Thursday, September 17, 2009

I do my best writing at 2am

it's quiet then, apart from the computers humming and I wouldn't be writing this if it wasn't then of course it would be very quiet and I'd be sat here in front of a blank screen which of course would be very silly
You know I can't sleep if the computers aren't on ... it's so very quiet I can hear the dog snoring no wait I can hear that anyway, she was barking in her sleep before you know chasing after some dream cat I assume I had to be mean and yelled "wake up" you know because you just have to hehehe she looked up and her face was "huh what??" funny as

I've had my head it in computers the last couple of days we've got a smaller comp that was given to us "goes slow" they said well yeah course it did full of crud poor little thing is all fixed now though anyone want it ? Is ok for word processing can't play games on it though bit small for that only 700meg it will go for about $50 specially if we throw in monitor etc
We keeping the other one (maybe) IF I can get the bloomin thing going motherboard is good but finding a good HD pfft different story plug one in it don't work grrr I'll be making wind chimes out of them soon no kidding I will
We got given a pile of them I call them oysters because only some of them work they've been touched by someone who shall be nameless who don't know what he's doing but only thinks he knows.. how someone can break a brand new 160 gig HD is beyond me
Anyway it's plug one in turn comp on see if that one works, then onto the next and so forth
I've got a pile here that do work (not touched by nameless person) only largest is (don't laugh) 10gig ..shut up I know you laughing at that
Ok smartarse what can I do with lets see now a pile of HD's that are under 10gig and ram sticks that range from 14 to 114 gig ... windchimes right yep yep that's what I recon as well make them into artwork is about the only thing they are good for even though they work don't that annoy me the bigger ones the new ones don't work but the smaller older stuff still works fine typical

Just how hard is it to drill holes in sticks of ram ?? I'm going to be finding out very very soon hehehe

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A real Life

Yes I have a real life, yes I write, haven't for a while though there is this big hairy person who lives here who keeps interrupting me which is why this page is called missinterupted good enough reason I suppose anyway ....

Some people are nuts take online games on facebook right, I know this one guy who has multiple accounts about 4 of "himself" and at least 4 of his relatives that he's what could you call it umm "looking after" for them pfft looking after he's playing the games on their accounts thats what he's doing he logs them all in at the same time on different browsers to plow and harvest crops every 4 hours and I mean every four hours as well, no joke he has naps in between seriously this guy has no life at all
I mean look I can understand adding a few extra relatives up and "helping" them set up a game just so you've got neighbors/crew but to play theirs up to a point of madness no joke that's crazy
He obviously hasn't got any friends at all and seriously hasn't got a life
yes I've got a Farm and yes I played slowly like you should do because a game isn't a race there is no reason to race up to the highest level in a game no point in it you go up slowly and enjoy the game this guy goes up 3-4 levels in a day .. one day!!
Besides the slower you go the more pressies you get from others, everyone knows that.
You know what I hope I hope this guy sleeps 8 hours straight and his crops go to waste .. now THAT would be the funniest thing out.
I have a life he don't and I'll be the one laughing at him, he thinks he's good but actually he's not very good at all LoL I hardly play and on at least two games I'm beating him to a crisp and I don't even need naps shoot I don't even put crops in now .. I don't need to why? because I have a life and I'm better than he will ever be

Just a footnote on this same guy and I'll quote him "I don't go on web pages with HTML on them" he said that months ago and I'm still giggling over that one PMSL
Oh yeah it's also against the FB TOS to have multiple accounts but well you know he's not read that (he wont read this either) because yep you guessed it its a web page made with HTML ..oh flip shooot hehehee hahah snort giggle wheeze and fall off chair

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