Sunday, December 30, 2007

Two in one .... 31st December 07

As I had two of these they might as well go on the same post

Letter to my body

Dear body,

Where did you go?
My rings don’t fit any more they are loose on your fingers

Jeans fall down for no apparent reason

I had to tighten my bracelet because it kept falling off

The watch that I haven’t worn for ages because the battery was flat now sits halfway up your arm

Where did you go body?
Was once a time when things where tight, those jeans I couldn’t even get up your legs now they fall off

Oh and I am sorry I ran one of your feet over and squashed your toe, even thought it did go a very nice colour combination of purple and blue and the resulting operation did leave a permanent scar at least that foot is thinner than the other one now.
Then there is the hoof print on your right arm, that wasn’t my fault or my horses either and I spose you are lucky that you where wearing the riding helmet, my horse did try to avoid you, that neat tear in the cover of the helmet could have been your head

I’m sorry I splashed you with hot fat, I’m sorry I crack your knuckles, I’m sorry about all the times I’ve cut your fingers while slicing things up with sharp knives

It’s no wonder you have disappeared on me I wouldn’t hang around either

If you want to do this:
Write a letter to your body. Think about it. If you could write your body a letter, what kind of letter would it be? Angry? Happy? Sad? Hopeful? Ladies and men too can join in on this one. Write it up and then post the url here in the comments. I will be writing one too. It can be a narrative, poem, song or anything that you create. Please feel free to pass this along to your friends.

Writers Challenge 10

The dog sat stock still, it nose at the door, tensed ready to spring on command, the officer gave a quick hand command a slight twitch silently telling the dog to stay as she silently opened the door drawing her pistol she had it poised and at the ready as she quickly scanned the room

A bed, a wardrobe, a chair and an old TV covered in dust except for the hand prints on the screen, her eyes quickly focused on the pizza containers the empty cans of beer, ashtrays full. This was the room all right, he had been here question was, was he still here

She knew the dog would find him, another quick command this time to search and the waiting dog sprang into action, sniffing quickly around the room bypassing the left over pizza, a pie crust on the carpet and a tin of beans its contents spilling out, the dog noisily sniffed the room until she came to the window with the curtains drawn typical hotel curtains the ones that never quite meet in the middle

The dog swiftly sat by the curtains its muscles tensed she knew what was behind those curtains and she knew why she was finding it too, she didn’t need any imagination to know what was behind them

What was behind them was the reward, or what she would get when she found something the reward the dog knew the officer had it on her belt, behind the gun holster and the handcuffs that where now on the person behind the curtains, the dog was never concerned about that person just the reward

“It comes, it comes” she thought her eyes bright with anticipation she barked twice, the person now in the handcuffs jumped he looked scared they always did.

“Now” the officer spoke softly withdrawing a bright red rubber ball, squeaking it twice she bounced it high

The dog pounced playing grabbing the ball and running back and offering a play bow to the officer she dropped the ball at her feet

“Enough” the office uttered making the hand signal to stop “we gotta get this guy put away, good dog Janine you got another one”

The dog grinned a big doggy grin “Yep I got the ball again” and fell into the heel position at the officers left side as she led the guy away the dog heard the all too familiar “You have the right too remain silent”

If you want to do this Link here

Friday, November 23, 2007

Ice writes part 4

This is part four of "Ice writes" Ice is a stumpy tail cattle dog of medium size who's never been to dog school, so please excuse her spelling she does try though.

i talk on sizes ...June 25, 2007

somwon ask me how big i am, i not know how big i am i dog i not know about this size thing
all dog same size all dog got 4 leggs an fur an big fierce teefs efen if dey in a jar like Frostys
all dogs same size no little dog or big dog you still all dog
you want pack an food a place to sleep place too run and somethin to chase efen if it in yor dream
i not know size i try to sit on persons lap her lap shrink that wot i recon
i not haf much of tail but somtimes it knock thinks off da table da table shink too i recon one time it be high an me sit unda it now i go unda it i dots to go low so it shrink
my person she tell me she hav a dog like Buddy, like Max who lif next door he name Thunda but he die, she say he stay small like me when i was puppy, thing dey not shrink for him but he still all dog, he try to bite other boy dogs efen da girl dogs, he chace da chooks and bite dem too i say dis Thunda sound a bit naughty but he still a dog he sound like he was all dog big fierce dog but person she say he little dog that not sound right to me he big fierce brave dog i recon
but Thunda he get bit by car i recons cars are big an noisy so you gots to be carefulls with dem you watch outs for the cars i recons dey take you persons away inside of dem and dey bite you too if you not watch so you be barking and biting dem but not if dey move ok
you stay away from da movin cars they bite you dey bite you hard!!

Persons note: Dogs don't know size, Thunder (1989- 1998) was in his head a BIG dog he never tried biting a person but would try and fight any other dog no matter what size, his father was killed fighting an Alsatian, he loved chasing chickens (chooks), that's why I got into dog training to try and help me help him, never did stop him from chicken chasing but the fighting I was able to stop or he would have gone the same way as his father, sadly it was a car that never stopped that killed him I don't think the driver ever saw him.
Thunder who in his heart was as big as a horse was only a little dog, the car just went right over the top of him, he had a small mark on top of his head and that was it he just looked to be sleeping.
He was a dog that like all dogs didn't know size, he was out visiting Curly (his friend) the dog down the street at the time, wasn't supposed to but he was a big brave dog he didn't know that a dog of his size wouldn't be seen by a fast moving car at dusk.
Actually one of the things I've taught all my dogs and that's road crossing, most dogs cross at an angle mine don't they cross straight and look for cars even Thunder who used to go visit Curly all the time would cross straight (less time on the road) and look for cars but unfortunately the car was too fast, it was dusk and he was too small to be seen.

lawn mowa an stick thing .. for July 17, 2007

i not be able to get at puter person she allways on it, i put paw on her she not get off i try get on her lap she still not get off me gots to wait an wait an wait me end up go sleep me wait so long

an when me wake up dere a lawn mowa in da garden i not like lawn mowa i bark at it and you know what person do he spray me with wata from a bottle it not taste so good it taste like what dey call it lemom i think it lemom enyway it not nice wata and dey quirt me when i barks
i only barks to protect person from da lawn mowa and i gets squirted bit unfair i recons
dey gots da long stick thingy as well me think it soppossed to cut da grass like da lawn mowa but it not make da big noise da peoples dey poke it and pull it and it still not make da noise
an me not chew it eifer but me think it broke so in some part of garden da grass is taller than me
Coppa an Frosty dat WAY ova your head you get lost in da grass here me gets lost in it da person she just see my tail stick out it bit mean i recon to throw ballie into grass that bigger than my head so i loose ballie now hahaha i make person get it

Persons Note: Ice I am not getting your ball/s out of the grass you have to wait till the wipper snipper is fixed as its too high for the mower now . I know you don't like either but you will be squirted with lemon spray everytime you bark at them, besides I don't want you trying to bite the whipper snipper when its going that might be rather nasty, so spray it is.

Actually Ice is rather good at fetch, normally if the ball is in the long grass she will find and bring it back but our yard is full of these rather tall weeds they would look like trees to Copper or Frosty and they do need to be done with the "long stick" as Ice calls it only the dang thing won't start will it.
Ballie or "get the ballie" is one of Ices commands that she does know and does well

is a ring kneck dove --- Ice's birdy friends who live outside look like that

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Yahoo launces Kickstart

New from Marketing Pilgrim

Yahoo’s hoping to fill a social networking void with its "preview" launch of Kickstart.

