Tuesday, November 29, 2005

29 Nov 2005--Of sheds and old bits of tin

29 Nov 2005

07:11 AM - Of sheds and old bits of tin
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Of sheds and old bits of tin

This time last year we had a mini cyclone a huge wind that just went whoosh through our garden and blew one of out sheds right up against the back veranda the only thing that stopped it flying right into out next door neighbours place was the hills hoist it caught on that and stopped its flight across the yard .There was this huge bang like a bomb had gone off I raced to the back door only to find that I couldn’t get down the back step as there was the big green shed all folded up on its self lying there the dog of course though it was great as the hailstones started to fall and was running around trying to catch them as they fell I had to grab her and bring her inside those hailstones were big, as big as golf balls some of them they were hurting me as I tried to grab her as well, silly thing would rather stay outside in a hailstorm than come inside where its dry. An hour later the sun was shining and almost 30c but that’s NSW for you .One day at early dusk I watched this cloud of storm just roll its slow way in it was so pretty you could see the lightning in the cloud all dark and brewing literally rolling it way towards our house, over my head there was clear sky almost like this cloud was sucking every other cloud it could away like a tsunami in the heavens

Any way back to the shed, poor old green shed has ended up in bits in the back of our yard the part where the dog is most of the time, the part where the grass is longer, where the dog’s bones are and her toys, wait up dog that’s not your toy that’s one of my plant pots and where’s the plant that was in it? Dogs K

These bits of the old green shed were covered in bugs, dirt and spiders ewwL and I needed to #1.move them to the back gate so they could be taken away and #2 get out my frustration .So that’s what I have been doing pulling, tugging and heaving very large bits of metal around the yard all by my self and I wouldn’t of had anyone help me either even if they offered. I needed to bang and crash and make noise, oh the sound of metal over concrete screech, scratch, scritch just lovely um NOT but hey the lawn is mowed and don’t need doing again or else I would have done that

Friday, November 25, 2005

We Met On The Net November 21, 2005 11.30am

We Met On The Net November 21, 2005 11.30am (repost from 360)

“Oh that’s your girlfriend is it and how did you meet?”
“We met online”
Followed by a strange look that just says
**you met on the internet isn’t that just for pervs ,there isn’t any real people on the net they are all desperate people ,you aren’t desperate are you, she could be an axe murderer, after your money, your mad, what’s the internet?**
We get them all, one guy even asked us to find him a girl online we were like yeah right you don’t go out looking it just happens.
Yes Deadman and I met online yup, yup we did, first thing I ever typed to him was “gee you are loud” and he hasn’t ever shut up since

I drove 1000 ks to get here a long hard journey through the
night took me longer than I thought too because something went
wrong with the car ,it stopped right in the middle of a T
junction just on the outskirts of this little one horse town. I
had to push it off the road and lucky I did too because a huge
Semi trailer went blasting past not 5 minutes afterwards ,my
little car would have been squished I slept in the car that
night and when I woke up walked to the garage of course it was
shut ,flipping 7am wasn’t it so I walked back to the cafĂ© which
was just opening sat and had a coffee while I waited and called
Deadman when my heart had stopped pounding I was so nervous
after all I was running away from home to be with some stranger
that I had met in a chat room

When I had my car fixed and filled with fuel I set off again,
dang mobile kept cutting out of service so I could only ring
when I was 5 mins away and when I got to actually here I had no
idea how to find his place in fact was totally lost and ended up
stood by the side of the Welcome sign to the town that happens
to be by the local sewerage works I was thinking gee this is
just great this is nice place to meet for the first time the
Sewerage works :-|

The look on his face when he saw me ,beaming smile ear to ear I
tell you a man could not of looked more happy than he did that
day and hug me I thought he would never let go

Anyway I followed him to his tiny flat, tiny isn’t actually the
word more like miniscule, so small that I had to climb over the
bed just to get to the bathroom ,a deaf guy on one side who
banged and crashed around all the time ,how someone who cannot
hear can make so much noise I don’t know and on the other side
an old guy who would play extremely loud country music at 5am
who also has a dog who barks continuously too I don’t think I
ever slept while we lived there

We had to get out of that place, the old guy was a perv and the
deaf one he tried chatting me up in ASLAN of course, most of
what he signed I had no idea but that one I did!

Finally after about 5 months of being squished into that place
we got to move into this house don’t ask me how but he had a
full truck load of stuff crammed into that tiny place what was
it the Tardis? If you have ever been in the house we are in now
that flat was only as big as our lounge room is here, how it all
fitted I will never know of course we do have a dining table now
which we didn’t have before I used to eat sitting on the bed
with a folding table in front of me, which was resting on the TV
that’s why I had to climb over the bed to get to the bath room

Now we have both out computers set up in one of the spare
bedrooms ,my little 8 gig is back to being a monitor stand again
I’ve gotten used to my monitor at that height and it feels weird
to not have a desk top comp

Yes we are online at the same time did have a network going at
one point but it kept dropping out and when he shut down it
knocked me offline so now we connect straight into the modem .A
lot of people don’t believe we are in the same house they think
that because we are two separate people we in a different place
nope I am 3 feet away from him but we are two separate people
we have been called ying and yang ,both offline and on .Online
he is loud, sometimes obnoxious even downright nasty to some
people you could even say rude, he likes to talk on mic. I can
be pleasant ,I don’t talk much and I like to type .We will both
say what is on our minds though I tend to do that offline ,in
line at the supermarket where ever, I will tell people in
general what I think ,he won’t do that

Offline he is the nicest, warmest friendly person a real sweetie
I saw through that gruff online persona the first few times we
talked in IM that’s why I love him because he is so warm and
fuzzy (that’s a secret btw he says he’s not but he is)
I know it’s weird but sometimes we will talk in IM still and did
when frog was here as frog’s comp was between us and we couldn’t
talk to each other any other way

So I sit next to this wonderful hunk of a man who loves
wrestling and AC/DC, who loves to talk, who is warm and cares
about me a hell of a lot, he likes to cook and can work a
butchers knife(No, No he’s not going to do Psycho thing LoL) ,
he’s even handy with the vacuum cleaner.
I sit next to him all the time I am sitting next to him now;
he’s moderating on forums at the moment and in IM with site
managers that why he don’t 360 very much
So if I mention the Deadman I don’t mean the Undertaker off WWE
I mean the man sitting next to me, he does look more like
Mankind than the Undertaker though that's why the pic of Mankind
if you was wondering

Here are a few more pictures of the fella who sits next to me
The first 2 are at his desk here (sorry they are small)

This is my favorite pic of him tho he sure does look sexy in that hat

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