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For My Dad...... February 08, 2006 9.30pm

For My Dad...... February 08, 2006 9.30pm
What is Parkinson's disease?

Parkinson's disease is a chronic, progressive disorder of the central nervous system that belongs to a group of conditions called motor system disorders. Parkinson's is the direct result of the loss of cells in a section of the brain called the substantia nigra. Those cells produce dopamine, a chemical messenger responsible for transmitting signals within the brain. Loss of dopamine causes critical nerve cells in the brain, or neurons, to fire out of control, leaving patients unable to direct or control their movement in a normal manner.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of Parkinson's, which often appear gradually yet with increasing severity, may include tremors or trembling; difficulty maintaining balance and gait; rigidity or stiffness of the limbs and trunk; and general slowness of movement (also called bradykinesia). Patients may also eventually have difficulty walking, talking, or completing other simple tasks
Parkinson's disease worsens over time
Awakenings staring robin Williams uses the drug used to treat Parkinson’s - L-dopa

Who has Parkinson’s?

Michael J. Fox

And my dad he turns 84 this year

My dad

He stands with his hands on his hips

He’s slightly stooped

He coughs from the coal dust of many years ago

Thin and grey now

But I remember a tall middle aged man

Who would sit me on his lap and let me stroke his fine black hair

Already starting to grey a little by the time I was born

That’s my dad

A great grand father

Like his clock

Tall but slightly battered through travels of many countries

But now my dad has Parkinson’s his hands wobble

He has trouble moving

His clock a great, great grandfather of a clock will outlast him

Like it has other generations of our family

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My Big Brother..... for April 05, 2006

My Big Brother..... for April 05, 2006
My brother

My brother is intelligent has a BEng (Hons) degree in Electronic and Information Engineering but he didn’t even get his O levels till he was in his 30’s, didn’t have a license to drive a car either ( always had a bike then a Reliant van) he is dyslectic and couldn’t pass the written test. Mum says that when he was 9 or 10 he said to her “one day mum there will be a machine that does all my spelling and writing for me” that was in 1965 (approx). Now he programmes those machines.

My brother was tall, dang it everyone is tall when you are 5 and that’s how I remember him, he is over 6 foot tall though and was that tall when I was 5, no wonder I felt so small next to him, I used to follow him around reach out to touch the electronics parts that he had all over his room. Parts of TV sets, radios all kinds of diodes, nice little sharp things, that I wasn’t allowed to touch but he did let me play with his electric guitar ( a replacement for the acoustic one that my sister broke……on his head! )

My brother went through a stage when he wouldn’t eat meat and he went hippy, this was the 60’s everyone was either a hippy vegetarian or a vegetarian hippy, he even went off to join a commune but called my mother up and asked to be brought home after two days because hippies in the 60’s didn’t wash .Mum said neither do you but she went and got him anyway

My brother likes heavy metal and of course had a collection of records that he used to play at full volume and I used to dance away to them. We sent him a copy of Let there be Rock – AC/DC one Christmas and his son who was 2 at the time drew on the cover that of course completely wrecked the album, my brother was not impressed

I remember my brother as this large guy with long dark hair kind of smelly (motorbike oil) who used to tease the carp out of me but loved me very much and I loved him

After we moved to Australia he got married to a woman who was only something like

5 foot tall my Aunty said she looked like a doll next to him, I never met her by 1979 she had gone back to Yugoslavia (don’t ask) and he had his two boys with him when we went back for a visit, mum has a picture of me holding one and the other standing beside me amazingly the older one D remembered me when he visited here with his wife in Dec 03

When my brother visited in 99’ I hadn’t seen him in over 20 years, he was not only broader but bald as well! So I have an old bald brother who now has four kids (2 his and 2 his wife’s) who have their own kids which makes me a Great Aunt to some little children in France who I’ve never seen only in photographs

My Brother
My brothers web site
You know what I could get a job working for my brother …if I lived in England but as I don’t….

I am trying a sound file here click the sound file then read again

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My Sister....April 03, 2006 10.30pm

My Sister....April 03, 2006 10.30pm

Sisters and brothers
I have a brother and a sister they are 14 and 12 years older than me, not a great age to be to have a little baby come into the house .My sister is mad totally mad, I can remember my 5th birthday and there was this tall skinny girl/woman there in a yellow dress, when I say skinny I mean skinny Calista Flockhart skinny .She was stood there at the side of the room the look of contempt for me on her face she hated me, she hated the attention I was getting I mean face it, I was cute I was blonde I was 5years old ,you can’t help but be cute she wasn’t she was dark haired tall lanky and bulimic .The bulimia started when I was born I think ,my sister had been the youngest for a long time when I was born there was suddenly another smaller cuter person to not only have to compete with but to be built in babysitter for as well .I grew up for the first few years of my life with the sound of throwing up ringing in my ears even now I cannot stand that sound and even if I feel nauseas myself I cant throw up