What’s the void?

That big gaping hole between Facebook and LinkedIn. Yahoo wants Kickstart to be a professional network that connects college students, recent graduates, and alumni for business networking and career advancement.

Realizing that Facebook might be a tad too whimsical for that purpose–sheep throwing anyone?–and LinkedIn a too vast–can you introduce me to that person you met once at a conference–Yahoo hopes Kickstart will be useful for anyone hoping to capitalize from their college association.
-- Andy Beal for Marketing Pilgrim

.. here's a link to a sample profile

Obviously I picked someone who works at Yahoo but profile is still blank and basic, the link it's self is the "gobbledegook" link same kind of links as they used for 360 .
You would think though that with Mash and this new universal profile that this Kickstart would be the last thing to come out, its been done in a rush the only schools available are of course in the US and the ONLY reason Yahoo have done this is to compete with Facebook and the decline of membership of Mash and of the Yahoo user base over to a more user friendly, feature packed (compared to Yahoo) Multiply
Someone at Yahoo has gone "quick do something, fast!" and this is their attempt
Its feeble and ill thought out
I haven't had an in depth look at it it yet and couldn't be bothered making a profile on it just to see what features it has but by the looks it has very few and obviously a picture is difficult to upload or set as avatar as quite a few that I looked at didn't have a photo at all vis a vis if you work for Yahoo and can't get photo in your profile its difficult to do.

As one person says in the comments on the MP post "Yahoo got lost in the social network boom "

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Not about sport

I'm in a bitchy mood ... do you want to know nosey buggas of course ya do
My family are idiots, no sense at all they where rude and downright nasty to me made out they where some clone of my ID on Multiply made out it was my fault for being nasty to them, well if someone uses your name and picture on profile with personal info on you and not themselves wouldn't you go WTF , of course I was nasty someone does that to you it makes you feel sick to the stomach.
You know it wouldn't have worried me if they had used their own picture and their own info but noooooo they used mine and its rude disgusting and wrong to use someone else's info and harrass them with it, which is what they did.

Nasty rude comments aimed at my friends on Multiply and MySpace even getting my own daughter to post nasty rude comments aimed at my friends, TG my Multiply friends list is only viewable by my friends or everyone on my list would have been bombarded as well.

You know my nephew is on Multiply and it wouldn't have turned a hair on my head if he had tried to contact me that would have been fine but now after basically harassing me like that they all can get nicked as far as I am concerned, bad enough if some stranger does it but your own family .. its disgusting !

14 readers here on my Blogger page
and it should be 10% that comment what's that? 5 per post?
As I'm getting none at all it ain't worth it any more
I can't work out Wordpress at all or I'd switch over there
*doh* I can transfer I'm not that stupid I do know how to transfer the posts from here to Wordpress its getting them on the right pages I want my poems/stories on there as well but not all in with the posts from here, I don't want them mixed up that's why they are on a different page here on Blogger
I want them on a different page on Wordpress as well even if its a link they have to be on a different page ... so I'm fussy that's how I want it and if I can't do it like that I won't do it at all.
My Wordpress is also putting my posts on Technorati ... like WTF how/why did it do that?
I can't fix up a theme on Wordpress like I have here .. so I want the stars and a bigger font size I said fussy!

But Wordpress tells me who's looked, who's clicked to my page that's how I found out about the Technorati thing my Wordpress is at the moment more private than here ...14 subscribers poooft! and looks like most of my blog hits are from Sucka's Y Pipes .. great actually I don't want to be looked at or read but hey if you are wondering Feedburner tells me which posts get the most hits apparently "my take on soccer" is my most popular post with 86 hits ... now that IS a worry
Anyway as I am not going to post about bloomin sport and my family didn't even bother looking here even though I gave them the link .. as I said they are idiots.

I don't want anyone to read here you can all go away, if I wanted hits and comments I'd be posting on Multiply or 360 .. no scratch the 360 part no one uses it according to Yahoo

I'm not in the best of moods just want to crawl in a hole and die

Ice writes part 3

This is part three of "Ice writes" Ice is a stumpy tail cattle dog of medium size who's never been to dog school, so please excuse her spelling she does try though.

me mate Coppa May 19, 2007

me gots this little mate his name is coppa he a proppa cobba is me mate coppa
he in a bit of trouble doe at the moment he bean a bit naughty well his person say he naughty
he jus been a dog, dogs do dat we doos it in purpuss hahahahaha
is funny to make person make funny face dey get all red and screwed up hehehehehe
see me is da boss here of one person and de other is me pack leader i looks up to her but him hahahaha i do what i wants with him me jump on him, me lick him he do nothing he don shout and say the N word at me the girl person she say da N word she da boss of me
me gots into trobble me upset da rubbish bin i jus laugh at his funny face but the girl person she not happy she not think it funny so i had to go do the lie on da floor thinggy for her and de sad face
coppa mate you gots to have respect for your girl person she da boss ya know she say you do, you gots to hab a pack leader her puppies not da pack leader an you a dog in da pack mate you try to be pack leader you gets into big trouble with the girl person i know it funny it very funny to make her face go funny but you don wan her to have face like that you want her to show teefs the persons not hav tail dey show teefs when they happy
you make person show teefs you make em happy you get whats you want
enny way me muss go and bark at fings now annoy girl person hehehehehe

Persons note: Ice is right dogs need a pack structure and one person must be pack leader, the dreaded N word that she won't say is NO said in a stern voice. The pack leader must be strong and say that N word strong no pandering "oh baby don't do that" but NO and SIT
You have to be the leader or your dog will just jump all over you literally and figuratively, the dog needs a pack structure it's instinctive and someone in that dogs pack must be leader or your dog will be totally unmanageable of course the dog won't care after all it will be the boss of you .
So be strong be the pack leader for your dog
Oh and it works on kids too

G'day ..June 04, 2007

Woof hi

sniff, sniff
Hi mates, see my person she gots da food in the big white box thing, but when I stick my nose in there i gets told off but my food is in dere so i recon i should be able to hav that but my person she say no, i gots to hav my food at the banging on da fence time so i not scare the persons next door when i jump up on da top of da fence is hard chooose that is, jump up and scare peoples or food me take food

Frosty my eyes are brown both of them i know because sometimes there other dog in our house, under the thing called teevee is da clear see through stuff it cover up people food bowls that they neva eat out of i not understand that the peoples got lots of bowls i hav one an i lick it clean they got lots and they dont use dem at all an sometimes dis other dog who people say is me it be there under the teevee and eyes are brown, my person she say that there are other cattle dogs kinda like me that hav one eye different colour but they not da same as me lotsa dogs all different but still dogs i recon
an Frosty you ask why my name Ice when me was very small a baby me was all white colour
see me kinda looked like ice an i know what ice is too it the white stuff that is on the grass in the winta and the stuff that i get food inside in da summa it very cold but is fun to lick and get the food out from da inside of the ice
me not all white lookin now me more silver i say silver coz it sound better than grey an my ears stick up now i not baby now but my name still Ice
my person she say that it was hard to get me to sit still then well what you expect me was a baby

i stay cool it winta here .. June 21, 2007

Staying cool?

