Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Table Lamp

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I wanted to see how this came up on Blogger, if the borders work how difficult it is etc. You do realize that you can turn the lamp on don't you?
There is a dog under my desk it's soppossed to be keeping my feet warm but it's not doing a very good job of it dang dog has pointy elbows and it keeps licking my feet too It's only inside because we had yet another storm, big flashes of sheet lightning, the sound taking ages to get her but when it did the dog just goes crazy barking jumping squeaking (needs an oil change) at least today when she came inside it hadn't been raining so no muddy paw prints on the floor like last time It's not flipping sleeping inside either no kidding this dog wriggles and moves all night I swear

So anyway hope the light doesn't keep you awake as much as my dog does.... you can play with the lamp .. I'll let you and the good thing it doesn't use any power at all

Sunday, February 18, 2007

allmost forgot my password

That was lucky allmost forgot my Blogger password I am such a numbnuts sometimes its the same as my Yahoo one derrrrr
Anyway back in the computer room I am .. I am
The frankenstien machine is well working I've done something to the fonts, shouldn't have so many I spose (got over a 1000 fonts) I was sorting them out and now well most of the normal windows fonts have disapeared they are still there just not showing up no idea what I've done, went to use Word and instead of the normal fonts like comic sans and veranda all I had was times, georgia and a few wingdings and some of the "fat" fonts in the "fat" fonts folder that I've made today the rest just arent showing up lucky I didn't replace times new roman with some strange unreadable wingding or I wouldn't have a clue what I was typing I'll have to fix all my fonts up now grr

I was going to set Baby comp back up in the dining room so I can write but our 17 inch spare monitor is on loan to someone else and the 15inch is not the best monitor, it doesn't turn off for a start you have to turn off the power at the wall so again I'm stuck in here constantly interupted oh well
Have to go and work on my pesky fonts again so yeah can't write and can't do anything till I fix those or get rid of the pest.. total pain in the butt

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Swan Vs Trinny and Susanna

The Swan Vs Trinny and Susanna

Maybe you have heard of The Swan you might even have heard of What not to wear

Both make some definite transformations but one does it without the need for cosmetic surgery. No cutting involved with these girls Trinny and Susanna do a complete transformation in a week, doesn’t take them six weeks the women have a say in what goes on (well kind of) Want to know what not to wear yourself ? Go Here

No pageants no crowns no prizes but the women that Trinny and Susanna make over go home feeling good about themselves every single one goes home feeling great

Click pic for more
Testing What Not To Wear

The Swan disgusts me in a way mostly all those women need is self confidence, they would get that with a better wardrobe and maybe a haircut and that’s it but what do they do on the show ? A full panel of so called experts go about remodelling these women from head to toe its more like Pimp my ride than a makeover story

The Swan

The horrible thing about The Swan is that they not only go through all the surgery but at the end of it compete in a beauty pageant to be crowned the ultimate Swan where the most altered **cough ahem** sorry most beautiful is crowned.

How cruel is that to the losers though? "Sorry but we did all we could, snipped here tucked here but you still aren't beautiful enough so go home" I don't think that would do much for their self esteem . Go home and sit in the dark and cry well I would anyway

The one thing about The Swan TV show that is good, it restored the hearing of one woman by giving her a bionic ear and many others have had laser surgery on their eyes so never have to wear glasses ever again

I would rather be made over by Trinny and Susanna though and they make over men as well, bit like Queer eye for the straight guy does

What would you rather have ? The girls, the fab 5 or get Swaned?

Friday, February 9, 2007



A new Australian drama airing here on Austar only, not free too air TV apparently too gritty and dangerous to be shown on free-to-air television


View Series trailer here <--- Watch this

First ten minutes of part one of the series on a You Tube video same user has the rest of part one in another four 10 minute videos

Warning - contains strong language
Update: Unfortunately ALL of that users videos have been removed and they where the only person who had Dangerous videos the series trailer link still works though

Produced by Southern Star (Flying Doctors, McLeod’s Daughters and Blue Heelers)

And starring Khan Chittenden (Blue Water High) and Brooke Satchwell (Neighbours, White Collar Blue)

The producers blurb -

Dangerous is an explosive action series, a 'Romeo and Juliet' story with a tale of forbidden love, set against the culturally diverse backgrounds of western suburbs street crime and the affluence of Sydney's eastern suburbs. The eight-part, one-hour series will break new ground for Australian drama, exploring youth culture like never before, including taboo subjects including the underground world of drag racing and ram-raiding."

Sandra McLean of The Courier-Mail writes
”Producers of a new Australian television drama highlighting ram-raiding and drag racing are bracing themselves for protests from road safety campaigners and police”

Now for my say about Dangerous, it will be glamorizing street racing, it will be saying too kids “yeah go out and steal cars, use them too ram raid shops and set them on fire yeah go do that it’s exciting they do it on TV they don’t get caught no one gets killed its fun!”

