Friday, June 29, 2007


As I say constantly interupted isn't the half of it
I was just about ready to get the blog compost up (typo? maybe LoL) and what does it do comes in the room no kidding it drives me nuts it of course is the big hairy snoring thing currently in the bedroom, no not the dog the dog is outside barking of course because next doors kids are kicking the football agains't the fence again
So between the hairy thing snoring and the hairy thing barking its fairly quiet around here at the moment ..hence the blog of course can't do nothing (double negative oops sorry ..can't do anything) otherwize

What was I going to say now ummmm oh yeah thats right the dream from last night
I dreamt that my daughter died but was still living with us as a ghost (no not a zombie geeze I watch the movies don't dream of them) I actually woke up crying balling my eyes out crying, don't think I've ever done that before cried in my sleep yes but not woken myself up.
Wasn't crying because she died and was a ghost, she was quite happy as a ghost kept floating up to the ceiling and floating around on tops of cabinets and things, being a ghost wasn't a problem for her or me I was crying because I don't have another baby .. she's my baby
Having her with me was fine I could hold her and cuddle her so that was fine she wasn't a whispy go right through you ghost, oh and I did know it was a dream I was wearing my pajamas so yeah you know its a dream when you are wearing Pj's unless you wear Pj's all the time its a dream.
So yeah anyway woke up crying freaky flipping dream when you wake up doing what you are doing in the dream ... ever dream you are eating marshmallows and your pillow is missing? Old joke LoL thought I'd throw that one in.

Really though I do miss her it would be nice to have her around, she's like me well ok she's like her great granma same name same sillyness my son has her sense of humour Ellie has the straight out( she thinks it she says it) personality of my granma I've got both hehehe
Ellie will tell you straight out if she thinks it's wrong quiet normally but if she's got something to say she don't keep it in doesn't even have to be words she just gives you a "look" exact same look as my granma would give someone used to freak me out when she did it as a little kid and my mother arggh LoL spooked her it really did
See I knew even before she was born that she was going to be a girl, no tests or nothing I just knew and even though I was going to call her Elizabeth when she was born she was Eleanor and that was it.
So she has an old fashioned name just like I do, most Eleanors are older above 60, most of Ellie's friends are Sams and Jasmines most Frances are over 80 all my school friends are Kims and Robins. One name was so popular in the town I lived in before that you could call it out and get 20 women all the same age ... very confusing.
Normally you can tell how old someone is by thier name Joans are 60+ (common name in the 40's) Kylies are 25+ (common in the 80's blame Kylie Minouge for that one) but Ellie and me we have old fashioned names, oh yeah my son does too most Bruces here in Australia are over 70 Bruce knows a lot of Toms by the way (was a Tom who broke his nose on our glass door) but thats another story.

Anyway fed the dog, fed the bird and now I'm going to feed me, the hairy snoring thing can feed himself ... he's house trained as well you want him?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


You know I used to sit here each and every day just writing what ever came into my head a silly poem (always bad) a rant, something serious or silly every day I would sit here and type away for ages clattering away on the keyboard I know I did got most of my words saved on disk now hundreds of Word docs squirreled away.I used to write everyday didn’t matter what it was I’d open up Word and type away, sometimes get two or three ahead of myself specially when it came to posting as I never did like doing more than one a day, now of course I don’t know either its time or just that I’ve not got anything to inspire me there isn’t any waiting on Word to be posted, nothing at all in my book I use a book if I want to write up a long post a story or something, jot down ideas otherwise I forget.
I’m not one for going through each and every second of my day in a post no one wants to know I fed the dog, did the dishes and folded the laundry; no one wants to know its boring its boring to me never mind anyone else.

Spose I could talk about Day of the Dead and Jason X only I haven’t watched Jason X yet the zombie movie was good though better one than Dead Men Walking (zombie movie) that was too far fetched and everyone died, you don’t kill everyone off in a movie that’s just silly can’t have a sequel if everyone dies even though zombies in a prison was a good idea its just not a very good movie Day of the Dead was though, bit slow in parts and I did like the “intelligent” zombie Bob.Bob of course didn’t die, well I suppose he did die because he was a zombie but he didn’t get shot so as a zombie he didn’t die.