see da things in da sky those things send down da wet stuff call rain
it the winta time here I cool all da time cept when I get to go inside den the scarywarm thing is there I not like that very much it make da noises dat I don like but no cold win blow in da house an no rain fall from da sky on me I try catch the rain but it very had to catch dat water is very fast so I bark at it da rain should go slower I recon

If me get tooo wet then I not come inside coz girl person don’ like me make artwork on da floor with my feet she say me should wipe my feet on da furmat by da door but me not do that dogs not wipe feet that silly cept wipe feet on person now dat funny

If I not ery wet I go inside an go under da desk or on da bed with the big furry man person he my toy I like too play wiff him sometimes he ly on da bed an I go ly next to him he very warm an cozy

If i can i stay inside a lot in da winta but I not mind de outside dere lotsa scary noises outside an sometimes big hard rain fall an I try catch that too but girl person she bring me inside spoil my fun she say i get hurt try too catch the big hard rain that like me it ice but i not get hurt i tough

Persons note: Ice is scared of a lot of things the heater, noises from the cemetery (tractors moving soil), footballs against the fence, riding in the car, the car starting and lawnmowers and thunder even in the house she has to be on the lead but she does get treats every time the thunder booms and she sits still and doesn’t bark. Not being so scared is an on going thing with Ice even a click from the heater will have her so scared she won’t even come in the room.
Being scared is part of why she barks, flight or fight she’s tough and chooses fight or bark at the noise
Ice can jump 6 feet into the air (that’s 2x her height) with a run up and at least 4 foot straight up if I don’t bring her inside when there is a thunderstorm it looks like the whole back yard is a trampoline we should have called her Tigger because she does love to bounce and jump

Friday, November 2, 2007

Ice writes part 2

This is part two of "Ice writes" Ice is a stumpy tail cattle dog of medium size who's never been to dog school, so please excuse her spelling she does try though.

Coat? No way.. March 28, 2007

Hey woof

See that , that is picture of Linda my girl person talks of Linda how smart Linda is, Linda went to dog school and won prizes I not have any prizes I not go to school eifer that why me not write so good
Me is big dog I come up to knee Linda only half size of me she small hehehehe
she get wet on the belly when it rain hahaha I not get wet only paws get wet I not have to wear coat eifer Linda wear coat and my girl person tell me Linda have red nitted sweata
Dog look funny in sweata hahaha

Ok Ice you've been typing for an hour thats enough you can type more later ok
Linda lives in South Australia with her own girl, a rescue dog from the Animal Welfare League she's 7 now but when she first arrived she was only 4 months old and half the size that a 4 month old Mini Fox Terrier X should be I think she only weighed 2kg and should have been 4kg even still she was allmost the same size as Thunder the Mini Foxi that had been hit by a car about 2 months before, Thunder was tiny his coat was too small for her.
Linda has some Dashound and is long and tall compared to Thunder who was short and stocky like a Fox Terrier should be.
Both dogs got wet bellies when it rained and neither would go out even into the backyard in the winter without coat . When Linda did her dog school on Saturday mornings she wore both a sweater and a coat in the winter time otherwize there would just be a shivering lump of tiny dog not a bright obedient attentive student sat there with all the other dogs

Poor Ice there isn't a dog training school anywhere near here but I think she's trying to teach Lyon the lion a few things

That a very big dog ... April 06, 2007

See dat ?
I saw one of doez things last week, think it a dog but it a verrry big dog it saw me and it run around a bit then come closa to me it not smell like a dog and it tall as my person but it have 4 legs like me an it have a long tail I not have long tail but I noe other dogs have long tail
I want to go unda da fence and run with it as that look like lots of fun but my person she say no, she say it house? no horse it not be house coz it don't look like I can get in it beside it not have a door and house not have 4 legs eifer that silly
I bark at it only once tho coz my person she say not to, she say I scare it now that even sillier how I scare that it way bigga than me, my person she is silly

I not noe much of these things called horses and cows my person she say dogs like me they help wid the cows and people sit on the horse my person silly those things big how little dog help with cow? Why person sit on this horse ?
peoples are strange but is ok they haf food an as long as dey haf food is ok wif me

I still not know what dis horse animal is not really

keeef .. April 09, 2007

me took my peoples to go see keeef he not come round here to my house for long time so we go see him, keef a bit scary but me like keeef he ok for a person who don't give me food
keeef look funny now he haf 4 legs now he haf two legs that are bright and shiny and he haf one that is verry smooth an one that look like normal persons leg
keeef have a chair that have big wheeels on the side too and when he sit on it he only have one leg keeef very clever now he can put 3 legs away me not be able to do that

my person she tell me that keeef have dis thing called diabeties and he not really have 4 legs he really haf only 1 leg now and his other leg is gone but peoples they not like dogs if a dog loose a leg they haf 3 more but peoples they fall ova so keeef has to have some extra legs to help him stand up so now me like keef a bit more he a littel bit like a person but bit like a dog too

Persons note: Ice liked Keith before, she used to try and jump all over him like she does with everyone but she was a little bit scared of his crutches so she just sat down and looked at him. Poor dog hasn't seen him in months she was little confused about him I think she thought he had grown extra legs
He lost his leg just under the knee 8 months ago due to diabetic complications and has only just this last couple of weeks started walking around on "4 legs" as Ice says, it's fantastic to see him up and about again

Monday, October 29, 2007

Ice writes part 1

This is part one of "Ice writes" Ice is a stumpy tail cattle dog of medium size who's never been to dog school, so please excuse her spelling she does try though.

My silly person made me a Canada 360 page I don't live in canada there are mice or is that mooses there I don't like mooses. I like flies like catch a fly one day but they allways too fast
I can catch the washing though can you see me thats me next to the lion he liek one of those cat things but he do not move I hide next to lion and get washing off clothes line when girl person not looking she get mad but I get it though washing much easier to catch than fly
I like people when they have food no cabbage that silly I like bones an dogg food and egg
I like to make noises my person tell me I snore I not snore he does when he snore I lick his elbows
Ah yes elbows I love elbows he not have to be snoring for me to lick his elbows me love elbows, did I say I liked elbows?
I not like cars though they too noisy for me big noisys and my peoples they get in the car and go away but not take me that good coz cars are scary and no where to hide in them I do not like it when they goes in the car coz the car scares me
I do not like the big noises the sky make either it make big noise and make light sometimes so I go inside then and go under girl person who give me food I go under her desk sometimes I try to sit on her lap still like when i was little puppy but I a bit big now
I like to dig holes one day I dig to china and go laugh at little dogs that live there

Ice go now person got food and maybe play with toy I show you toy later not today

Ice talks about Human training .. March 25, 2007

Human training tips

Human training can be slightly difficult sometimes, the smaller humans are easy to train they can be trained to carry food very easily and most always have a biscuit or a cookie in their paws, said biscuit or cookie will most times be given to you voluntarily on the part of the smaller human, just get close enough and they will give it to you. The larger human is lightly harder to train for this you must do tricks for them at least they will think you are doing tricks for them in fact they are performing for you.

