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My Big Brother..... for April 05, 2006

My Big Brother..... for April 05, 2006
My brother

My brother is intelligent has a BEng (Hons) degree in Electronic and Information Engineering but he didn’t even get his O levels till he was in his 30’s, didn’t have a license to drive a car either ( always had a bike then a Reliant van) he is dyslectic and couldn’t pass the written test. Mum says that when he was 9 or 10 he said to her “one day mum there will be a machine that does all my spelling and writing for me” that was in 1965 (approx). Now he programmes those machines.

My brother was tall, dang it everyone is tall when you are 5 and that’s how I remember him, he is over 6 foot tall though and was that tall when I was 5, no wonder I felt so small next to him, I used to follow him around reach out to touch the electronics parts that he had all over his room. Parts of TV sets, radios all kinds of diodes, nice little sharp things, that I wasn’t allowed to touch but he did let me play with his electric guitar ( a replacement for the acoustic one that my sister broke……on his head! )

My brother went through a stage when he wouldn’t eat meat and he went hippy, this was the 60’s everyone was either a hippy vegetarian or a vegetarian hippy, he even went off to join a commune but called my mother up and asked to be brought home after two days because hippies in the 60’s didn’t wash .Mum said neither do you but she went and got him anyway

My brother likes heavy metal and of course had a collection of records that he used to play at full volume and I used to dance away to them. We sent him a copy of Let there be Rock – AC/DC one Christmas and his son who was 2 at the time drew on the cover that of course completely wrecked the album, my brother was not impressed

I remember my brother as this large guy with long dark hair kind of smelly (motorbike oil) who used to tease the carp out of me but loved me very much and I loved him

After we moved to Australia he got married to a woman who was only something like

5 foot tall my Aunty said she looked like a doll next to him, I never met her by 1979 she had gone back to Yugoslavia (don’t ask) and he had his two boys with him when we went back for a visit, mum has a picture of me holding one and the other standing beside me amazingly the older one D remembered me when he visited here with his wife in Dec 03

When my brother visited in 99’ I hadn’t seen him in over 20 years, he was not only broader but bald as well! So I have an old bald brother who now has four kids (2 his and 2 his wife’s) who have their own kids which makes me a Great Aunt to some little children in France who I’ve never seen only in photographs

My Brother
My brothers web site
You know what I could get a job working for my brother …if I lived in England but as I don’t….

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