If you like zombie movies see if you can get a hold of Day of the Dead its older 1980’s so the acting is bad “grr argh I’m a zombie mumble, uggh” but the bride and clown zombies are kinda cool to watch out for and as far as zombie movies go in comparison to Dawn of the Dead the makeup is bad and the action kinda sucks run there’s a zombie coming, run I was like what you running for zombies stumble they can’t run just shoot the thing derr.
There was also no real explanation as to why all the zombies or why the “alive” people where underground (its part 2 the explanation is in part 1) only that they where looking for a cure by experimenting on zombies like Bob and they had been there a month and it does start off with a scare in the first two minutes though its always cool to start off with a jump.
Day of the Dead is the sequel or part two in the original Dawn, Day, and Night trilogy from the 80’s the original Dawn of the Dead is different to the “shopping mall” Dawn made a few years the ago.
I love the zombie movies; I’ve got Dawn of the Dead (help we are trapped in a shopping mall), Shawn of the Dead (take off comedy) Dead Men Walking (zombies in a prison), Day of the Dead (lets do experiments on zombies to find a cure) and Return of the Living Dead 2(nerve gas turns the dead into zombies)

I swear they use the same strand of sausages in every movie hehehe.

Later ….
Today I got to watch Jason X or Jason 10, if you haven’t heard of Jason he’s the guy in the hockey mask who kills people (bad childhood, crazy mother accidentally drowned as child can’t ever die) first seen at a summer camp killing people in the 80’s in Friday the 13th, only he didn’t have his hockey mask then he wore a sack over his ugly distorted face you know Jason he don’t say much and loves his machete.
This isn’t the last one in the series of movies I think Freddy v Jason is but Jason X is very good the first horror movie that actually made me scream not once but twice!Normally I laugh, don’t mind me horror scare makes me laugh but not in this movie it’s a screamer. Of course it does take some chunks right out of Aliens 2 lets go into the storage of the space ship and fight him there all ready to die a horrible death are we.
Yes it is more of a Si Fi Horror with it being set in the future 2535 or something and most of the action is on board a spaceship (in space no one can hear you scream –Aliens).
All in all I really enjoyed Jason X even if you haven’t ever seen the other Friday the 13th movies if you liked Aliens you will like this

just don’t it watch in the dark

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Hehehe don't get me started on Vegemite I've eaten the brown stuff since I was 5 in everything and I mean everything soup, gravy, on the roast, in the marinade everything!
Just saved a draft on a Vegemite recipie for Tastebuds ( get off you gotta wait, we don't want too many post all at once) anyway you can look here if you want, the whole site is about Vegemite.
Note: I'm translating some of this for you
See what happens is this an American asks for vegemite never tried it they say whats it like and they end up with a small packet like the tomato sauce (ketchup) ones you get at cafe's and what do they do? Eat the lot put the whole dang lot on one slice of toast, well that blows your tounge right off that does its flipping strong Vegemite is so they go ARRRGH ITS HORRIBLE .... of course it is like that, that's like eating a whole jar of jam(jelly) or a big fat chilli pepper or a whole bottle of tabasco sauce, I wouldn't eat that much at once a bit of it yeah but the lot no way
Look at it this way I've never tried an Oreo those are buiscuits (cookies) I know what they are but I've never had one, never had a Tootsie Roll either those are lollies (candy)
But if someone sent me one or a packet full what ever size they come in I wouldn't be shoving the whole lot in my mouth at once .. well ok if they are chocolate I might

Can I quit translating now?
No kidding thats difficult, even my spelling tomato and centre not tomatoe and center can't think of any more but centre is the worst, to centre something on a website it has to be center (American spelling) it's no wonder I couldn't even remember how to spell it right
Anyway Vegemite its NOT that bad as long as you remember only use a little spread it thin, don't go popping a whole spoon full in your mouth like my son used to do, not if you haven't tried it before otherwize BANG off will go your tounge