Look them in eyes make the sad face and your human will perform for you

They can be trained to open cans, get out the walking leach so you can take them for a walk even produce feet and elbows to lick

So dogs of the world get out your trained human and get them to press down on the bumpy thing in front of the small television they like to sit at so much and get them to do the thing they call typing, sit on thier feet or lap till they get it right

Thursday, October 25, 2007

360 Superstars ... April 20, 2007

360 Superstars ... April 20, 2007

I've been at this ALL day phew

good thing I already had some saved

Remember you can click on the images and grab yours from the slideshow as they come up


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jerry Yang ..On Yahoo

Found this post on Web Pro News about Yahoo
Yahoo - It's Not Easy Being Yang
It talks about Yahoo

making several acquisitions in the space, such as Delicious and Upcoming. They lack a single strategy of melding the best of the technologies they own into something -- it's easy enough to identify what Yahoo, and Yang, needs to do. They have a lot of pieces that need to be connected together, in a way that people can use them effectively from one interface.”

Jerry Yang Mentions Facebook, Yahoo Pipes and Delicious
And that post links to other places
Namely this one where it quotes Jerry Yang as saying

Earlier this year it felt like it was, in my own words, either now or never," he said. "I feel some urgency for what Yahoo has to do and we have some challenges...It feels like forever but it's also gone by very fast." Fostering Yahoo's start-up and customer-centric culture is critical for the company's future, according to Yang. "When things are going great you want to feel like you belong to something, and when things are not going great the (company) identity can help you get through it. --Social media is growing in importance and Yahoo has Yahoo Answers and Flickr, two of the largest social environments on the Web, he said."

Jerry Yang of course who co-founded the company in 1994 and was promoted to the top job in June does not mention 360° at all it’s like it doesn’t even exist
He mentions Facebook, Bebo and MySpace but not 360° Yahoo’s own social network?

“Social media is growing in importance and Yahoo has Yahoo Answers and Flickr, two of the largest social environments on the Web, he said

No wonder Yahoo users are leaving for sites like Multiply (stand alone company not owned by Google by the way) if the CEO of Yahoo has forgotten all about 360° and doesn’t even mention it even in passing well what hope is there for 360°?
What hope have we even got for this new thing?

All in all to quote Jerry Yang himself “"We are embracing the change."”
Change is good and as it looks like Yahoo don’t even remember what 360° is and was designed for (all encompassing profile to link to other things eg: circle or 360° degrees)
I for one will change even if they can forget all about 360° I can’t 2+ years is a lot of time a lot of time to just dump and forget
I will change will morph into some other site possibly Blogger and Multiply I will do as I’ve done for the last few years, help you my friends out where ever possible because that’s what I do but loosing 360° has hurt me a lot I’m only going to help those I know, if I do any Multiply tutorials they will be “friends only”

Lastly I have a question for Jerry Yang
What are the 4.7 million users of Yahoo! 360° ? Swiss cheese?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Expansion Pack Available now

Now available the Bloggers Anonymous Expansion Pack
One that you are welcome to look around, play in or post in.

I've copied all that is available on the Bloggers Anonymous website and the Bloggers Anonymous 360 page to a Blogger blog, the website was always awful to load anyway and the 360 page needed to be backed up so now they are both together on the one blog.
Bloggers Anonymous still loves 360 after all that is our home but with a Blogger it can reach a wider audience, comments can be anonymous and the blog can have other authors as long as they have a Blogger account
Bloggers Anonymous is not leaving 360 just expanding there are no other Bloggers Anonymous's around our 360 Bloggers Anonymous is the only site/blog/group dedicated to those with a blogging addiction others have written about blogging as an addiction but there are no other Bloggers Anonymous sites that do what we do, there where but most are defunct now.
We found with the advent of Mash more people wanted to join our group who didn't blog on 360 anymore plus with those who have left 360 (pre-360 product blog post) whom we want back, an expansion is a good idea for Bloggers Anonymous.

Again Bloggers Anonymous is NOT leaving 360 just expanding, we just built a new extension on our little BA house to fit in all the new family members in our little family is all

Join Bloggers Anonymous the Y Group

What is plural of Bloggers Anonymous any way? Is it bloggers anonymous's or bloggers anonymi? And why did I make a group that had such a difficult name?

Monday, October 22, 2007

How to add stuff to your Blogger 2

Comments Feed thingy
On Wordpress its a module that you can add but on Blogger you have to add them a different way and if you have a Google reader its fairly easy
Add the feed for comments into your Google reader the link will be like this
obviously you change the site name for yours so Dana's comment feed would be
Your site address with /feeds/comments/default on the end
Change the name of the subscription to "comments for" so you don't get confuddled with the blog feed, make sure its in a public folder or blog or the feed it won't work.

Click on the Manage Subscriptions link, tick the box for comments feed you just added, tick the "add clip to your site" link and a pop up box will appear.
This is the fun part where you choose what colours and what title you want, then you can click the "add to Blogger" link and have Blogger add the code for you or do it yourself (copy paste into a html module on your page)

Bit of a mess around but once you have done it its done and your recent comments will appear on your Blogger blog.
Don't ask me how you can do it if you use something else I'm assuming you can use YPipes or use Feedburner to do the same thing .... a feed is a feed comments or blog.

Update: If you want an easy way click add page element>> add feed
I can't see "add page element" on Firefox so forgot you could do that .... **DoH**

Quick Comments
I had a look on the Blogger Help pages and found a couple of different things that you can use
First one is guestbooks but like any webpage they should be on a different page
The other is called a Tagboard of course like the Guestbooks you need to sign up in order to get the code but once you have you can grab the code for the box like I have on the right, had to put it on the right as it got squished on the left (template issue) The one I'm using there is called Tag its fairly simple and if you know a little HTML you can change it around a bit, like the "TAG" button you can change that to say "post" if you wanted to. It's free of course (you know me its gotta be free) but you can pay and get IP banning etc.
Of course if you get the free one you might get some numbnuts decide they want to play on it so all you do is log in to TagBoard and re-do it, think re-pasting code will do the same but if it does clear it I can't test it don't want to clear mine yet.

Of course you can use a TagBoard on any site where you can put it, MySpace profiles for instance but remember it is PUBLIC and anyone can post on it.

You can have others post on your page, great for a blog like Bloggers Anonymous or if you want to set up a writers page or post on a cooking page like Tastebuds
All you need to do is go into your Blogger permissions page and add an author, you will need an email address for them. Blogger will send them an email asking if they want to be an author and they say yes or no.
You can even grant them admin privileges after they say yes so they can add things to the page other than posting blogs.
The blog will come up on their Blogger profile with their name as an author, some pages have a pile of authors
If you want to be included as an author and you haven't been asked ask! Don't ask don't get! Just don't forget your email address you can't get permission without it and of course you have to have a Blogger account don't have to have a blog just an account.

looks like this when you have a few authors (emails blanked out for privacy)

On 360 all your tags have to be-one-word or one_word you can't put spaces or Capitals here you can, you can tag your posts as My Dog, Base Ball Heroes or By the Sea, you can also go into your list of posts and tag all of them at once or 10 at a time, so say you posted a pile of old 360 posts here on Blogger go into your list of posts and tick the boxes for them (draft OR posted doesn't matter) and label them "posts from 360" and Blogger will tag them all at once! No more lost posts because you forgot to tag em and no more silly looking tags. As you might notice I'm so used to doing my tags the 360 way most of mine are-like-this LoL old habits die hard.
Of course if you blog on Wordpress it will make you a cloud, Blogger doesn't do that and I missed my tag cloud so much I found a site that makes em and put one on my Blogger but it was a pain a BIG pain to do (it should be at the bottom of this page)

Ok that's it I think ...flippin hope so anyway
Bloggers Anonymous has some other sites that may help you with your Blogger page and any other web site for that matter and a few more things to help with blogging in general have been added to Chronicknightmare

