Sunday, May 27, 2012

Where I talk about dogs.

If you really want a pile of comments and a whole lot of conversation talk about a dog, not just any dog though it has to be the Pit Bull or more precisely the American Pit Bull a dog breed banned here in Australia.
Ice  is a Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
Now don’t get me wrong I love dogs all dogs are DOGS first though, they instinctually will go “can I eat it?”, “is it mine?” and “I am pack leader”
Now there is the main problem PACK LEADER or who is the boss of the house, if your dog thinks or in some cases knows it is the boss you are going to have a problem with it.

That front gate is as far as the dog is concerned “theirs” and they are going to protect their territory that sandwich that that child has is “theirs” and they will have it. YOU are theirs and they will stop anyone else from coming near you. Its instinct if you look at wolves they will do the same thing the boss dog the top dog goes first when it comes to food, has the best bed the top position it gets more and gets it now!

If you are top “dog” and train your dog properly, so it knows that you are the top dog, YOU go first, YOU eat first, YOU go to the door first then you are the boss.
Your dog doesn’t need to be nor should it be afraid of you neither should it be fearful of children, you see a child will put its arm around a dog, it will have food and it will put a large object like a bat/stick/tennis racquet above its head, they will do that they are children after all and if your dog is afraid of those things it might just be fear aggressive.

What’s fear aggression? When afraid you have two choices, run away or stand and fight, fear aggression is stand and fight.

The other thing a dog might do is give a warning yip and sometimes a warning nip if a child does something to the dog that the dog doesn’t like, maybe come too close to the tail “don’t touch the sore spot on the tail” or sit in the dogs favourite sunny spot “that’s my spot get off” after all the child is lower ranked in the pack than you are so to the dog the child is lower than them so can be told off that’s the way dogs are.

The problem is when you have a big dog, a Labrador, an Alsatian, a Cattle Dog or an American Pit Bull if it bites it does more damage than a tiny dog would, a Mini Fox Terrier isn’t going to do much damage at all it can’t its small and there is your main word there SMALL, all dogs and I mean all dogs don’t know size, ask one if it knows if its small or not, don’t ask the Chihuahua tho unless you can understand Mexican but they will say to you “What is this small you speak of? All dogs are the same size” they have no idea absolutely no idea that they are small neither does a bigger dog know it’s big, a big dog will still try to get on your lap and still try to squeeze under the coffee table.
The problem is when a big dog gives a warning nip its mouth is as large as a child’s head so when that child goes into the dogs territory or yours and the dog doing its instinctual job of protection goes to tell that child off who comes off the worse for it? The child of course.

I’ve had many dogs, big hairy ones, small yappy brown spotted ones, there is one at the moment around here somewhere possibly on the bed she’s what you call a herding dog (see pic above). See dogs can be herders, Cattle Dogs, Corgi’s and Old English sheep dogs are herders.
Or they can be bred for catching things like rats and pigs the terrier whether it’s a Bull Terrier, Pit Bull, Staffordshire or a Fox Terrier those are all terriers they are all tenacious, will not let go of something once they have it. My Mini Fox terrier could be lifted up whilst holding onto a stick a full two metres off the ground which was around 10 times his height, which was fine by him it was a fun thing to do a “dog” thing that he was bred to do and he was by all accounts little but not by his standards (dogs don’t know size).
The problem is if you’ve got a dog which has “Terrier” in its breed name you are going to get a dog that is determined, stubborn one that will NOT let go, imagine if that stick was an arm and you had a Pit Bull Terrier attached to it or a Staffordshire either dog doesn’t matter they are both terriers they will not let go.

Before I go repeating, myself again again if you look at the statistics on which dog bit who (you know where Google is go look yourself) you will see there are 10 breeds there that are the worst biters, the most aggressive, Boxers are in those statistics (see pic) but Bundy wouldn't do any more than knock you over or tail whip you. Some are there just because there are more of them than any other dog they are popular  so obviously the statistics will be high, others are there not because the dog breed has aggressive dogs but because the dogs person is hopeless at being pack LEADER they just let the dog be like that and in some cases encourage it.

It’s not the dogs fault, it’s not the breeds fault its people, people breed dogs to be what they would like the dog to be, people encourage dogs to behave in a way that they want them to behave, so don’t blame the dog blame the person.
Put the blame on the person who is afraid of dogs, the one who couldn’t tell you what breed it was that barked at them because it sensed their fear or was just a happy dog that knocked them over because “dogs don’t know size” and hurt the person accidentally.

I believe that dogs that all dogs can be made aggressive, but also can be made great hunters, herders and protectors it’s there its instinct they will do what dogs do ..... if you let them.

