Monday, July 30, 2007

New Virus Warning!

I found this the other day thought I should post it here

There's a NEW virus going around...
I thought you would want to know about this e-mail virus.
Even the most advanced programs from Norton or McAfee can not take care of this one.
It seems to affect those who were born prior to 1965.

1. Causes you to send the same e-mail twice.
2. Causes you to send a blank e-mail.
3. Causes you to send e-mail to the wrong person.
4. Causes you to send it back to the person who sent it to you.
5 Causes you to forget to attach the attachment.
6. Causes you to hit "SEND" before you've finished.
7. Causes you to hit "DELETE" instead of "SEND."
8. Causes you to hit "SEND" when you should "DELETE."


Saturday, July 28, 2007

previous post was the last one

The last one in a series that is, all older posts from 360 put them all in on the same day and saved as draft and I've been going into each one and changing the date so they post on different days.

For those of you who visit here from 360 stick this place into your RSS feed reader there are a few choices on the left hand side there and I know some have already done it as I've got 7 readers .... I know you are there you can't hide

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There is no friends list here and in a way thats the best thing about it apart from autosave which Blogger just did for me .
No friends list means theres no "he added her, she removed him, they have that person" kinda thing ..well hope not anyway.
No friends list means you don't have to visit everyone every single day and you won't get stroppy if they don't visit you
No friends list means you don't have to write for an audience of maybe 300 or more, you can write for yourself and no one else
No friends list means that you can leave your blog for months and you won't get removed for not blogging as theres isn't a friends list to remove you from.
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Lets see now what did I write here? ...interrupted yet again
Oh yeah thats right finished with all the old posts now so can go back to actually writing again ........ I hope if I'm not interrupted again that is.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Of Pens and Love

Of pens and Love .. January 21, 2007
Why is it that every single pen in the whole house is empty, I write two or three words and the words just disappear
We have a huge cloth pencil case bursting at the seams with pens I went through them all yesterday only a few worked, the ones that did where placed on my desk, on MY desk because with my memory I have too write little notes or I forget. Anyway today when I reach for a pen yet again I had too try five of them before I found one that worked by that time I'd almost forgotten what I was going too write down

Very nice pen it is too for once my writing looks neat, no I haven't forgotten how too actually scribe with pen on paper and I do spell better when I write that way it must be this dyslectic keyboard one problem the ink is a tiny bit light so I can only just read what I've written

Anyway here is what I wrote with my pen that worked

Love, what is love, a feather a fluffy cloud, an abstract feeling, soft too ephemeral too hold in your hand
love cannot be held, cannot be caged or held within four walls
can we love a car more than a person? Or is it just the unconditionally of the machine who doesn’t care what we look like in the morning that we love

The security of the steel, that cocoon that never talks back is that what we love
Always there for you never leaving only taking you too places where you want too go, totally under your control, never leading you somewhere where you don’t want too go
Can you love your car? Is it wrong too love a machine an inanimate object
I happen too love my car it's my safety place

Besides I happen too love driving too

This car of mine is my third car, my first an old Mk2 Cortina literally held together with wire coat hangers didn’t love me back but my dad loved working on it and he did all the time that was the car who’s gear stick fell off in my hand while I was driving into the driveway.

My second car my Renault 12 with it’s leather interior and fancy (for 1975) dashboard called too me, from a very small car lot in a part of Adelaide we didn’t normally go, I was meant too have that car, we weren’t meaning too stop there and the road we where on wasn’t one we normally went on but for some reason I just yelled out “stop” too my mother who was driving and there across the road in the tiniest car yard with only 4 or 5 other cars was this funny looking green car, I looked at the other Renault there, a station wagon cream colored, much more practical but I had too sit in the green one and as soon as I did I knew if I didn’t ask my mother for the extra $500 too buy it, it would probably follow us home anyway, it may have been green and it didn’t have a racing stripe or a number painted on it nor was it a Volkswagen but that car was Herbie, it loved me I loved it back I cried when we traded it in for the one I have now

The one I have now isn’t my funny green car but it is my safety place I do love it, not as much as the other one (shh don’t tell it that, it will have a flat battery on me or something) but I do love my grey grumpy car

For the 360 Writers

360 Writers Intro Challenge

Y!360 Writers

Introduction challenge.