Monday, June 18, 2007

tastebuds drafts - hey you get back here

I saved a post on Lamingtons as a draft because I didn't want to do 3 posts in a row on Tastebuds anyway when I published it, it doesn't put it at the top as recent post it puts it when it was saved so the one on Lamingtons is now one of a few I did on the same day I wanted to separate them out and they all came up together grrrrr
The Lamingtons one will come up in the feedreader as recent though so I spose thats ok

My problem is with Tastebds is I'm not really a foodie Lamingtons, Scones and Shepards pie (NOT made with tiny shepards) is about it, not that I hate cooking but it's just that I'm not that into it I set that up for others really and theres no new posts on it
Mine are cheats I allready had those up on 360 did them ages ago so COPY them people get em up there!
If you don't have one that you prepared earlier get cooking on it get a new post up!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

So tag me and I'll find an old tag :P

Blech I loathe these things but seeing as I've done them allready I don't need to type em up just re-post (these are from 05) they are badly written and probably badly spelled
There are a couple more just couldn't find them besides they are all basically the same because you know what I do I use the last time I got tagged and re-post it hehehehehe ...I'm such a meanie

1. When is my birthday? July 4th
2. How many kids do I have? 2, one of each
3. Where do I live? Next too what? NSW, next to a cemetery
4. What is a drop bear? Mythical Australian animal
5. What music do I like? Abba, Cold Play
6. What sports teams do I like? None I hate sport
7. What’s my favorite drink? Coffee
8. What kind of car do I drive? Or what colour is it? Toyota, grey
9. What pets do I have? 1 Dog, 1 budgie, 2 pigeons
10. What colour are my eyes? Green
11. How tall am I? 5 foot 8
12. What are my favorite TV shows? ANTM, Lost, ER
13. What books do I like to read? Horror, science fiction/fantasy
14. What’s my star sign? Cancer
15. What school did I go too? Urrbrae Agricultural High School
16. Who sits next to me? Flowerman
17. What animal is on my desk? Cow
18. I have a roll of what? On my desk? Toilet paper
19. What’s my favorite colour? Purple
20. What’s my favorite food? Sardines

1: I stir my coffee 12 times, I don’t count how many, I just know I do it, you know how you do something automatically after a while, well that’s what I do, if I counted every time that would be obsessive compulsive, if I tipped out a coffee someone made for me because it wasn’t stirred 12 times that’s obsessive compulsive. I don’t do that, I just stir it. I happen to know that it’s 12 times

2: There must always be a cup of coffee on my desk, full or not it HAS to be there, different cups but always a cup on my desk

3: I can’t eat if I am not relaxed, if there’s an argument I can’t eat, something stresses me I can’t eat. Doesn’t mean I won’t eat it or that I’m not hungry just can’t eat it at this moment. I have been like that all my life, my brother and sister (12 and 13 years older than me) used to harass me at the table because I ate slow of course that made me eat slower, can't eat under that pressure or with people staring at me

4: I sleep covered up has to be a sheet (at least) even in the summer, I like to be able to move but I have to be covered or I wake up, cant stand drafts I can’t stand anything blowing on me, drafts, the air conditioner fans or the car window I’m sitting here now with a jumper on because of the air conditioner

5: umm yup supposed to be 5 ummm lets see I smoke that’s disgusting .I talk to the budgie, that’s not a habit though it’s “teaching him” la la (budgie can you say “shut up” or “wot ya doin”) .I get up turn on comp, turn on kettle, go potty then get my coffee and sit at comp in that order and that’s the worst habit of all

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The here

My here is different to your here, you are there I am here, my here is cold I can hear the washing machine going the dog barking and the natterer talking (both of them)
My here is not your here, your here is different to my here.

