Monday, September 23, 2013

Email to my mother

Mum you said to me once ‘we’ll have to get something done about those teeth’ to me, which of course you were prone to do, just straight out say something like that.
Anyway I have, took a while but I can smile now yes ok so my top teeth are at the moment not in my face but in a container in the bathroom, bottom set are in my face though they sit nice in fact had a hard time getting them out at first thought they was stuck forever took me almost an hour to work out how to get them out.
The top ones rub a bit still so that’s why I don’t have them in at the moment, three or four hours is all I can manage for now.
You won’t see me without them in though, just like any day getting ready involves brushing of hair, stick the earrings in, make sure there isn't any strange pimples or anything on my face, stick the teeth in, put the shoes on and off I go out the door.

Its nice to actually chew things now, before I couldn't chew hardly at all even with my own teeth or what was left of them, most were broken and if I did try to chew something I’d break another, one broke once when I ate a banana.

Hundreds of dollars were spent on my teeth too, numerous times at the dentist putting in those horrible amalgam dark fillings that actually weighed quite a bit too, wasn't until they started falling out in shiny metal lumps that I realised that my bottom jaw was weighed down with quite a few grams of metal, no wonder I walked around with my mouth open.

So any way mum I can smile now, properly smile now I have my new pegs , oh and you wont believe this the dentist who is really nice is called Dr Baker but he’s not the same Dr Baker from Adelaide this is a different one who kinda reminds me of Uncle C

Got more to tell you but will leave that for later, say hello to all the dogs and the superior siameezers and to the rest of the family including dad, who I know are watching over me specially grandma who’s got her thumb in her mouth ... don’t go telling me she don’t I KNOW she does J

PS. my mother wont ever reply to an email now not in the conventional sense but that doesn't mean I can't write to her

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