I’ve been Missy or Mistress for a long time it’s my screen name, didn’t pick it, it well kinda just became, don’t use my real name either even though some know my first name no body believes my last name anyway. I don’t use Mistress any more because of add requests from people into BDSM and we can’t have that can we

Why did I start too blog
because I love too write, get my thoughts down and then well I
forget about them till later and basically say either “you twit what you write
that for” or “where did that come from”

Do I have a theme, nope haven’t got around too photo shopping one yet … oh that theme. No I don’t have a theme I just write whatever comes too mind, looking back on my old posts I think my mind went on holidays a few times. That’s why I love challenges gives the old brain a bit of a poke wake it up a little

There’s 3 working computers here, networked, set it up myself so I can go type in the dining room if I want but most times if I want peace I just get up at 6am. One day I’ll get one of those fancy phones the ones with keyboards and then I can go sit in the fairytary’ and write

Work yeah well Blogging is a full time job for me I run 4 pages here on 360º one on My

Space and just started another on Blogger just for short stories and poems, bad
poems most of them. My
web page has the really old
stuff don’t look at that it’s shocking

I’m married too the computer,
no not really I live with this big cuddly bear of a man, he drops hair
everywhere eats things he’s not meant too, no hang on that’s the dog, the
man he’s good most of the time.

At the moment I have 1 dog, 3 birds (one swears we won’t go into that one) and the large man he’s a child isn’t he? No just acts like it sometimes, my actual kids live in South Australia with their dad, one of each, one is 17 in Feb the other will be 20 in Nov … oh help that means I’m older than I thought

Note: ‘fairytary’ is my daughters (3 year old) word for cemetery, the local cemetery is at the back of our place, we have great neighbors very, very quiet

When I got a quickie comment from the
360º Writers Union the other day honestly I thought I was in trouble for being a
scab (non-union labour) or hadn’t paid my dues or something, it would have
scared the pants off me had I been wearing any … behave I was in my PJ’s well it
was something like 3am what do you expect. Anyway apart from the first reaction
(fear) I felt honored .. Me a writer? Ok if you say so I mean
it’s a union and everything so it can’t be wrong

Whoops forgot the date of the original post bad smack me one

Thursday, July 26, 2007

What's in a name


Don't take any notice of these numbers they ain't right then again neither am I

Coca Cola Logo

Kellogs Logo

Kraft Logo

Nike Logo

Yankee Stadium Logo ... Hi Dana

What’s in a name
A 360° Writers Challenge

Australia is covered in things that “taste good” those are the labels that the First People gave those things obviously not the ones that the colonists gave them but everything had to have a name

Australia was called
Terra Australis Incognita or the unknown land of the south in latin at first. That was the label given to Australia the nameWhat's the first thing someone asks you when you meet them?

What is your name.

When someone has a baby, you ask what did you call it, the name is crucial to our society everything has to have a name

If I mention CocaCola you would recognize it, that’s a name brand along with Kellogs and Kraft all recognizable instantly, you can see them in your mind. (The pictures are in your mind)

What would we do if that sweet tasting brown fizzy drink had been called something else maybe The Brown Fluid do you think anyone would drink it?

This is where the name is important as important to the retail industry as well as consumers, they could have named Coca Cola “Tastes Like Chicken” but everything tastes like chicken, the name had to set it apart of course it did help that Coca Cola or Coke did once have cocaine in it (9 milligrams per glass) why do you think it tasted so good.