Everyone is different we are all in different places we all leave seperate lives the only connection we have is the internet, when you are sitting in your computer chair at your desk at work or maybe your dining table at home you see with your own eyes your own environment, you don't know what other pages the other person is looking at or who they are talking too, you might be hot they might be cold, you are at work they are at home the kids pulling at thier elbow but you don't see that.
You see your own situation through your own eyes

Sometimes we forget that the other person sees things different to us they might only have a 15 inch screen thier colours aren't set right, they might even have English as thier second language or not be able to read very well
What we write may not be understood because it just isn't seen as we see it
Thier here isn't the same as our here

Thursday, June 14, 2007

not paying anymore

Just got a letter from the child support agency saying
"you are no longer required to pay child support as the amount of time the other party cares for the child is not enough to recieve it"
You know how much I was paying? $27 a month yep thats it $6.75 per week and you know why I only pay that much my X makes $43,600 a year and I've been paying him!
Hows that huh. Not bad is it, heres him the first thing he does when I leave is not look for me oh no the first thing he does is arrange his "payments" his benefits, he not only makes that much every year but gets his "welfare" cheque and child support from me.
Notice how it says "time" thats because he's working 6 and 1/2 days a week the kids would be lucky if they see him at all, you know though if I had them it would be like getting blood from a stone getting payments from him, the agency would have to take it and then I know he would cry poor.
His payments where the FIRST thing he organized he was down the Centerlink (welfare office) before he even tried looking for me and really $6.75 a week from me might sound so very small and I don't really mind paying it as they are my kids after all but really it has been rather silly

The system here is set up to catch deadbeat parents who don't/won't pay, most of the literature I've recieved is aimed at fathers as well, most of it assumes that the caring parent is female
the letter I recieved today even spelled my name as the male version they assume as I'm the "paying" parent I'm male
I been paying my child support as little as it is there are many, many parents who don't pay out anything at all male and female and it does make me slightly miffed that one he makes so much every year and I've been paying him and two the system assumes that paying parents are all male

I don't see my kids, haven't seen them in 4 years the child support agency only wants money it doesn't care about visitations and the like doesn't care if you don't see your kids as long as you pay, even if you are paying some one who makes 10 times the amount as you it doesn't matter.

I know to my X it will matter though but he's not getting any more money out of me.
He actually owes me, owes me more much more than I've been paying out in child support for the last 4 years he wouldn't have a roof on the house I paid for that, I also paid the morgage every month out of my own wages when we first got a house .. he owes me and I've been paying him $6.75 a week for child support

I am a nut

Saving my posts as drafts (see this post) and then forgetting that I haven't posted them .. how silly is that
I was going to post about the "here" you know my here is different to your "here"
and found that post that I hadn't actually posted

You can slap me wait OUCH ...don't bother did it for you

Monday, June 11, 2007


Let me tell you about my mother-in-law
My MIL is a tiny white haired woman (turned totally white when she was 32), she's spent a lot of time in mental institutions just totally withdrawn in herself and I know exactly why... her husband!
Really there is nothing wrong with the woman apart from being deaf and not hearing a lot of things which wasn't picked up by the hospital either, don't know why because I worked that out years ago
It's not a mental illness that drove her mad but the FIL alcholic, abusive but only in words
"stupid woman" "gawd you are thick" I heard the words the family didn't
So many times I just wanted to yell THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HER
but you know one of my sisters-in-law wouldn't have her kids around my MIL because she had a mental illness and that upset me so much, depression yes, deafness yes, violent outbreaks after one too many abusive words yes but mental illness no and it angered and saddened me that such a sweet caring woman wasn't allowed to see her own grandkids. Mine she held, mine she changed while I shouted in her ear just so she could hear me.
First time I ever met her was before my X and I where married a thin withdrawn woman standing off to the side of the family gathering staring off into space, one hand on the elbow of the other arm, I went to talk to her but was pulled away "don't talk to her" I was told.
She didn't get to be at our wedding, we visited her in the hospital scary horrible place, strange looking people coming up asking for cigarettes and smoking them down into the butt
She walked with a limp, I asked why, apparently she had jumped from a hospital window and broken her leg it was pinned a 8 inch long plate with 5 screws in her ankle.
That plate stayed in for years more than it should have, thats when I saw it not on an X-Ray but as a souvenier
My MIL did eventually come home, now of course she turns her hearing aid off, she don't hear his words anymore, she still chain smokes and one lot of grandkids call her smoky nana I wouldn't let mine call her that though it only carrys on what FIL does.
No more will it take all 4 boys to restrain her just to take her away back down to the hospital after she had just had enough of his words and went crazy, throwing things and clawing at them all. She just turns off her hearing aid and his mouth just flaps away
Of course I could never say anything except once in a moment of anger at my X when I said to him "you are just like your father" which he was heading towards, the alchol, the words he did in a way stop some of it but even words hurt too much after a while