I don’t think I’ve ever seen my sister with a smile on her face, she was never a happy person, when Mum and Dad immigrated to Australia my brother and sister stayed in England, my bother was 19 he had his own flat (with a dirty, big, fat furry fake spider mobile in the lounge) .He somehow convinced my sister that neither of them should go besides my sister was at Maidstone art college by then and she wanted to continue her studies ,my aunty was still in England and she looked out for them both. Mum and Dad should of made them come too, staying behind made my sister worse she felt totally abandoned when they did that .7 years later she had already been married to a hippie looking fella in England that she had met at art college and already divorced him before she finally arrived here in Australia in 78 at age 24

Interesting fact = in 1978 I was 12 my sister was 24 and my mother was 48

My sister spent most of her time with us in her room chain smoking Old Holbourn before she married her second husband, her depression and eating problems didn’t help the marriage and the poor guy didn’t understand, having her own children didn’t help either my sister had major problems with anti natal depression and the eating/food problems continued. My sister now concludes that it was wheat and additives in food that caused all her problems (I used to have a link to her MSN Spaces blog that would make interesting reading but I’ve lost it) and has moved as far away from my Mum and Dad as she can possibly get Dubai! with her third husband, she is still batty and drove my Mother crazy the other month when she was here in OZ for a visit, with her eating habits My sister by the way in all of her years (not saying how many, she’s 12yrs older than me you work it out) has NEVER learned to cook she can air brush you a fantastic painting or paint you a sign or waffle on about food additives but she cant cook

This is my sister I love this pic of her it's the hands that amaze me

So who was to blame for my sister being the way she is? Her therapist told her to blame her mother ….but I don’t think so

I will tell you about my old bald brother next time

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Hows your equipment ? February 23, 2006

This is a repost so if you get confuddled don't worry coz I am as well LoL

Hows your equipment ? February 23, 2006
Do you know what your most important piece of computer equipment is??

I always open Yahoo Messenger first then email (sort) then check
the group page, go back to email read em answer some then to 360
answer any emails there then go read blog posts that I commented
on (sometimes other peoples comments are amazing) and then
comment again on new posts
I logon to Yahoo this morning and I’m half way through reading
emails, well ok trying too this monitor is being stupid it will
suddenly go POOOF! And the screen is huge and the writing is
this big not just the writing but the whole thing if I tap the
desk it will go ok again making a pop sound as it does it, it
will sometimes go back normal if I tap the monitor too but I
don’t want to do that too much, only does it in the mornings
it’s almost like it doesn’t like being cold the opposite of all
the other monitors I’ve had they would act up when hot I
actually had a small portable fan pointed at the back of one of
my monitors to keep it cool

Your most important piece of computer equipment is your monitor
without it you can’t see what’s on your computer, you could have
the biggest flashest computer in the whole wide world without a monitor it’s useless

You know I hadn’t posted in what 3 days

“Forgive me 360 father for I have sinned, I have not posted a
blog in 3 days, now I will have to post 100 comments on other
peoples Blogs as penance”

So I suddenly realize I’ve been asked how to do a multi pic
tutorial and squeeze it in quick before group chat starts, so
yeah should have been bigger and with better pictures but KJ did
one as well with pictures and at almost the same time great
minds do think alike and I know so many have been asking how so
the more the merrier

Update: I actually uploaded the file to the 360-Forum group page
(ok Mr EE helped me with the file uploading) and it worked yay
there was much rejoicing

So ok what’s been going on lets see,
the green budgie

who resides in here (computer room) took his first flight, he was in the dining room
I am not going to let him fly in here the rooms too small for a
start, anyway he flew for the first time! Out of his cage for
the first time and WACK! Straight into the wall, summersault in
mid air turn around fly off towards the (closed) kitchen window
and WACK! Straight into the curtain and sat shivering on the
window sill ….so he can fly but he isn’t too good at landing
yet….. and he bites me when I go to put him back in the cage, I
was like listen you, you got to get out of the cage have a fly
like the blue bird does, next time you can go again but that’s
enough crashing for one day .The blue budgie flies around the
kitchen/dining all the time he likes to perch on the coffee cups
and watch what’s going on from up there

Don't worry we don't use those cups
Obviously his cage door is shut with him in it when I’m deep
frying or washing dishes a wet or deep fried birdie is not a
good thing, he probably wouldn’t mind a wash but I don’t think
he would like the deep fryer