So it got called called Coca Cola , diet, lite,
vanilla or cherry its Coca Cola today and it still has coca leaves or cocaine in it.

See a name is important you could have “sweatshop” printed on your shoes but would they still be recognizable as Nikes’ ?

You could rename the Yankee Stadium to Coke Park would it still be as
recognizable as the famous baseball park that it is?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jelly Babies

This post is all
about Jelly Babies

The other day we opened a packet of Jelly
Babies, well ok tried to open I swear those packets of lollies are getting
harder to open I had to use scissors on the blooming thing.

Anyway there we are shoving them in our
mouths while we where watching Smackdown and there’s one all deformed, a Jelly
Baby not a wrestler here’s a pic with a normal one beside it img

Sometimes I get the silliest
conversations going in my mailbox and I thought I would show you this one fancy
not knowing what a Jelly Baby is. (name removed for privacy)
------*** wrote:I hope you guys are okay over there.
-------™Missy Angel wrote: Yeah we ok watching wrestling
---------***wrote:What wrestling?
---™Missy Angel wrote: Naked jelly wrestling, No Fridays Smackdown ...I'll watch a few
of them naked jelly wrestle any day though **wink
-------------*** wrote:What the heck is naked jelly wrestling?LOL
-----™Missy Angel wrote: Ever seen a jello/jelly baby wearing clothes??
-------------*** wrote:LOL no but sounds funny!

Ok Mrs. *** (you know how you are) here
is some info on the lollies (sweets) known as Jelly Babies oh and pictures too
Jelly Babies are a sweet jelly-like confection. They are shaped to resemble babies, hence the name. In each packet, you will find many different flavors, at least one of which you will dislike, and so will all your friends. Jelly Babies have been popularized
with some, by their appearance in a British science-fiction series called Doctor
Who, in which Tom Baker (Dr Who -1974 to 1981) was known to offer these to
various people during the course of his adventures.
Despite the fact that it is fairly difficult to do, it is almost impossible to eat a Jelly Baby without biting the head off first.
The Jelly Baby was chosen as a symbol for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundations mission to find a cure for type 1 diabetes because jelly babies are lifesavers for people with type 1 diabetes. They are often eaten by people with type 1 diabetes as a quick source of sugar when their blood sugar level falls critically low.
In 1918 Bassett's Jelly Babies were launched as Peace Babies

More than a billion Bassett's Jelly Babies are made every year
English Jelly Babies ( the ones Dr Who gave out) are different to ours ,the Aussie ones are more jelly and don't have the fine sugar coating on them

And to finish off… a joke and yes I know
it’s a bad one LoL

Q. Why don’t they make boy Jelly

A. Because it uses too much

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Fence

Touchy Subject..take2 June 24, 2006

I wrote this last month after Eddo asked me
in my
question me
post “Do you have any aborigine neighbors?” and it’s very difficult to explain
the Aboriginal situation here in anything less than a whole blog

The aboriginal situation

This is serious stuff if you want to leave now its ok
with me

This is a touchy subject here; Australia has a reputation
for being a racist country, I don’t care what colour you are you can be green
with pink spots for all I care, it don’t matter what colour you are on the
outside we are all red blood cells and pink on the inside and it’s what we are
like on the inside that counts

I am a white person living in a land that once belonged
to a people who have no sense of ownership of the land, why??? because
they are one with it, the land was a part of them and in many places in
Australia it still is but not so many places now .Aborigines were nomadic they
moved around, they traded, drew maps, have religion (Dreamtime) but didn’t wear
much specially in the hotter places, the ones that lived in the cooler climates
did don’t you?
Then the white man arrived in his big ships with guns and disease
and some strange language, when they came across the people who lived on this
big brown land and asked “what do you call this animal” the reply was “good
eating” or “tastes great” or stood and pointed to a tree and asked “what’s that”
the reply was “tree you idiot” eucalyptus doesn’t literally mean “tree you
idiot” but that happened a lot