Saturday, October 20, 2007

How to use Blogger for ex360 peeps

A few people are very new to Blogger and it can be tricky after using 360 for so long its not that its difficult just different
Here are a couple of things that may help with keeping in touch with your friends on 360 and adding a few things to your page

Log in to your Blogger dashboard, you will see a few things there possibly not as many as this yet but the "edit profile" and "layout" options will be there for your own blog page
To edit your Blogger profile click umm "edit profile" fairly simple that one hehehe
And for the look of your page and to add things to your template click "Layout"

Click Layout then Template the page elements page will come up, yours will look a lot neater than mine though

Click on edit links to place your friends blog page URL or any other URL in your links section on the side of your Blogger page, you may have to activate or add a links section do that by clicking "add page element"

Add your picture with a URL , which means the picture must be on Photobucket or Flickr

To subscribe click on one of the "add too" buttons on a friends page or the "Atom" link at the bottom of the page

Or If you use Firefox click the RSS button on the toolbar

The blogs you have subscribed to will them come up in your reader I use Google but you can use your My Yahoo or any other feed reader you want
You can also paste a link in where it says "add subscription" to get updates from your friends pages

Oh and if you want those fancy tiny buttons and the "how many are subscribed" clicklet go to Feedburner make an account put your RSS feed in for your blog (the Atom one at the bottom) and you can make the fancy animated feed readers and grab the little "add me" buttons Feedburner gives you all the codes, in fact it can even add them to your blog page for you

This is a fairly simple "How too" on using Blogger if you have any questions ask,
I might even do another one like date change wait that's easy click "Post options" and change the date of posting(month/day/year) that way if you bring over any posts from 360 you can post them on the original post date

Lawn mower man

Wednesday afternoon, I'm in here the furry one is in the dining room sweating over a hot motherboard well ok not sweating as his cousin the one "who knows all" won't let him get anywhere near it, so he's sweating off to the side
And we hear the sound of a lawn mower, now I think to myself that mower is awfully close to our place must be the "I have my sprinklers on 24/7" next door neighbour , sprinklers are always on so he's always mowing, so I take a quick squiz out the window and I'm like "what the!" half OUR lawn is mowed and there's the guy who lives next door to "sprinklers on 24/7" mowing our lawn.
He's like "oh hope I'm not in trouble or anything but I was bored your lawn needed mowing so I just started on it" I didn't quite know what to say, I mean here we are two lawn mowers neither start, five of the "long sticks dat sopposed ta make da noises" as Ice calls them not one of them can be started either so our front lawn looks like someone's hayfield and it got mowed not by us but by the lawn mower man with a normal mower not a ride on the picture is for fun
Apparently he walks down the street and mows other lawns as well
He mowed our lawn ... mowed our lawn!
Of course now it looks like it needs to be raked up and turned into bales but heck he mowed our lawn!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

April 07 ..MySpace most popular

April 07 ..MySpace most popular

Current mood:

Category: MySpace

I'm not sure how this happened

Number 718 out of 1150 in the MySpace category big grin


What's the easiest way to stick my Blogger pages on my Wordpress?
If I try to load them up onto it they all go on the same page and of course me being me I don't want them on the same page all mixed up I want them on different pages with the little neat tabs at the top of the main page
I asked here and well the answers didn't help at all, I do know the difference between a page and a post I'm not quite that stupid, confused yes and I may look like an idiot sometimes but I ain't that dumb.
I've got these pages on Blogger
This one Missinterupted the one you are on now
Missys Shorts for my short stories and bad poetry
Tastebuds - food blog with different authors
Bloggers Anonymous - new Blogger blog, still working on it (will have co-authors and feeds when finished)
Photoshopping Challenge - not used now but if anyone wants to be co-author I can set it up

Would it be easier to just put links down the side?
Can I put an outside link in one of those "extra page" tabs like Phil has done? How do I do that?
Remember I'm a Wordpress newb I find the whole thing very confusing that's why I haven't done much on it.
I can do HTML easy enough links are easy I didn't bother with filling in the blog roll one at a time on Wordpress I just did the links in HTML like I've done here,see the scroll box? its cool huh, the scroll wouldn't work on Wordpress but the links did and that's the important part.

So in simple terms for a person who is constantly interrupted (300 times while typing this) how do I get those "extra pages" on Wordpress too 1. have what I want on them and 2. if possible get them to go to an outside page?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Facebook Stepping Up AntiPerv Efforts

I've talked about Facebook before and the fact that it is a site aimed at the young so therefore will have predators joining, just like paedophiles hang around school playgrounds because that's where the children are.
The good news is that Facebook is stepping up its efforts to control the online predators, mainly because they have been told they have too.

From Web Pro News
"Three weeks ago, the New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced he was subpoenaing Facebook to learn how the social networking site dealt with users who were reported for sexually soliciting underage users. The notice came after New York conducted an undercover operation posing as teenagers on the site and reporting the illicit advances that adults made on their profiles."

With the new plan, Facebook will place user complaints about “nudity, pornography, harassment, (and) unwelcome contact” into a high-priority category that will require a response from the site within 24 hours. “We’re committing to a 24-hour service level on addressing those complaints,” Kelly asserted. These complaints can be filed anonymously through new links throughout Facebook’s site.

Some language on the site will also be altered to make it clear to concerned parents that neither Facebook nor any other site on the Internet is wholly safe for children."

Of course Facebook isn't the only place where predators hang out, they are on other sites as well but most of those would if you made a complaint do something about it, Facebook wasn't doing anything and now it is which of course is a good thing .

sore finger a continum

so anyway I've just posted over on threesixty about its demise, closure, end, death ...what did they call it?? Transition yeah that's right transition more like "oh poo we F'ed up some people actually use this thing we had better do something, giving them a new toy called Mash wasn't enough"
Tell you what though it would have been one heck of a lot easier if we could transfer blogs over to Blogger, Multiply even **shock** MySpace at the push of a button NOW because I for one wasn't waiting for the inevitable Yahoo stuff up
"whoops sorry 999 error all your posts have gone forever" ..yes I know that rhymes
so does "Its not you it's Yahoo"
Its not my fault that on one Yahoo ID my 360 keeps popping back out to "invites from everyone" or on another I can't edit Quick Comment settings, not my fault that mail arrives (alerts and 360 mail) a month late, not my fault that 360 eats posts and not my fault that Yahoo left 360 to rot for a year so totally not my problem

It does sadden me though that my group that I've spent a year growing is now almost useless unless I can get members from "other" blog places in it, it saddens me that a fantastic Y Group with over 2000+ members made specially for 360 is now also useless I mean what do you do with a 360 group when there isn't a 360 anymore??

Ya know I could deactivate my Y ID's LoL that would grab em by the yballs I've got a few of em ya know ...just a few hundred!
Google has better search options, better RSS reader, Blogger is great to blog on.
Multiply is growing fast ...with X360 users!
MySpace has a great IM service and even has mobile phone stuff now
Freewebs is much easier to use than Geocities

Yahoo is all over it really is who knows what Yahoo have/has/had ... anyone know what Y Pipes is? It doesn't even show here but I found this ... think its RSS feeds ... I think who knows Yahoo even know they have it????
Possibly not they totally forgot about 360 so maybe this Y Pipes is the same

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

my finger is sore now...

