Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Interupted yet again

So I was going to post here umm like 3 hours ago got the compose box up and everything and then FLIP suddenly remembered its Wednesday Graphics challenges on Wednesday, you Americans are sopposed to tell me that its your Tuesday so I know it's Wednesday how am I sopposed to know what day it is?
Don't even know what the time is now I hate daylight savings not so much the fact that its dark now and it's only 6.30 but every clock in the house is saying a different time . I don't bother setting the time on my phone because when it goes flat it looses the setting, the clock in the lounge is allways going flat and stopping as well and watches I'll have to buy a new $10 watch just so I know what the time is for 6 months, yes about 6 months that's as long as the batteries last .
I don't know what it is with me and battery powered things they are ALLWAYS flat doesn't matter what it is if it uses batteries it will not work for more than a few minutes/goes I think I kill batteries.
I kill lighters as well and pens, got 4 lighters here only one works and no kidding can I pick up a pen that actually writes? Ummm nope
When the battery charger is finished with the batteries for the camera I'll take pics and show you all my pens, might have to just brush off the desk a bit I think might even wipe it **shock horror**

Monday, March 26, 2007

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none..... March 26, 2007

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none..... March 26, 2007

A horse, my kingdom for a horse

A rose by any other name

A man not of woman born

Out, damn spot

Something is rotten

Is leaning cheek to cheek? Is meeting noses?

An overflow of good converts to bad

If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

The cat will mew, and dog will have his day.

The empty vessel makes the loudest sound

You know those quotes and you should know what plays they are from if not who wrote them

Mention Yorik, Romeo, Puck or even Mercurio and you should know who they are
No not Paul Mercurio and that’s Puck with a P.

Let me tell you a little story
One day this guy decides that he will do and see three professional women on a matter of importance to his business; it might fail if he doesn’t and they can help him out.
They tell him that a man who was born by caesarian section will over run the guys horticulture business with his own trees and he had better watch out for him.
So he decides that this guy has to die but he can’t do it CSI will come after him but mother dearest can, only she gets blood all over her and takes her dress to the dry cleaners where the CSI get her instead because the blood spots just wouldn’t come out.

Now I did write that .. I did just typed it out but hey it’s not my idea that’s straight from Macbeth.

Westside Story is Romeo and Juliet there are so many versions of the Romeo and Juliet story it isn’t funny even a gay version Romeo and Romeo, actually I just made that up but then again there may be one.

See what I’m getting at here old Bill wrote all those plays and he gets quoted so much that a mother taking her child to see one of his plays gets told “Hey mum this plays made up of quotes” and Bill himself borrowed stories from other people some of his work wasn’t his idea in the first place

Now the internet is the same thing one person does one thing someone else changes it around saying they wrote it which of course they did they typed it didn’t they, then someone else uses theirs and so on, you can link back but eventually the links end up back right where they started anyway but if you don’t you may just end up in a pile of Richard the Thirds

Give people credit where credit is due quote them, link them, copy paste them, go ahead and do it chances are what they wrote has already been written somewhere by someone else anyway.
Just give people the credit nonetheless ….. Personally I would like a Platinum Gold Card just for writing this

Here’s the question for today

Who wrote Romeo and Juliet? Can you think of any other movies/plays that are the same story as Romeo and Juliet?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Blommented .... March 23, 2007

I Blommented .... March 23, 2007

Ok so I blommented allmost filled the box right up, was up to 3500+ characters
Thats the biggest blomment I've ever written
Blomment Definition - A comment so long that it is a blog post in itself

Seriously you won't get them often from me and if I do one I save it after all its on Notepad anyway, sometimes I'll even do them on Word depends if I have Word open at the time at least the spulink will be correct on Word
Anyway here's my blomment (not all of it though)

If you post a blog without names the wrong person thinks its about them so yeah you end up doing nothing at all but end up watching people fighting in blasts, arguing with each other trying your darndest to stay friends with both, end up deleting both because its the arguing that you can't stand.
Loose some great fantastic people because of someone else
That's what makes me angry why the hell should I loose MY friends when it ain't my fault?
Not my fault that [insert name here] is a moron/flamer/copier/bully/insecure/backstabber/trouble causer can go on but you get the point, you can put a few names there too. Some might even put my name frig it I don't know.
But is it my fault that I am loosing friends over this? There is only one person who I don't like, don't trust as far as I can throw her but do I give a damn that she is on other peoples lists NO I don't and its up to them to find out what she's like I've told them once and once is enough.

Think about it how old are we as a collective entity? Take that group of people the friends of friends all involved in this and they are involved because they are connected thats something that you can't go past, how old is everyone? The mean age of all the people involved in this what is it anyway 10? No its more like 35 yet they are/we are acting like 10 year olds!