Many Aborigines dislike the
terms 'Aborigine' and 'Aboriginal' since these terms have been foisted on them,
and they carry a lot of negative cultural baggage. Not surprisingly, they have
looked for alternative words, and instead of `Aborigine' they prefer to use the
word for a 'person' from a local language. When the Europeans arrived here there
were about 250 languages spoken in Australia this of course was frowned upon by
the government and they where made to speak English, a lot of the languages have
been lost forever only a few words remain

Kylie in the “local” language
means boomerang that’s why every time we throw Kylie away she keeps coming

Most aboriginals are poor
because they don’t own anything it’s a cultural thing; they are given
cars, housing and money by the government mainly because the government feels
guilty and so they should too. This was their country and the white fella took
it away either by disease (there was no typhoid or TB or even diabetes amongst
the aboriginal population before the white man arrived) or gun fire and up till
the 1970’s the policy was to take children of “mixed” heritage away from their
culture and their mothers so they could grow up in the white
mans way. I actually went to primary
school with someone who was what we call “half caste” If you haven’t seen the
movie “
Rabbit Proof Fence” sometimes billed as "Long Walk Home" you
should, it explains the lost generation in much more detail than I

The Rabbit Proof


rabbit-proof fence still Image

The city dwelling “black fella” may have a few broken down cars on
the front lawn, there maybe 7 or 8 children running around even a few dogs .I
say may have as in all countries there are the people who live in the
run down parts of town and those who don’t

Of course when you get given something you don’t really appreciate it and then
there is the cultural thing too, we live like we have lived for hundreds of
years in houses, in Africa there are people living in shanties and in huts .In
America you have Chinatown’s, there’s a Chinatown here it’s in Sydney.
Cabramatta and Redfern are suburbs where everyone there is from the same
background .The “government housing” is in the poorer areas that’s where the
single mothers live, that’s where the unemployed live that’s where most of the
aboriginals live . Some don’t they own property (on paper
they own) they have
vast tracts of land, big houses even fame and gold medals same as anyone else,

not all that long ago it was considered to be bad to say you where of aboriginal
descent, same as it was to say your ancestors were transported, no one wanted to
admit to their heritage but now when we have people like Cathy Freeman and Ernie
Dingo proud Australians who are proud of their heritage .People can stand up for
their rights and teach their children the language or the culture and not be
punished for it, many years ago the government the “authorities” tried to wash
away the people who were here first, believe it or not the “lost generations”
where taken in an effort to breed out the aboriginality in people it didn’t work

Rabbit-Proof Fence

Everlyn Sampi and Tianna Sansbury in The Rabbit Proof Fence

To explain
this further say someone comes up to you one day and says I really like your
hand oh and the arm that goes with it, here’s some bits of paper, I’ll live on
your hand but you can’t touch your hand with any other part of your body ever
again .Would you go yeah sure live on my hand I don’t need it or why are you
trying to buy my hand you cant buy a piece of me as I don’t own it in the first
place I can’t own myself . Then they say well ok then you don’t want that deal
but I still want your hand how about some blankets and some sugar, you like
those oh and sorry but those little tiny parts of you, you cant have those
either I’ll have those and I’m going to have your hand weather you like it or
not. Ok, ok you say you can live on my hand but it’s still a part of me and
connected to me and as I have no permanent housing can you give me that but as I
don’t own anything I wont really care if the house falls down or burns as I will
do as I have done for millions of years, just move, and you will give me another as you have done so many things to me

Sorry about the change in font colours and sizes in this its a re-post from 360 and the html isn't coping to well with the change in blog hosts

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly... January 04, 2006

Hero or Villain

Kelly was he bad or good, was he the merciless killer, who was against all
authority, or a national hero?

are that he was a polite kind man who would do anything for his family. Ned
Kelly was an honest hard working man for most of his life, ring-barking trees to
cut to make houses, breaking in horses, mustering cattle, fencing and perhaps a
little cattle-duffing(not stealing ,just finding strays). Many of the settlers
in the area were small selectors who were at constant war with the big
landowners (the squatters) who, at any time, could call on the forces of law and
order to protect their interests. Is this social war the key to Ned Kelly’s
rebellion against authority?