My MIL's name is Josie she smokes like a steam train, is deaf as a post, walks with a limp and has a weight problem caused by medication that she didn't even need
I left that family when I left my X they never liked me anyway Josie was my favorite person even though her not hearing could be a PITA she was my favorite not the FIL
He of course for birthdays and the like got things like a recliner chair and booze (yeah booze, "he's an alcholic you idiots" where my thoughts too)
She on the other hand got a vaccuum cleaner but with it being upright and her strength not being good hasn't ever used

It allways did make me seethe inside that he was fawned over and she was overlooked, I know the boys where scared of him (all 3 of them) but my X never told me anything about him actually hitting them maybe it was only words that they where scared of but even still words can cut deeper than any knife I know my X was so very much like his father I got out, I left but Josie no she never did well in a way she did get away, trapped away in a hospital, hardly any visitors no love from the family and alone for so many years I am so glad that didn't happen to me I got out before it it did

Saturday, June 9, 2007

like how rude....

Unbeliveably rude
A persons blog is like thier house well it IS thier house you don't go into someone elses house and start abusing one of thier guests do you?
Abuse the owner if you want damn you can abuse me but don't go off at someone else in the comment section it's so rude!
You want to go off at someone do it on your own page do it on thiers but on a third partys page?
It just makes you look 10x worse than you are

Blogging has unwritten rules and "comment crashing" is one of the things that you just do not do.
Yes carry on a civilized discussion, yes have a debate with someone but an all out fight when its not your page or the page of the person you are fighting with its just not done

Same goes for "cyber" keep that to yourselves no one else wants to see your personal conversations, don't need it re-posted from emails or IM's

Now I'm not saying that you can't fight or "love" just keep it on your own page in your own house

Every comment you make doesn't have to be gushy and full of praise for the blog author either most people like feedback good or bad but there is a huge difference between "My thoughts are ... " and "You are a moron %$#%" (to quote JC Pardon My French)

Don't go making yourself look like more of an idiot by abusing someone either on thier page or someone elses

Its just not done

Edit: whoops saved this as a draft and forgot to post it, was wondering why no one was noticing it


Been a while hasn't it oh well can't be helped, I do get to read other peoples posts don't allways get the time to comment sorry about that but I do read.
One I've just started reading is The Wild Oglala that's Bruce he's Dana's hubbie anyway today he posted a video of him and his friends singing, sounds fabulous and looks like this

When I watch a video I start it up and then pause it till its loaded enough to play, well when that came up I just had to screen shot it
I think it's Dana's upside down camera work but it just looked like a painting so much that I just had to save it
It's wild isn't it

Monday, June 4, 2007


I'm into dream interpretations and sometimes I can interpret my own dreams sometimes though I have weirdo ones that don't make any sence at all
Like the one I had this morning,
Everyone else was having babies, all of my friends where pregnant or allready had thier babies mine I had to hide it, get rid of it my X made me do that in the dream.
Anyway later on I found the baby and gave it CPR and brought it back to life but it grew really fast and was like 6 months old even though it should have been new born and no one believed that it was my baby and I'd just had it.