See told you it was a blog post by itself that's what you call a blomment I don't do them often because I can't type fast enough .. read this slow I typed it slow LoL
Just goes to prove that I'm not so totally evil but in some ways I am ......

wait for it

.................... a slightly twisted sheep

How evil are you?

How evil are you?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Searching Blogger

I keep forgetting the title
Its also freezing in here , ok thats a little better turned off the air con I get cold with it on get hot with it off my thermostat is broken I swear

You know I spend a lot of time on 360 and My Space but not so much logged into Blogger. Why? because the reality is that its difficult to find the people who you want to read on Blogger sure theres the 'read next blog' link but thats pot luck I clicked it and got a blog in a strange language and yes I could RSS feed or get an email from the people I want to read IF they have set it up.
Would be brilliant if Blogger had 'add this blog to your dashboard as a link' so you knew if someone had updated , or maybe add it to the "I read these blogs" box now that would be brilliant as it is you have to do it all yourself
There is no search for blogs on Blogger either if I want to search I have to use Google
at the moment Flowerman is looking up music, finding a lot of Bloggers but he's not searching on Blogger he's using Google

Friday, March 16, 2007

thats freaky

Now thats freaky, I just back commented on my previous post here and got an alert from myself .. I alerted myself LoL
Must set myself up for email alerts for Danas Blogger actually, I keep missing her posts and we can't have that . Ok I can't Dana get that set up will you geeze
Its funny actually that here on Blogger we are more open you can say what you want here 360 HAS become extremely clicky
I'm not sure but I think a few won't even participate in the photoshop challenges because they aren't in my circle, ridiculous really there would only be one or two that I wouldn't have and they wouldn't dare try it anyway I can just imagine Jenny Stewart doing my challenge LoL that would be a laugh, she wouldn't anyway. I don't really care who does it she's probly the only one I dislike so much that I wouldnt post her link but I can't stop her doing it though as long as she links back .... and yeah she's going to do that
Oh and remind me dont try Yahoo emoticons on Blogger they don't really work it put in 10 of them and they where huge you can't copy paste a pic into Blogger either grrr
Well I should post this I've had Blogger 360 and Myspace open all this time been scooting backwards and forwards between the three this entry has taken me ages to write up

Monday, March 12, 2007


I could sleep for 3 days
So very down at the moment and I feel like I have to be bright and cheery and so bloomin upbeat on 360 like all the time it kills
At the moment I really do feel like saying Duck you all no I won't swear in type I do say it but just cant type the word , if you could hear me I am saying it DUCK DUCK and Ducking Duck
F is right next to D by the way

Might even go in a chat room and start a type fight dang haven't done that for ages that sure blows the cobwebs out
You know that's the one thing that peeves me about 360 people will go out of thier way too go off about you but they won't go off at you, there is a difference.
Don't know if they are afraid of an argument or what but its full of yes men(umm persons)
"oh I love your work" "you are so great' "thats wonderful"
Can't they say "hey you are wrong" or "I disagree" just for once I would love to get a comment a well written disagreement comment a well thought out argument a proper debate on something
Not "you suck" of course thats not a debate that's just a nasty comment from an under educated person. I want to see a debate!
Then again %80 of 360 wouldn't even know what the word even ment so I soppose that's out

Friday, March 9, 2007



What is it about putting people into the little boxes that we love so well?

See I am originally from England (Yorkshire) and I get told to wash because people from England or Pommies don’t wash

I get asked because I live in Australia if we keep a kangaroo as a pet or I’ll get “You have Subway there?” or the one person who totally believed we live so far in the outback that
our modem is solar powered

All …

Americans wear loud Hawaiian shirts, carry a camera everywhere and are extremely obnoxious

Mexicans wear sombreros and sleep a lot

American Indians are lazy

The Asians if they break into your house will tidy up and do your homework

New Zealanders love sheep and I mean they really love sheep

The French are arrogant

Germans are bossy and drink beer while wearing hats with tiny feathers and like to have shooting festivals

Swedish people are blond and like to sing

The Jews have all the money

Catholics have hundreds of children

The Protestants will blow you up

Gays carry murses and are effeminate

Lesbians are butch and ride Harleys

Blonds are stupid

Blacks will steal your car stereo

Aboriginals carry spears whilst drinking out of flagons by the riverbank

Adelaideians are snobby

Melbournites like horse racing

Housewives are bored and do nothing

That’s just a few of the stereotypes I can think of none of them true of course, even though Eddo does have a murse and a lot of you Americans do carry your cameras everywhere you are no more obnoxious than any other person, not lazier or richer or any of the above

Those are stereotypes and until we get our heads around the fact that those stereotypes do not exist, the world will stay as it is.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT meant to offend, if you find it offensive you haven’t read it properly

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