Monday, June 25, 2012


Its 7am again, woke early yet again had a horrible nightmare yesterday morning dreamt I was being bullied by the snooty "soccer moms" again
I hated that wasn't in the "in" crowd in the town I used to live in, wasn't wanted wasn't liked at all but they wouldn't say it to your face oh no just totally ignore you as if you weren't  there , their kids got slots in the band and choir they helped out in the canteen that was theirs I shouldn't be there at all.
They would invite each other around for coffee and the tupperware/jewelry/linen parties I'd find out about them later when I'd over hear when I took the kids to play sport.
I had no friends, plenty of kids always at our place all the time the house was full of them but never any adults only the "boys" my X's friends after cricket and for BBQ's
I made sure I was there though when it came to helping out at the school, always there canteen, prep for the fundraisers,the stalls, the town functions they hated it "what are you doing here?" they would say as if to say "you shouldn't be here this is OUR thing".
Nasty nasty women the whole lot of them except for Jan and Sally who moved down to Salisbury which left me with one I was alone most of the time you can only have so much time with the one person , I got my adult conversation by selling Avon was the only time  I got to talk to other women then still they only wanted me there on sufferance .. I was the Avon lady after all you don't get too friendly.

Look I don't really want to get close to anyone because if I do they move, they go away so I push people away but hey it would have been nice to have been offered not ignored as if I wasn't there or not wanted.

Yep I know I'm talking to myself I don't care do that all the time have to don't I, wont bother finding any friends here in this town they'll be the same snooty, up-themselves, do their thing which I'm not a part of so its easier not to bother at all, same goes for online too by the way I'd actually rather not get close to anyone because they go away possibly the same thing they never wanted me in the first place

PS: The Soccer Moms were actually AFL moms, we tried soccer but the mothers there were even worse  as well as the snootiness above weren't rich enough for that lot.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Over the last few years I have become more and more jaded, tired, lacking in "buzz" just don't want to write or comment
Twitter used to be interesting in 09 it was fun following people and seeing their point of view in 150 characters or less, now its all "sell, sell sell" basically it's blah blah I read it and go pffft not another auto post I'm actually un-following more than I'm finding that are interesting
You are meant to tweet back to people to get up your cred as mine has slipped down now but seriously there isn't hardly anything worth me clicking on.
See back in 09 when I first started using Twitter I was in the top lot in Australia yep I was thank you very much, but it got too much so I left it alone for a while in the meantime all these so called "social media gurus" gained a pile of followers only because they use programmes to gain numbers and thats all it is, numbers honestly most of them aren't worth following back but people do
It's ok though if people want to follow those who lack substance and wit its up to them .

My problem is I can't find any more worth following and I wont just blindly follow just for the sake of it, neither will I use one of those programmes that gains 200-500 follows in a day, nor will I set up my blog to auto tweet past posts every five minutes just to "up" my amount of tweets, that's pointless and just adds to Twitter clutter I'm not going to gain anything by that

Anyway its what 5.30am , dog woke me at 4am I'm tired but if I go back to bed I'll sleep in and I want to go look at the cars this morning, there is meant to be a car rally starting off this morning at 8.30am there are other check points later in the day but seeing as I've no idea where they are and the cars will be clean if I go early ............. I'm going early.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The guy next door is ...

A total and complete nut job, so far he's driven out at least 5 lots of people from the surrounding houses.
You can't make a single sound or he's banging on your door or ringing you at 1am, he wonders up and down the street in just his PJ shorts, goes bang bang bang with his cap gun at all hours at the birds flying overhead, over head!  I mean what are they doing invading his airspace ? Only air space hes got is between his ears.

Oh and then there's the " I don't drink" thing ok so he don't drink so what's making that tinkling of glass when the garbage truck rolls around at 5am? Pickle jars?
He wont mow the grass outside his house "that's the councils land" he says but don't walk on it he's out like a flash "get off MY land".
He leaves his gate open on purpose so it bangs in the wind, he puts a single brick there at the bottom of the gate but leaves a gap of about 6cm so it bangs, he does that on purpose just to make a noise, just to annoy the neighbors.
See he's one of those people who pick, pick pick at you until you retaliate then of course you are the one in the wrong.
So just to annoy him back I don't do anything at all, we will not move I keep our lawn neat oh and I put out seed for the birds

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