Life is not a video game it’s not Need for Speed neither is it a movie life isn’t The Fast and the Furious, you don’t actually get killed in a video game.

Even on Wikapedia it only says “it contains stronger material than most Australian programs - regular coarse language, drug use and sexual references.” And mentions the cars because the cars are important aren’t they you can’t race without the fast cars

I don’t know about you but I think making things alluring too young people specially things like ram raiding and stealing cars on a TV show is a stupid idea, don’t the producers realize that the “Romeo and Juliet” angle has been done before many times before and all they will be doing is encouraging young people too go out and commit crimes and drive fast.

One of the young stars of the show says “I got too drive a fast car, that was so cool” The advertising for the show portrays it as fun and excitement, now you tell me how stealing cars is fun and why is ram raiding so cool?
If the Seven network was so concerned about falling ratings why put on a show like this, yes they will get their publicity but it will be bad publicity especially when some young teen, copying the shows stars gets killed on the road

The only way too stop the young copying them would be too kill off a cast member in every episode, big car crash explosive action and someone dies you don’t say “hey that’s fun” when some one dies. That would be the only way, Dangerous the TV show is a bad idea a very bad idea

More links

Live dangerously .com (sound is loud)
Australian TV information guide
Southern Star Group -

Edit: The really annoying thing -- Alias has replaced Prison Break in the 7.30pm time slot on a Thursday night and Dangerous has replaced Lost on a Sunday night
Our TV channels are hopeless

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Last night I had to come back in here, into the computer room because the monitor I was using out in the dining room shut off on me thought I had blown it up actually and went phew later when I went back out there and it was back on . Too hot out there I had the fan on the computer not the monitor and well it must have this auto shut down thing
It's too bad I have to be in here in the computer room, he's sleeping at the moment and I should be on his computer doing my Photoshop challenge for 360 (Salutan sent me coffee, dark and sleep-- I think he knows me.. thats a worry)
But I just can't get my head around it besides I know that as soon as I sit down at his computer I'll have to get right back up again as he will wake up
Might just post the challenge and be done with it
I wanted to record my voice as well but for some reason neither voice recorder on this computer will work I get nothing.. nothing at all oh well this has my voice on it ... ok it's got other music on it too but it's set up isn't it

Get your own Flash MP3 Player

Click on "hear my voice" thats me

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

More about me

So you came here did you?
Well then
Hang on coffee cup is empty again.... be right back

I am a very strange person, no really I am
I hate doing dishes
I love to sleep
It took me a long time to realize that I am bi, yeah swing both ways you didn't know that did you well you do now I wish I could have admitted it to myself a long time ago would have saved a lot of bother and cleared up a few relationships with women .. no not that way I mean friendships see I was scared of getting too close because I was so attracted and in the 80's well you just didn't come out did you so here I am 40 years old and finally been able too admit to myself
Feel much better for it too

OK so everybody leaves now (has this thing got a spill chucker? yup it has coolies) I'm wondering if I can put smileys on here?Smiley courtesy of oh look you can with html code -- click that smiley and it will take you too the smiley site
I'm getting there on Blogger and last night I had a look for the "Terms of Service" couldn't find anything nothing at all apart from a quick mention about not posting spam (you know porn sites) and "illegal use" so looks like you can swear and post naughty pictures if you want not that I will
I don't swear I'm an angel Smiley courtesy of and I haven't got any naughty pics ................ oh ok I have got a couple hasn't everyone got a few well naughty pictures

Anyway I don't need or want a man unless he does dishes, mows lawns, cooks, cleans and looks good in an apron. Of course the man I live with doesn't do any of that and his body won't fit in the freezer .........
I'm jokingSmiley courtesy of he's ok for a big furry thing who does nothing

Monday, February 5, 2007

more personal

Right got feeds set up on missysshorts and a picture, this southpark one too be precise thats why it's on here twice this is my main avatar for Blogger
It's allmost too hot too do anything at the moment
Oh thats a bit better turned the fan around so it's blowing more on me than on the computer monitor, normally I hate the fan on me but not at the moment.
You know I suffer from constantusinteruptus hence the name of this blog Miss Interupted I know its bloody hot in here in the dining room the lounge room is hotter though, it gets all the sun "Australia the closest you can get too hell without being there - Lost " and the computer room has aircon but I can't write can't think when I'm being constantly interupted
So I'm in here in the hot and steamy dining room (the steam is from me btw) and I don't care either, yuk the mouse mat is wet ewww.. my sweaty arm sorry can't help it
I've got the money set aside for the computer parts that I need to get the comp back up but you know if it's up and running I'll have too go back in the computer room then
oh flip its hot in here though
You know when you take your bra off because it's soo hot that you can't stand it any more and then you get .... well shall we say extra hot I don't know if anyone else has that problem but I know I sure do
Think I need a cold shower ... like ummm now
damn I need a woman .. whoops did I say that .. no I didn't pretend you didn't see that ok
anyway I am going for that shower now

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