Think I've finished now, yes my finger is sore from all that copy pasting
The old 360 entries are tagged (umm derr ) 360 POSTS OLD and the MySpace ones are MY SPACE OLD
It now looks like I've had my Blogger since 05' which of course is a big cheat, those are just older 360 posts back posted on to the date of original posting, think a couple of those are MySpace ones as I've had that since 05'
Note: if you have a MySpace don't try going through old posts the archiving is terrible and you will be looking at 5 posts per page clicking "older" over and over again. Lucky most of mine there where re-posts anyway but I did find a couple that where MySpace composed only, that I'd never saved at all, those have been posted here.

I now have (under sufferance) a Multiply which isn't too bad was fairly easy to find code to do the background in CSS but I don't really like the privacy settings there is no friend of friend or "friends only" setting that I can find so everyone connected to you in anyway sees your updates. One plus though it does have a reasonable system of grabbing blog posts from another site (not 360) and posting them on Multiply, it did want to post ALL of my posts from ALL of my Blogger blogs ( I have 4) and cross post I post on Blogger it posts there as well which I didn't want but it did post the ones that I wanted there so that worked. There is also a "I used to be on 360" group set up for bloggers kinda like BA . Think Multiply could be interesting actually ..... and umm miss red where would you like that wet noodle?

Also **shock horror** I've got a Wordpress it tells me who has subscribed, when peeps looked and when, I can have another page on it and well loads of stuff that I haven't quite figured out yet, like if I have more than one page how do I know which one I'm posting on? Its different to Blogger , the dashboard doesn't have "my 1st blog" and "my 2nd blog" or "poems" and "tastebuds" like Blogger does . So I haven't really posted on it as I don't really know which page that post is going to end up on
I would make a new page for my poems/short stories and transfer them but I'd quite possibly get all muddled and stick them on the wrong page. I also of course want my stars background same as I've got on Mash, MySpace and Blogger on my Wordpress but as I have no idea how to do CSS its staying like it is, I find Wordpress very confusing and CSS even more so.

So anyway I've grabbed all of my 360 posts worth posting ( 6 posts still to be posted) and stuck them on Blogger and yes if you look I've mucked it up told you I can't do CSS the Blogger navigation bar has disappeared as well as the whole page being too wide oh well at least you can read it

Oh and has anyone got any good finger exercises?? .....LoL I know what you are going to say for that one

Update: Of course Wordpress and Multiply are confusing I've been using 360 since 05' EVERYTHING is confusing after 360 its so easy to use ...when it works of course

Friday, October 12, 2007

its 1am

1am and I can't sleep, too hot ...too bloomin hot and it's only October don't know what its going to be like in another month 40+ in here, well ok not in here the air-con is in here (have to keep the computers cool) but the rest of the house will be like an oven
Last year I went into the kitchen and it was 50 degrees in there that's around 105 in the other measurement and NO the oven was not on, didn't need to be I could have cooked on the floor not that I would cook on the floor but you know what I mean...get off my floor is clean the dog eats off it all the time so it must be clean enough to eat off ... What the dog finds on the floor worth eating is beyond me I can't see anything and she's licking the floor, maybe its phantom food?
Speaking of the dog, had to have it inside because of thunder storms she hates them goes nuts over the thunder, anyway I bring her inside and she's doing the alternate steam train , drink, steam train, drink thing and dribbling water all over the floor always wondered why her water goes down so fast she spills most of it, of course inside its all over the floor isn't it and then she's walking in the puddles only washed the floor yesterday and so now I gotta do it all again. Only I wash the floor after the dog is back outside well the dog is supposed to back out only she wont, daytime yes she will I say "outside" she is at the door waiting for me too push down the handle so she can nose the door open but night time no way I say "outside" she hides, here's this too big to sit on your lap dog (she's a "medium") hiding under my desk so I'm going "come" with treats and she's on her back I get her up and she scoots up on the bed and hides behind him thinking we can't see her as the light is off.
She does it every time she is inside at night, when its time to go out she hides anyone would think I wack her one or something the way she behaves, I literally have to entice her to the door with treats, she only does it at night day time is fine .... we have a dog that is scared of the dark maybe ? I have no idea.

Actually Ice (that's the dog) has her own 360 page think I'll grab her posts as well and post them here, she don't spell very well after all she is a dog but a couple of the posts are interesting reading well that's what she tells me anyway ....... of course I wrote them dah the dog can't type, even though she does try to sit on my lap while I type, tries is the operative word here, she can't actually sit on my lap she is way too big for that, I keep telling her that she's too big but she don't believe me as dogs don't know size (Ice talks about size on her blog and as I'm going to put them here I'll leave the size thing for now) No I am not making another blogger page up for the bloomin dog, could but I won't can't be bothered.

Anyway what was I doing? Watching my fish on Mash ..yes its that boring over there, posting a very "nice" suggestion on the Mash suggestion board, yes I can be nice sometimes thank you very much. Sticking some more downloads on Chronick, you might like those S I've stuck some Fonts in, do some more soon and Tazster is putting a pile of Rapidshare links up in the forum section she's crazy I swear LoL. If you want anything ask you know me I'll find it and if I can't the big furry one will NO not the dog the snoring furry thing that's sleeping atm...still sounds like he is a dog oh well you know who I mean .
Changed the blurb on BA to say "all bloggers" not just 360 bloggers well I blog here don't I ? Besides you look up Bloggers Anonymous on Google all the other BA sites are dead including the Blogger one.
What else have I done today apart from re-wash the floor ? No idea ?? Oh yeah I know something I'm going to do and that is ....wait for it ........ sleep yeah that's it sleep well hope so anyway.
Oh and please tell me if I post too fast for you or too slow I can do more ya know, you know me I can go hard wait that sounds rude ...I know I know go to bed you sleep blogging again ..hmm I know someone else who sleep blogs wonder who that is ???

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Twilight Zone

A three sixty re-post ..starting with this one as its most recent

You are in the Mall and you want to know where the canned beans are so you go to the ‘canned goods’ office and knock on the door but there is no answer there, the door seems to be locked a huge mark in the door above the handle suggests that quite a few others have been knocking on the same door, a pile of letters and notices are shoved under the door some date back months, post-it notes of all different colours cover it saying “When are you going to come back?” It looks like you aren’t going to get any information about canned goods today.
Next door to the ‘canned goods’ office the ‘vegetable section’ the door is open, the phone is ringing hot, quite a few other people are in there asking questions about vegetables, so you find someone thinking they all work for the Mall they should be able to answer my question

and you ask them ‘the canned goods office is closed can I get help please’ but they turn their back on you and walk away, so you ask again this time with another person, they too walk away, you try another and another every single one turns away.
So you start yelling “I need some help here”, you stamp your feet, pick a stapler up from a desk and throw it at the wall the crash makes a few look around but they only pick up phones and call security, the security guard hauls you away and shoves you out of the back door of the Mall you land on a pile of others all muttering “I only wanted a question answered”

Meanwhile the canned goods staff who where hiding in the back of the vegetable section all start giggling and one says to the other “there goes another one, you think if we hide here long enough they will forget all about canned goods altogether”

Another stifles a laugh saying “maybe we should put up a big sign on our door, telling them not to annoy the vegetable section” and the first one says “No that would be so mean, they might think we are still in there …oh come on lets do it”
So the canned goods department wait till no customers are around grab a big black marker and write “Do not ask the vegetable section” on the door, they don’t even bother to tear down the post it notes just write over them, they then wait at the back of the vegetable department watching on the Mall closed circuit camera system as a line forms outside the canned goods section

