Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I don't get it

Latest TAFE assignment is to create a data base for a Video Store right but I don't get it why should I make one when I can go an download one easy enough
Yeah I have made data bases and done work on VB before, years ago.
I just don't get why I should take all that time making one when I can just go get one that's already been done there are a pile of them available by the way
here is one a free one

The rest of the asssignment is basically copy and paste onto a new document a report what they've already given me (the specifications of what is wanted )
seriously I just don't get it
Basically the only work that needed doing isn't listed and that is fix up the crapy JPEG image they've supplied ... not asked to be done but I can tell you it needed to be fixed up before it could be used in any way
what is it with me I just don't "get" any of the assignments they are all like that too
I like a job to do give me a task I'll do it no messing about no crapping on with multisylable words
either I just do the dang work
ok smarty spellchecker don't work on IE so correct my spelling I know you wanna:p

Oh and miss asian person who seems to love me I have no idea what all the squares are and your page looks like its a porn site yeah ok nice pics in underwear but what would your mother say seriously put some clothes on girl!

I'm not using Multiply anymore either it's turned into Ebay on speed .. full of spammy shops ewwww

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Am I still alive?

yes no I dunno maybe , haven't done much lately maybe you thought I was dead ... sorry I'm not not yet
might try and get back on here nd start blogging again , maybe
Not that anyone has really noticed most of you are gone now is all good in a way I never liked fame and it looks like I've left it long enough for everyone to forget about me
apart from some chinese comments on the last post .. can't read em so deleted em sorry
that was it .... fair enough

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