Kelly Homestead

Was he the victim of a vicious system; a young man
hounded into crime and whose death fell little short of martyrdom. Even in his
own brief lifetime, he became a legend. His sister is buried in the cemetery
here .While Ned’s body has been in different places Old Melbourne Gaol and
Pentridge Cemetery’s

In his official report, Superintendent Nicholson stated
firmly, if injudiciously: “The Kelly gang must be rooted out of the neighborhood
and sent to Pentridge gaol, even on a paltry sentence. This would be a good way
of taking the flashiness out of them”.

1871 became disaster for Ned. He was sentenced to three
years in Pentridge gaol for receiving a “borrowed” mare. The borrower was his
friend Isiah “Wild” Wright, who inexplicably received a sentence of only 18

His mother took in a man named George King who went about
stealing horses, King disappeared after giving Ned 4 more siblings and the
police unable to find King decided to arrest the Kelly boys instead (Ned and
Dan) The trooper who came with the warrant was named Fitzpatrick, he called at a
tavern on his way to Mrs. Kelly's place. He found Dan at home with Mrs. Kelly
and the girls, as well as Will Skillion (Maggie Kelly's husband) and a
neighboring selector. Fitzpatrick made a drunken pass at Kate Kelly. Dan knocked
him down, Fitzpatrick’s gun went off and he cut his wrist. On his way back to
police barracks, Fitzpatrick had some more brandy. He then reported to his
superiors that Dan Kelly had resisted arrest and that Ned had burst into the
room and shot him in the wrist. Even the acting commissioner of police later
admitted Fitzpatrick was “a liar”. But it was too late the Kelly boys went on
the run. For assisting in the attempted murder of a police officer, Judge
Redmond Barry sentenced Skillion and Williamson to six years each, and Mrs.
Kelly herself was sentenced to three years in gaol. Later, Fitzpatrick was to be
discharged by then the damage had been done

The police hunt intensified. In late October 1878,
Sergeant Kennedy, with Constables Lonigan, Scanlon and McIntyre, rode out from
Mansfield. All were heavily armed. On the 25th they made camp at
Stringybark Creek. Making one of his regular reconnoiters; Ned spotted the
police camp and hurried back to raise the alarm believing, quite rightly, that
he and Dan would be shot on sight.
Victoria police
searching for the boys were likely to shoot first. One police officer was quoted
as saying “If I come across Ned Kelly I’ll shoot him like a

“I was compelled to shoot them, or lie down and let them shoot me it would not be wilful murder if they packed our remains in, shattered into a mass of gore to Mansfield, they would have got great praise and credit as well as promotion but I am reconed a horrid brute because I had not been cowardly enough to lie down for them under such trying insults to my people certainly their wives and children are to be pitied but they must remember those men came into the bush with the intention of scattering pieces of me and my brother all over the
from the
Jerilderie Letter Ned Kelly

Of course the shooting of the policemen put an even
higher price on their heads, it went up to 5000 pounds almost 50 years wages for
most people at that time

After the now infamous incident at Glenrowan, where the
police even shot at the women and children who the Kelly’s had bailed up,
killing one child and wounding another, one of the Kelly gang was already dead
and Ned could of escaped into the bush, but he couldn’t his brother and another
of the gang Steve Hart are still in the hotel. Ned came in behind the police
lines wearing the now famous armor, guns ablaze to rescue


The police aimed for his legs the only part unprotected
and then when he had recovered gave him a speedy trial because the Judge wanted
to end the trial before
Melbourne cup day
(1st Tuesday in Nov)

Ned Kelly’s execution was scheduled for Thursday November 11, 1880 — only 13 days after his trial. A massive movement was
launched to save his life; there were huge public meetings, torch-lit marches,
and a deputation to the Governor a petition for Ned’s reprieve from execution. A
reprieve was not to be. Just before
10am on the morning
of November 11, as a crowd of 5,000 gathered outside, Kelly's last words were:
“Arr well, I suppose it has to come to this. Such... (is

“If my lips teach the public that men are made mad by ill treatment then my life will not be entirely thrown away”
- Ned Kelly

So was he a hero or an outlaw?