The laughing could be heard for miles

Next 16 posts you might have seen before

Just been on my three sixty yes the "thing" arrgh anyway been over there and grabbed a few posts, well you never know do you ?
The rest can stay and as I've already posted all my poems and short stories on Missy's Shorts (one to go found one I'd missed)
The rest are all rubbish and not worth a re-post , not bad is it out of all that lot only 30 or so worth a repost...don't know why I bothered in the first place.
Most of the re-posts will have the dates of the original post time, think I've missed a couple of dates but that's me though, they will say re-post on the bottoms and are all tagged as such so they aren't confuddled with other posts
Anyway as I'm getting interrupted yet again and can't bloomin well think I'll just post this post for now the rest will be posted one per day for the next 16 days me a rest and means I don't have to think ..arrrghh what I'm typing here ...I swear he sees my hands on a key board and it's "blah blah blah" gotta go grrrrr

so vain -- 360 re-post

You are so vain

Red7 writes this “Do you not think we can't see you commenting again on mutual friends blogs?” Well its not so much that you see them commenting but it’s the ones that totally ignore you those are the ones that peeve me, I mean you comment first on a blog they comment after you what they blogblind or something they didn’t see you ?

Then of course there are the friend stealers, someone sees you with certain friends and they go out of their way to steal them off you, I’ve seen it happen almost like its “I’m a much better friend than they are, look I can post 10 comments to you I pay you more attention, have me instead of stinky old them, delete them you don’t want them”

Those people aggravate me I feel like saying here have my flipping friends take them you want them so bad take them!

I’m not talking about the pigs of 360° either the ones that really you do not want on your list and you don’t want them on your friends lists either, you know the ones the ones who make the bile come up when you see a comment from them on a friends page but what can you do you can’t tell people who to have as a friend.

If I deleted everyone who had a certain person on their list who I don’t like I wouldn’t have anyone left but of course that’s probably what they want me to do

This song is for them

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

what do you know..

what do you know about me?
Did you know I should have a 24 year old son/daughter? They would have turned 24 in August, I lost them after Ash Wednesday (see below)
Should have a 5 year old too but thanks to my x husband I do not
Did you know I had a lump removed from my right breast when I was 17? Size of a golf ball, it wasn't cancerous but afterwards I ended up in hospital again with a skin rash would you believe caused by the bandages ..I'm allergic to a adhesive bandage named Leukoplast.
Did you know I rolled my mothers car when I was 18 ? Wore a neck brace for six weeks and have had back and neck problems ever since, its the cause of my headaches.
Did you know I'm an Ash Wednesday survivor? The fire completely surrounded us, we drove through flames and smoke that day, our house was saved only because it was surrounded on two sides by roads and the other two sides by orchards with the sprinklers going

When I was 4 I fell asleep at church youth group I'd gone with my brother and sister (teenagers at the time) and my cousin who is one month older than me I was supposed to go home with my cousin but I fell asleep instead. I woke up at the door of my parents house after being driven home by the priest, I knew youth group hadn't finished because of the time, I could tell because of the TV and what was showing on it.
I also remember arguing with my parents as they said that youth group had finished and that's why the priest brought me home. I was four years old and should have been brought home by my aunt with my cousin (my brother and sister where teenagers they got to stay longer) but I didn't I was brought home by the priest.
I can remember the back seat of the car, the vinyl was cold. I can remember seeing myself at the door next to the priest like I was looking out of the house, I dream it, re live it go through everything have done since I was four years old.
I haven't ever fallen asleep like that since, I can only sleep if I'm wrapped up and feel safe I'm always last to go to bed I find it difficult go to sleep if someone else is awake
This particular thing has been following me around since I was four years old and you wonder why I startle so easily.

These particular things I have never blogged about before, these are things that you didn't know and now you do

Try this ...

Want to try something different?
Try this its called a Forum its like a blog, you create an account and post on what's called a Forum board, other members can answer you or you can answer their posts
Easy and FREE! .. I love free LoL

click that button it will take you there but that is just the main or Home page visit the forums and you can post your link to your site to get more visitors (or submit your link for Home page inclusion.. ) you can even post a whole blog post in the Forums if you want, it even has its own downloads section ..get the "sexy men wallpapers" or "Selteco Bannershop" (the button was made on that) or download from Rapidshare via links posted by other members
There are even Yahoo News, Blogging and 360 sections in the Forums
We welcome any thoughts you might have about our forum too, post here if you want or be very brave and do something that you may not have done before and post on a Forum ...just try it, it doesn't hurt to try.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Oh and I sometimes swear ...

I know I know , the template isn't right but at least its readable (except for links on the left)
I'll fix it later and TRY to fix the width as well just can't find where its going wide
I do my own templates will NOT buy them as I'm smart enough to make my own and even if I do stuff it up a little it doesn't matter as that is MY stuff up if I do it wrong I can fix it, I will not pay someone to do something that I can do myself

Oh you know what I think I've been blocked from a Word Press blog LoL I think its funny fucking hi blooody larious funny! If I have been blocked which it looks like I have ...what am I not good enough to read what you have to say??? LoL PMSL ...snootiness that's all that is. Oh well their loss not mine

That's one thing I will not do and that's suck up to people to make friends wont make out I'm better than anyone else, I tell it like it is don't like the truth you don't have to listen but I will tell you..... that's the way I am

Money, fame or a high IQ does not buy you happiness or friends it buys you leechers and that's all it gets you, most people are just themselves and most have nothing.

That is one thing that I am not and that is up myself sarcastic yes, straight to the point yes, forgetful yes, bad speller, terrible with grammar but I am never ever any better than anyone else!

Besides I was only reading the blog because the "person" happens to write very well even if she is slightly snooty she does write well and believe it or not I can be nice I was visiting and commenting to be nice not only to her but to others as well but hey who cares if I'm blocked from reading .....she wasn't all that good I've read better and can still read better blogs than hers

Sunday, October 7, 2007

been thinkin

I know shouldn't think rots your brain

Anyway been thinking that my Blogger template is boring sooooo I've been looking at a 3 column template got a couple to play with but knowing me I'll stuff up the lot or lose things like I did last time ..shouldn't start working on templates at 3am huh? Anyhoo hopefully it will be the same (have to keep the stars) but 3 columns , should make things easier to read down the sides as there is a tiny little bit of stuff there ..just a bit .
I'll have to do it on IE too as Blogger doesn't like Firefox I can edit modules but not move or make new ones, have the same problem on MySpace can't use the new profile editor not that it worries me I'm used to editing in HTML mode but if I use IE 1. I can't comment on Blogger blogs with the popup box for comments, 2. IE doesn't have a spell checker or an add blocker ...for some strange reason I typed ass blocker then (d is next to s )
I am a nut LoL

Oh spose you want the sites I got the templates from? arrgh umm whoops you gotta Google em up type in " 3 column blogger template " they have word press ones too

Oh anyone want 360 Angel ? The way Yahoo is going umm no you don't can't even give the dang ID away as its no good having it as a 360 tutorial page is it? No kidding though I've got lets see six 360 pages ..I think ?? The Dog, 360 Memorial, 360 Angel, The Budgie, Bloggers Anonymous, Missy A (original), Little Fairy and the one I've been using since December oh gawd that's 8 arrgh what the flip I need 8 for?? No wonder I forget to go on them one I totally forgot about and hadn't posted on since May
Ridiculous that is why couldn't 360 be like Blogger then I could have all of them on the one login ..think I've got 4 here too but one is his that I'm allowed to post on and the other is Tastebuds which others post on that's open btw if you want to contribute to that you can, just gotta add your email to the list I love that part about Blogger you can have an open contributors blog think you can on Word Press too must be able too as the Mash and Yahoo Messenger blogs are on Word Press and its different people posting every time
You know that says a lot doesn't it can anyone answer this question for me
Why are the Mash, Y Messenger, Yahoo Anecdotal and YMail blogs hosted on Word Press and not 360? There are more Yahoo blogs for basically everything(look at the blog roll on the Messenger blog) very few are on 360 what are Yahoo trying to say here ?