I now have a 30 foot long network cable(30 sheesh I swear it’s
more like 100) which means that I can set up a comp in the
dining room (I know I’m gunna get kamikazed by the budgie lol)
but I will be able to concentrate without loud music and chat
from the other computer, the cable works but only from the modem
anyone have a spare hub as this comp is using the Ethernet for
its internet and when I plug the cable in the back of Deadman’s
computer nothing happens

Of course our computers run on a solar powered modem works well
in the day time but the speed is a bit slow at night…..
Yes we do have electricity and McDonalds and KFC and TV in
Australia and a lot of people use solar but we don’t actually
have a solar powered modem if you believe that you will believe anything
It took me 6 goes to post this,360 kept taking me back to an
empty entry box everytime I pressed post ...remind me next time
to clean my temp files before I post

Update: Unfortunately the blue budgie died in July last year but Colorado the green one is still swearing even though he hasn't been game to fly since. Oh and yes he IS giving the finger.

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16 Jan 2006 -Movies that involve chat

16 Jan 2006

09:32 AM
- Movies that involve chat

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Original post on
360(that’s why it’s orange)

We are trying to
think of movies that have 'chat ' in them, either the characters use chat to
interact or meet or they use the internet in some way to interact we can
think of
The Net(
Her driver's license. her credit cards. her bank accounts. her identity.
DELETED Sandra Bullock- 1998),

Strange Lands/Capt. Howdy,
Electric Dreams
(An artificially intelligent PC and his human owner find themselves in a
romantic rivalry over a woman made 1984) and

You Have Mail
(Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan - 1998), Warriors of the Net- 1999)

Can anyone think of

Well, this is

amazing; you guys came up with so many its marvelous what you can do with so
many heads puts together. The thing that got me was that most
of these I have seen but it just didn’t click that they used chat to
communicate .I had to be reminded

Now I remember LoL

Quite interesting
because even Mr. Photographic memory could only think of three (The Net,
Strangelands and Electric Dreams) I had to ask in the video shop what the
Meg Ryan Tom Hanks movie was (You have Mail)

One that we (Dandy
and myself) haven’t been able to remember the name of is
the one shown on Austar (pay TV) one of the “Hallmark” movies .The main
character is a mother who helps the police catch Pedophile’s online using
chat. It isn’t, Not without my Daughter with Sally Field, but the name is

Oh and if you want
to go TV series,
SouthPark– MAMDA episode, and Star Trek

Obviously the more
recent movies the chances of them using a computer to communicate is far
greater, wasn’t much you could do in the 80’s on 35meg of ram with a 286.

Even though he did

actually talk to Hal in 2001 a space Oddesy he wasn’t talking to another
person via the computer he was talking to the computer it’s self

Aliens!! I just had
a thought, don’t they use video links to talk to each other and talk to
people back home, same as they do on Star Trek

People who posted
comments in
my comments in red

-- Copycat - 1995 Sigourney Weaver, Holly Hunter (Sigourney Weaver IM’s with
the killer), Hackers - 1995 Angelina Jolie, Jesse Bradford (Computer
Hackers), Sliver - 1993 William Baldwin, Sharon Stone, Tom Berenger (William
Sharonchat on line)

Copy cat is a

good movie, got that on video here somewhere

Generic Girl
–Swimfan, (Stephen Rea), The Matrix? .
at the beginning of The Matrix when Neo is sleeping in his room he
communicates via his computer screen, Fear .com I’ve never heard of that one
and “Googled” it, the reviews say it’s a really bad movie LoL


perfect match

Amazon Monkey--
Swordfish; John Travolta, Hugh Jackman (Hacker forced by CIA spy to steal
money) Mr Deeds - Adam Sandler (There is a scene where Deeds is talking to
his friends back home. I swear!)
are right AM he does

Pretty in Pink (Molly Ringwald, James Spader, Andrew McCarthy - 1984ish)
featured two characters chatting via networked terminals in the school
That was the best
you could do in 1984, chat via a network LoL

The Skulls

Weird Science


Jumping Jack Flash -Whoopie Goldberg 1986 .
that movie if you haven’t seen it it’s funny to watch someone using an 8inch
green screen monitor on Dos,and that was the latest thing

-- Disclosure and Johnny Pneumonic. What about Superman 2 - the part with
Richard Pryor, or Tron


Sandra Bullock -The Net

Matthew Broderick - War Games

Richard Brennan - Click

Jay R. Ferguson - Campfire Games

Documentary about Gay Chat - Hooked

C. Thomas Howell - Net Games

Claudine Jennings - Playboy: Girls of the Internet

Queen Latifah - Bringing Down the House

Xuxa Meneghel - PopStar

Adam Cox - Breaking the Cycle

Sheri -- The
Perfect Man, Cinderella Story (both Hillary Duff), The Glass House, The Core
SouthPark:Bigger, Longer and Uncut

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