Friday, July 20, 2007

My Town

My Town....Australiana... August 24, 2006

As I haven't done an Australiana post for a while, in
fact I haven't done a post in a while I thought that this small (not

small there's 8,000 people here that is NOT small) country town where I live
might be interesting. I was going to bore you with details but I wont ,if you
want details you can go to
Wilkepedia or the tourist
information sites
. Shortened, they found gold here ,
Ben Hall was shot near here and buried here so was Ned Kelly's sister (not shot
but buried) both buried about 5 mins walk away from where we live. Yes we live
near the cemetery and yes our neighbors are quiet

Ben Hall's Grave

Kate Kelly's Grave

Buildings of Forbes NSW

The Albion Hotel, once the Cobb and
Co. Coach depot with its coach watch-tower in the centre of the roof
was established in 1869 and rebuilt in 1889. There is an under ground tunnel
leading to a bank that was used for gold transfers.


Sign on inner door of the Post Office
, lady_sign_far.jpg I thought it was funny that it says "gentlemen must be accompanied by
a lady" does that mean men need to be looked after by the women, in case they
get in trouble, like the smaller sign above says "in the company of a
responsible adult" ??. I got caught taking this picture blushing, the bar person came out and asked "can I help you" (weird
woman taking pictures of a sign) whoops should have turned the flash off huh


The Town Hall
Erected in 1891 to
replace the old, humble meeting building of the Municipal Council on the same
site. The cost of the new building was over five thousand pounds. Dame Nellie
Melba performed in the Town Hall in 1909. (Nellie Melba is the person Peach
Melba and Melba toast is named after and the same person who stopped clocks from
striking in Adelaide - see poofy wooly biscuits and clock stoppers)


Town Hall today


Bernardi's Supermarket , the
building on the left is Discount Dave's, I suppose it's our version of Wall

bernadis.jpgyes that's my car yet again.

Ambulance Station

Fire bombed in 2001 the old ambulance
station opposite the Post Office is heritage listed so cannot be demolished , to
the right of the ambulance station is the oldest church in Forbes


Victoria hotel
Hotel Publican's
License issued to Thomas WALSH in 1866. I think the place has been remodeled
slightly since then the black and white thing is a large jazz musicians hat for
the Jazz festival held here every year


Most of the information for this from the Forbes Tourist
guide book and the
Forbes tourist index

Photos taken by
Missy Angel ,yes even the b/w one, I could not find a real photo from
1880's but that's a reasonable photoshop job though isn't it batting eyelashes

Thursday, July 19, 2007


If you visit Australia you may see some of

of course you may need some of this

And a gun

As Australian fauna

Our dog ' Ice '

Can be quite nasty

Cactus on the veranda

Extra Large musical sticks are also used

Didge by the front door

when driving

My car

along long dusty roads

Cemetary roadCemetary road

too hit flora out of trees

Bottle brush

some fauna may even give you the finger
Our Budgie giving the ' finger'

So when it gets dark

sunset over hoist

Visitors go here too hide


Or just too sit and eat

and get away from it all

galahs in flight over cemetary

The photos taken by myself should when rolled over
with your mouse have a name
I hope you get a clearer picture of Australia
from these,
at the moment it's brown grass, big blue skies and heat ...
pretty boring actually

Posted on 360 Wednesday November 22, 2006 for Dana

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