Think about that while I sleep its 2am here tomorrow (I hope if I get time) I will be playing with my template and you know the old saying "play with it too much it will fall off" just hope it doesn't

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Dana writes about her world all the time and as far as I am concerned she is Lakota brought up with the ways, learning the customs she is as fully Lakota as you can get but a certain anonymous poster on her blog is saying that she cannot possibly be as "Indian" as they are because she isn't full blood well I say rubbish to that
The amount of blood coursing through your veins of any particular race has nothing to do with it, its the culture that makes you who you are.
An Aboriginal living in the city who doesn't know the culture is less Aboriginal than another living and breathing the culture. The Aboriginal people were massacred and killed too, the children taken away in an effort by the government at the time to 'thin' out the blood there are many half blood Aboriginal people here but it doesn't make them any less Aboriginal than a full blood in fact depending on where they live how much they have learned about their culture and history possibly more. A city dweller wouldn't know the dances, how to collect food or the culture and rules of their own society as they have been brought up in a white culture.

I've become Australian now lived here for 34 years I'm no longer English don't ask me who the prime minister of England is , don't ask me to speak French either apart from hello as I can't but I do have very distant French ancestors
Don't call me a 'convict' because I'm not, not all Australian settlers where convicts some, like my relatives in Tasmania where free settlers (1880's) even though Tasmania was a penal colony my relatives were NOT convicts
and Dana is not any less Lakota because of the amount of blood in her veins its culture, community and surroundings that make you who you are not blood

Friday, October 5, 2007

New toy or am I a dork?

Look got a new toy only mines a bit bigger than the picture, not by much though it sure is small.
Been the last couple of hours working it out, songs were only playing the first 10 seconds and I've got to work out how to get it to play the next song by itself.
I think the battery is flat already LoL that's me though I seem to suck the life out of batteries

You want to know what I've got on it don't you?
Hows this for a list?
Abba - Eagle
Aerosmith -Make it
Anthrax- Caught in a Mosh
Armargeddon -The End
Avril Lavine -Take me away
Blondie -Heart of Glass
Brooke Hogan - Letting Go
Children of the Damned -Beast over Hammersmith
Dark Angel -The burning of Sodom
Dela Dela- Sacred Spirit Album
Dilana -Mother Mother
Don McClean - American Pie
Dragon -Rain
Enterprise theme
Gary Numan -Berserker
Godsmack -VooDoo
Marilyn Manson -Tainted Love
Martha and the Muffins - Echo beach
My Spirit Lives On -Sacred Spirit
Rose Tattoo - Calling
Silverchair - All across the world
Steve Earle- Copperhead Road
The Craving - The day the music died
The waitresses - I know what boys like
Toby Rand -Throw it Away
ZZ top - Francene
ZZ Top- Chrimson Witch

When I say I've got from ABBA to ZZ top I mean it !
Oh poo should have put this one on there too Helloweens version of Lay Your Love on me (ABBA) that's cool as that is heavy metal ABBA
can't find that one on YouTube but hows this one instead, not Helloween but more or less the same thing

AT VANCE - Money Money Money (Tribute To ABBA)

Hint:Press play then stop ..wait for load
I'll basically listen to anything as long as it isn't rap can't stand rap, its not singing its well rappping or talking to music

Anyway am I a dork or what got ABBA and Avril Lavine on my player I dunno though maybe Marilyn Manson counts as a point towards not being a dork??

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yahoo News

Totally dry and boring news post

FTC Yawns At Yahoo, BlueLithium Deal

The Federal Trade Commission gave Yahoo's acquisition of ad network BlueLithium its stamp of approval.
A $300 million cash deal for BlueLithium by Yahoo whizzed past federal antitrust regulators. As they did for Microsoft's aQuantive buy, the FTC saw no antitrust concerns with Yahoo's deal.
Reuters cited the FTC list of approvals in noting the agency's approval. The deal had been announced in early September, and managed to get through the review process in barely a month.
Yahoo's purchase of BlueLithium gives them more tools to offer advertisers for performance marketing efforts. Performance marketing looks for conversions, which can be a straightforward sale, or another action completed by a customer.
Yahoo previously disclosed the appeal of performance marketing being related to the rapid growth of social media content. Performance marketing efforts may perform better than the typical cost per click or CPM models regularly used in many campaigns, due to the requirement of an action to complete the conversion.
Those actions provide a tangible benefit to the advertiser, even if it is a simple as adding a name to a mailing list and opting-in for further marketing messages. As such, they can be measured more easily, and beyond the original campaign that brought the visitor to the marketer.
Written by David A. Utter Web Pro News

Yahoo's Search Assistant and Universal Search

Yahoo is putting some extra heat on Google in the competition for best search engine.
Yahoo Assistant
They released a search assistant feature, which automatically expands related queries and info sometimes while you’re typing (or pausing your typing). For instance, when you enter blogging, the suggestions include “typepad blogging tools” or “make money blogging. “Some of the suggestions are also related to semi-recent news, which makes it more useful. I’m not sure if this box becomes annoying over time (as I’m no regular Yahoo user), but it runs very smoothly here.
Also, Yahoo now have their own flavor of “universal search"; for instance, video players directly embedded on web results (and not just as shortcut), e.g. for the query youtube founders, as well as even more Flickr imagery, like for the query cityscape.
Written by Philipp Lenssen Web Pro News

My Views-- $300 million?? for adds!! now that's just great, pretty soon all Yahoo will be is adds from top to bottom, Google by the way have just removed the pay-per-click advertising from Orkut possibly because no one uses Orkut but that's a different matter. Yahoo of course want to make money if they can't make money out of something they drop it eg: Y Photos it was too much hard work to upgrade and make money out of Y Photos so its buy Flickr and make money that way too bad if the customers don't want it or lose out that's the way Yahoo works. What they don't realise is that most don't use Yahoo search either so no money there. I don't as Google is better always has been and its doesn't have any adds, neither does most of Yahoo when you use Firefox (Yahoo don't get a cent from me )
A lot of people are leaving Yahoo and its mixed up "mash" of services that possibly %90 of Yahoo users don't even know about never mind use (did you know Yahoo owns MyBlogLog now?) Do you use the Yahoo briefcase? Or Y Answers ? Most just use mail, 360 and or Flickr a LOT used Y Photos in fact most did, the normal non-360 profile images where hosted on Y Photos now it's impossible to upload an image to a non-360 profile but what can you do Yahoo wasn't making money out of Y Photos and unless the advertising appears on the new Mash profiles they won't make a profit there either

It all comes down to the almighty $$$ in the end

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