm going to do is ask a couple of simple questions
Have you heard any rumours about me?
What are they?
Don't have to tell who told it just what the rumour is.

Lets see if I get any good ones, see if I get any that I don't know about, see if people take it serious or think its a fun game

You know it's one thing that I love to know what people really think of me, no sucking up no "oh you are so good" because I know damn well I'm not

I was watching Oprah today, yes occasionally I watch 3 yr old episodes of Oprah thats what we get here anyway the episode was on about self esteem and the 'letters to your younger selves'
and she had two mothers of 4 year olds who where obsessed with thier looks and a young teenage girl who thought that she was ugly

No kidding that girl could be me I never smashed a mirror but I used to cover them up I allways thought I was ugly and fat and yet looking at the photos of me when I was 17 ( mum snuck a few in) I wasn't fat at all I wore size 11 jeans what that in US sizes an 8 a 6 ?
I don't know about size differences but thats skinny!

I was too tall, taller than everyone else it's taken me years to walk straight I still walk stooped over sometimes I hated being tall and I'm only 5' 8" problem is I was 5' 6" when I was 12 and everyone else was only 4' 5" I grew they didn't, at our primary school reunion I was expecting all these shorties and they had grown everyone was the same height as me and I still felt like I was allmost a foot higher there I was 20+ years old not 12 and I still felt big fat and ugly , ok so tall skinny and ugly

Its a low self esteem thing my mother allways used to say " the good looking girls sit home on saturday nights because the boys all think they have allready been asked out"
I don't agree the ones who sit home like I did sit home because they are too ugly to go out

At Seventeen by Janis Ian

Saturday, April 7, 2007



I've just done a run down of not only how many but who commented and when on my 360 page, its very interesting to see not so much how many but when they commented. I took numbers from the back of my blog or December and now and there are quite a few who used to comment but don't now, even though thier amount is high just lately I haven't seen them at all.
I have seen another pattern emerging though and that just annoys me, it annoys me that I get deleted and a lying coniving untrustworthy person is added to a another persons page
It annoys me that I care about a hell of a lot of these people and they don't trust me!
I am sad I am depressed I've lost a lot of really nice people too a couple of suck ups
I won't add them back I don't care they choose them over me fine
What did I do to deserve being abandoned like this ? Nothing? No I did a lot helped them out talked to them I was there for them ok so maybe I am slightly annoying but I'm not as annoying as a lot of people, maybe I didn't suck up enough you think thats the reason? I didn't fall at thier feet with a bunch of peeled grapes each and everyday I wasn't "in thier face" so they took no notice of me?

I was half way though this earlier on today when as per usual interupted yet again good thing Blogger has a "save as draft" option
Did you know ? No you didn't but I'll tell you anyway did you know that I post in Forums as well? And the site that I'm a member of I'm now classed as elite .. ELITE !! cool huh I've got a blue name on the site and everything it's neato
I get excited over the silliest things
It does mean I'm on 360, Blogger and the site and even MySpace and Imeem at the same time

I get very confused LoL
Even more than usual

Thursday, April 5, 2007

You want a B*TCH?? for April 05, 2007

You want a B*TCH?? for April 05, 2007


I can be and will be a down and out nasty b*tch when I want to be .. don’t like it delete me

It’s like 1am

And yes I have got the sh*ts up, big time it’s been building this has and no kidding have I wanted to go off at these two, don’t like them, won’t like them!

Got the sh*ts up with two worms, slimy cunning little creatures, that have their own agenda. Think I don’t like you huh? I know that’s what you think well guess what it’s true I don’t like you I don’t like your sneaky snide little comments pretending to be peoples friends when you aren’t. Talking about their other friends saying things about them behind their backs I know you do it, I get told. I’m not that far under this rock you know and I’m not the idiot that you think I am either. I don’t like you in fact the more I see of you the more I dislike you, seeing your oh so cute little face makes me dry-retch
Totally you sh*t me right off
Story time is not the word with you, more like full on Gone With The Wind, no one here is your best friend you are too clingy and needy for that

I may be nice to the people I like, the people who I’ve stuck by through their in’s and out’s these last almost two years, I may play with them and give them a poke in the ribs occasionally but when you have known a person as long as I’ve known these people you can. You two slimy creatures don’t have that option I’m watching you play your games, I’m watching you get under peoples skin like some corrupt insect larvae, a parasite waiting to hatch they may not see the red welt you will leave but I can, I can see it already
Slimy disgusting parasites of 360° that’s what you are and I don’t like you

Note: I am not talking about anyone on MY list but these people are connected to me wish they weren’t then they wouldn’t make me feel so damn sick every time I see them

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Stuff it

You know I used to be able to post a blog with tables in it, format the font get it looking neat but now, nope 360 won't let me do that any more, the code just gets eaten . After 45 minutes struggling with a post that I've done over and over before I gave up and posted it here instead I couldn't even delete with the compose box open had to post and then delete.
Totally pissing me off.
I can put the tables in but unless I put in text in from notepad it reverts too Times New Roman size 2, the tables go too wide and I can't adjust them anymore the whole thing just looks cruddy.
I used to be able to copy in html from Front Page and 360 would keep the formatting but now it just doesn't work. I think it's got something to do with the tables I can post without tables and its fine, I do my picture posts on Front Page and the text font stays but do a table and it reverts to Front Page default font, looks fine in the compose box but posted its all changed.
All my posts that I've done with tables should be georgia my 360 default font is georgia, its not like I'm trying to post in some weirdo font.
I know how to do this, it should work and it doesn't and it's really annoying me

Really though I'm just about had it with 360 and Yahoo anyway, Y groups have stuffed up BA and a lot of other groups, last week there was duplicate postings on groups now theres nothing, a lot have left the groups and MY360MI lost two moderators they just left. The stuff ups last week killed a lot of Y groups alltogether
I just can't be bothered with it ... I'm going to give away some of my ID's so if any one reading this wants 360 Angel you can have it as long as you keep it as a tutorial page.
Actually speaking of 360 Angel origionally that page was sopposed to be highlighted 360's of the week but that just didn't take off, at that time 360-friends was doing Blog of the Week (this was in April 06) now I notice there is a Blog of the Week 360 page and NO it ain't mine or Mr E's ... talk about using someone elses idea and rolling with it

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Blogging for the Blogblind ... April 03, 2007

Blogging for the Blogblind ... April 03, 2007

Press Play

Blogging for the Blogblind

With so much going on in our crazy little 360° lives we don’t have much time to actually sit there and read a long entry, do we ? No we don’t so what do we do? We skim of course we do of course if you skim you don’t always “get” the entry.

So I’m not only typing this out but you can hear me read it to you as well, which means you can go away ..and read somewhere else while I am talking oh no you can’t get back here! I’m talking here.

What I’ve done is recorded this entry on my new toy All Sound Recorder and uploaded it to Imeem as my file server links seem to be broken some work some don’t, File Den is accessible now but it wasn’t yesterday, all my files are still there and some are working but hostmyfile the whole site has just disappeared on me gone *poof* which is just great NOT.

Anyway I had a look at the terms and conditions on Imeem and your Mp3’s and videos that you upload should be yours soooooo if I’m uploading my own recording I should be right of course I could always sing the entry .. no I think not.

I could speak in an American accent just so the Americans feel at home how’s that? I won’t do Swedish because I’ll sound like the Swedish chef crossed with Gonzo

Anyway this is Missy A’s spoken blog entry for dang what month is it April that’s right

Now I want you to do a spoken entry come on you can do it I know you can

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