Monday, September 12, 2005

My Grandma --- Monday September 12, 2005

My Grandma died in the late 70's almost 2 years to the day that my Grandad died she said that she wouldn't last long without him they were soul mates.
She went back to England for a visit that year and never got her return trip , she got a blood clot from the plane and died 2 days later, she was warned by the doctor "you are over weight, you smoke don't go on the plane" but my Grandma being my Grandma she had to do the opposite of what anyone told her to do, she wanted to go to England and that was it , she was going!

My Grandma taught me naughty songs and how to cut out paper dolls and make trees from paper she also taught me how to play poker (with match sticks) there any other way?

I think I get my silly humour from her. I loved staying with her she had a TV set but it was hardly ever on we had so much fun . I would help her cook , she never used a recipe book, I'm the same ,just throw stuff in I specialize in sock stew (everything in it but the sock lol). I dont smoke while I'm cooking though , Granma did ....... bits of ash in ya soup anyone?

My Grandma was funny, round (5 ft and 90ks), never had her teeth in except at Xmas and weddings .

My daughter is so much like her , gives you the exact same look just like that one. I named my daughter after her great Grandma I knew when she was born that they would be the same and they are except my 15 yr old daughter has all her own teeth thats her in the top pic, I don't normally put pics of my kids anywhere on the net but that's from 2 years ago and you can't really see her face.

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Friday, September 9, 2005

My Mum Friday September 9, 2005

My Mum
My Mother

My mum is in her late 70's,she still has black hair(i think it's helped a little) with a bit of grey in in it,she has always been highly intelligent even as a child she got into a bit of trouble at school for knowing more than the teachers did and even though she was in pain from terrible ear infections that at that time couldn't be cured by antibiotics she coped with teachers accusing her of cheating on tests

My mother had her ear operated on and the source of the infection removed so now is totally deaf in one ear ,that didn't stop her though she lived though WW2 ,survived being hit by a car,falling down a flight of stairs, she has even broken her leg twice

My mother has been using computers for years (she started on a 286 with dos)to write,and to compose newsletters for various organizations,her typing speed has fallen a bit over the years but that doesn't mean that her actual content hasn't. Funny thing though my mother has only just discovered Blogs and I've been helping her set up her 360 ,it would be easier if I was actually there ,trying to help her in an IM box from 1000ks away is difficult but we getting there

NOTE: my mum is my mum always be my mum even though she does have a real name lol

Friday September 9, 2005 - 11:54am (EST)

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