Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I am not an elf

Had to pause Adblocker because some things just wont work with it on and of course forgot to turn it back on , go back to Facethingy and some add comes up wanting me to play a game called Elvenar for "nature lovers in harmony with everything - the hippies of every fantasy world" 
Obviously Facethingy thinks I'm a nature loving hippy elf , yep yep an almost 6 foot elf , it only picked up that I was short because I mentioned that I was too short to get to the middle of the roof of the car when I was washing it and needed high heels , good thing it didn't pick up about me thinking when I was washing the car about the bikini clad girls who wash cars doing so in said heels so they CAN reach
I mean why else would you wear heels when washing your car?

Yes so it did get some of it right the nature loving hippie part but I am not short , if I was short the floor would be closer when I drop something , no one would ask me to reach stuff , broom handles would be as tall as me , lawn mowers would have the right size handles and it wouldn't hurt my back getting something out of the crisper in the bottom of the fridge.
Look I feel for short people I really do and most are shorter than me had someone ask if the hat they was wearing looked ok , yep sure it does I can only see the top of it you look like a mushroom but yep looks ok from here. 

Oh yes I must tell you a lion has gone missing, if you see a 30+ kilo white painted concrete lion tell the person that has it that they can have its friend ( as they come in pairs ) IF they can swim the river here with its friend tied to their back .
Photo of missing lion

Just went to tag this and I tell you what some strange words appear in previous tags that's possibly because I am strange but not an elf 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Just for the Record

I've been sorting alphabetically all our vinyl records , we've got almost every dang band and singer that you could think of from ABBA to ZZ Top
Metallica , Anthrax, Samantha Fox ( no idea who that is thought Samantha Fox was a porn star?), ELO , Bay City Rollers, Cindy Lauper, Queen , The Commodores ( band not the car) , Duran Duran, Devo, David Bowie, Sweet, Sports, Split Enz, Jackson 5, Lindsey Buckingham, Ravi Shankar and Prince's Purple Rain or symbol what ever his name is.
You get the picture lots and lots of records a pile 150cm high ( 5 feet) almost every single one is perfect except for the one single Beatles album there is only one Beatles album not like Split Enz we have every single album they brought out in pristine condition in plastic sleeves not a mark on the covers or the record but this one single Beatles record has a big splotch on it like something has been spilled on it, the cover has been fixed up with black tape because its the Beatles Black Album so who ever did that at least tried to match it up.
Still tho can't record this particular album onto USB and turn it into an MP3 because someone at sometime spilled something on it, spose at least in one way its not scratched or bent or turned into a butterfly or an ashtray.
That of course is a horrible thing to do to poor vinyl records especially ones in good condition

Just what is it with The Beatles anyway were they or are they daggy, unpopular like Racey was/is ?
we only have one Racey album possibly because thats all they ever did one album that was it but I kinda think The Beatles bought out a few more than one album.
No we don't have many country albums either I know right all that lot you'd think there would be a few but country isn't our thing  could have had them but gave most of them away to someone who likes that kind of stuff , we did not give The Beatles away because there is only one ,
was there more ? Or maybe they are so popular played on the radio that you never had to buy the album ..... looks like I might have to , buy them that is because you can't go around downloading tracks for free now can you that'ts naughty.

Now here is a thought could I wash it off the splotch that is ? Can you wash a record and not scratch it or wreck the label hmmmm ???

Saturday, September 26, 2015

I realized the other day that I haven't written in a long time , its time that I don't have along with a deficit of actual writing as in what to write
Not that nothing interesting has happened as it has , still finding inspiration is difficult I need a sound board an interesting clever person to write to and well everyone keeps leaving , not that they are all dead you understand  some are my mother is and she was my main inspiration, then there is Atarishark he's gone as well as 360 Myk apparently the other day
Red7 and Dana are still alive and kicking Dana is literally kicking a** in the literally sense publishing a book a pointing with lips kind knew she would one day , don't go saying I didn't because I did I wrote it down ok typed it down years ago so ner I KNEW.
And the other who thinks she is old but isn't because she is young at heart has kinda gone as well last blog from her was June/July , shes got an instagram but seeing as I don't and wont , I got accounts all over don't need another I have no idea if she is active on there or not. If you see this Miss Red I'm waving HI ok

On another note seeing as I am at the moment alone most nights from around 6pm to around 10pm I might have to start rambling on to no one in particular again.
You may ask me why I am alone and why my only interruption is Ice ,out in out in out look at the sky bark at a cars headlights no the big furry one he's not dead well ok he is  "The DeadMan" but not actually dead he's alive just not here to interrupt me , tell you what it gets awfully quiet sometimes.
Which is why I'm making some music not me you understand only keyboard I can play types letters , no this is the Mp3 kind recorded from records we've got a pile of them its only about 5 foot high and thats just albums so I'll be busy for a while , so far I've done David Bowie, Ravie Shankar, Bon Jovie  Crowded House  and a Melissa Etheridge track its going to take a while as each track has to play through but without interruption and a duster I should be able to do a few each night

Do we need a picture ? yes I think we do here is a picture of a painting I did

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