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My Sister....April 03, 2006 10.30pm

My Sister....April 03, 2006 10.30pm

Sisters and brothers
I have a brother and a sister they are 14 and 12 years older than me, not a great age to be to have a little baby come into the house .My sister is mad totally mad, I can remember my 5th birthday and there was this tall skinny girl/woman there in a yellow dress, when I say skinny I mean skinny Calista Flockhart skinny .She was stood there at the side of the room the look of contempt for me on her face she hated me, she hated the attention I was getting I mean face it, I was cute I was blonde I was 5years old ,you can’t help but be cute she wasn’t she was dark haired tall lanky and bulimic .The bulimia started when I was born I think ,my sister had been the youngest for a long time when I was born there was suddenly another smaller cuter person to not only have to compete with but to be built in babysitter for as well .I grew up for the first few years of my life with the sound of throwing up ringing in my ears even now I cannot stand that sound and even if I feel nauseas myself I cant throw up

I don’t think I’ve ever seen my sister with a smile on her face, she was never a happy person, when Mum and Dad immigrated to Australia my brother and sister stayed in England, my bother was 19 he had his own flat (with a dirty, big, fat furry fake spider mobile in the lounge) .He somehow convinced my sister that neither of them should go besides my sister was at Maidstone art college by then and she wanted to continue her studies ,my aunty was still in England and she looked out for them both. Mum and Dad should of made them come too, staying behind made my sister worse she felt totally abandoned when they did that .7 years later she had already been married to a hippie looking fella in England that she had met at art college and already divorced him before she finally arrived here in Australia in 78 at age 24

Interesting fact = in 1978 I was 12 my sister was 24 and my mother was 48

My sister spent most of her time with us in her room chain smoking Old Holbourn before she married her second husband, her depression and eating problems didn’t help the marriage and the poor guy didn’t understand, having her own children didn’t help either my sister had major problems with anti natal depression and the eating/food problems continued. My sister now concludes that it was wheat and additives in food that caused all her problems (I used to have a link to her MSN Spaces blog that would make interesting reading but I’ve lost it) and has moved as far away from my Mum and Dad as she can possibly get Dubai! with her third husband, she is still batty and drove my Mother crazy the other month when she was here in OZ for a visit, with her eating habits My sister by the way in all of her years (not saying how many, she’s 12yrs older than me you work it out) has NEVER learned to cook she can air brush you a fantastic painting or paint you a sign or waffle on about food additives but she cant cook

This is my sister I love this pic of her it's the hands that amaze me

So who was to blame for my sister being the way she is? Her therapist told her to blame her mother ….but I don’t think so

I will tell you about my old bald brother next time

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