Thunder the chook killer
with Fasto the cat
PS: My Mini Foxie apart from being a grand total of 2kgs and a height of 30cm was a killer; we just couldn’t stop him once he started from killing chickens, a dog that size is impossible to catch, he killed six of next doors chickens before I could catch him. I didn’t let him, nor encourage him he just did as terriers will do and that’s hunt. We just kept him away from all chickens after that because we knew he was like that. If he had been a big dog and couldn’t help biting people well you know what happens there.

Images taken by myself, Ice is ours and Bundy is the FIL's
Thunder (1987-1996) Fatso (1997-2004)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I was just on Twitter and Mr Josh Thomas tweeted its his birthday tomorrow and that he would like "nice socks" question is what kind of socks are nice?

Are they fluffy, soft, stripy ones with toes? Or do they come up to your knees? Maybe they are just squishy?

It's a question isn't it what kind of socks are NICE socks ?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

At the hospital

Where we live isn't small maybe 10k worth of people , large hospital and brand new million dollar medical center at least six doctors and a pile of staff.
You would think yeah ok, I hurt myself I can go up to the hospital well yes you can in the day time if you can get yourself there we wont say anything about the Ambulance Service right now, say you can walk or someone can drive you.
You arrive at the hospital stagger to the front counter which is at least 300 meters away from the entrance, after struggling though the huge weighted security door you half collapse on the security glass and pant "I need a doctor"
The woman behind the counter grumpily scolds you for leaning on the counter and then demands your name details, medicare number and all the other numbers that you can't remember and are printed on the cards anyway.
"Go and wait" she snootily says putting her nose in the air, as if you smell and she can't stand to look at you. So you wait, read one of the magazines from 1991, watch the looped soundless video of advertisements asking you not to cough and to wash your hands if you do, you watch it at least five or six times.
There isn't anyone else sitting in the cold white reception area, there must be someone in the actual Emergency Room though as you watch hospital staff with a clip board  and a electronic key card not nurses or doctors these are "officials"enter and exit the same door five or six times you can see there are  shadows of  what you presume to be nurses in that room.
No Nurses or Doctors enter or exit only "staff" official looking snooty nosed staff made out of the same mould as the one on the desk, prancing around with their clipboards and pens on strings they walk in and out and back again over and over.
Meanwhile you wait and after what seems like two hours because your watch is broken and there isn't a clock in the reception area, no tissues either just a water fountain that says "don't drink if you are waiting for surgery".
Finally you get called in to find the Emergency Room is a small warren of smaller rooms maybe six tiny rooms, each one is empty except for the one that looks like the tea room/ file room no people in there just coats slung over the backs of chairs. You soon realize that there is only one nurse on duty, she's been there all day patient after patient, demanding, bleeding and most cases crying in pain.
This poor nurse looks tired and frazzled because there is only her on duty she's had to scoot off the patients  in most cases "go home take an aspirin" as there is no one to take care of them in the entire hospital, the doctors are all over at the medical center making money seeing patients for five minutes, charging Medicare for twenty then having a smoke out the back in the time they have left over.
There are empty beds all over the hospital, patients get carried off to Orange Base Hospital in a rather large very expensive ambulance because there isn't enough money to pay more nurses.
There are plenty of "staff" though, file clerks and officials, administration staff lots of those but NOT enough nurses and no where near enough doctors, not doctors who care anyway. Not saying all of them are bad there are one or two who are fantastic but as with all good doctors you'll be hard put to get to see those ones but if you do get to see the those two you will at least  get to see them for the full allotted time.

Oh by the way don't bother getting sick after 5 pm the hospital is locked up tight, security system tighter than  the Westpac Bank you wont get in, see you are ment to press the buzzer "once ONLY" it says on the sign and someone will answer and let you in but with only one nurse on duty who is busy, busy, busy she can't let you in and the one behind the counter well she don't wont to let you in .... you smell.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Stuffs

Been looking at the new stuff here on Blogger as you know I haven't been on for a while and there are now  "page views" or stats love stats, don't you? Anyway most of my page views are from Russia , what can I say should I start typing in Russian? Umm no I find it hard enough in English thank you very much.


That's better can't write without coffee an d writing is what I need to get back to doing, now that I can type at around 30WPM (without looking tyvm) my fingers should be able to keep up with my brain, that might be fun sometimes I can't keep up with my brain.
There has been some writings done over the last year not much though, lost my inspirations my mother and my other great inspiration Atarishark . Do seem to have gotten Dana back tho which is all good.

That will do for now, this Compose box whatsie isn't very nice to look at although it will IF I compose here and not on Word make me type faster ....all I need now is inspiration and more comments than views LoL is ok I know you're looking I can see you now

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