Now I know that a baby in a dream can be a project and as everyone else had a baby as well but no one belived that I had one or it was mine, I'm guessing I'm worried about something that some people don't believe that it's me doing it.
Something had to hide that I was doing it at first but later on when when I brought it back to life no one believed that it's my thing what ever the thing is.

Spose now I'll have to see if I can go over the dream re-enter it and see, did you know you can do that?
You can go back the next night and re-dream that same dream knowing that you are dreaming and ask questions might not get the answers you want and they might not be understandable but you can re-dream the same dream
Once I understood I could do that I stopped dreaming the same "search" dream over and over, I actually used to dream of this long tube thing with a door at the end that when I would get to the door handle and try to open it to get to the "next stage" so to speak, the door handle and door would go further away, frustrating as heck but you know I finally did open the door.
Was a relevation in my life once I realized what the search dream was about I knew when I dreamt it the next time what it was about and was able to open the door... what happened when I opened it? I woke up haven't had that dream since.

Normally I dream of houses (home, myself, self improvement and hidden thoughts) and I've dreamt I was driving think I was actually driving at the time though, babies are new.

PS. I stuffed up my page it's not your eyes it's me, had a problem with the top header pic couldn't remove the one I was testing and had to re-do the whole template and lost stuff off it so sorry about that .. gotta fix it but I'll do it tomorrow now I'm going to dream that baby dream again and see what the flip it's all about.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Missy's shorts updated

Finished it ..well think so anyway allways have a bit of trouble with endings
I was going to kill them all off hehehe but na that would be mean
Ama and the Dragons its 1500 words as well so it's kind of a long short story
and really I do apologize to Ann McCaffrey, then again you never know she might read it (yeah right) and write another long book.
Seeing as I've kinda borrowed her "talent" series not the words though, just the concept then again X-Men is allmost the same characters as her books ( some of the same powers) and as I'm not sure which came first the comic or Anne McCaffreys "talent" series so I'll shut up about that.
btw Ama's full name is Amariyah and I used that name as my yahoo name because she is like me, I can grow things too. Oh and if you look at that profile obviously thats not me dah.

Oh I did try to put a spin on things with it leave you with a question, leave you thinking is Ama's partner male or female? I hope I haven't said you can shoot me if I have

Friday, June 1, 2007

Ouch not tacked ..tagged

Alissa tagged me and I was like oh noooooo, ouch tagged not thumb tacked

INSTRUCTIONS:Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list
and bump everyone up one place.
Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so
1) bipolar notes from underground
2) This Side Of Reason
3) Picking Up Pieces
4) Alissa's Thoughts
5) Miss Interrupted

Next select five people to tag:
Don’t really like being tagged myself, it’s a bit scary and if anyone doesn’t want to do this it’s fine in fact if you read this and want to do it and you haven’t been tagged yet, just pretend you got tagged anyway ok

1) Dana’s Voice -- because I can
2) G – can’t wait to see what she comes up with
3) Webby – because I don’t think she’s been tagged for a while
4) Jesus –I’m far too lowly for HIM to read mine but I’ll tag him anyway
5) Oopsy – even though she’s probably already been tagged

What were you doing ten years ago?
What year was it 10 years ago? Not 1987? No that’s not right, oh yeah 1997.Trying to sell our little house that I didn’t really want to move from so we could get rid of the two mortgages and get the tenant out of the bigger house at the same time, ended up moving most things by myself mind you as the X was down the hotel drinking, only a week before settlement was due on the small house as we just could not get the tenant out, that woman would not vacate. We didn’t have time to paint or basically spit in the time we had lucky it was only around the corner. One problem with that the dog kept going “home” and visiting the new owners

What were you doing one year ago?
What am I doing now? Sitting here in my PJ’s typing

Five snacks you enjoy:
1) Chocolate
2) Cake
3) Bananas
4) Nuts
5) Chocolate cake with banana and nuts --- of course dah

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
1) Advance Australia Fair
2) Silent Night
3) Cats in the Cradle
4) When I’m 65 (will you still hurt me whip me and beat me ..whoops wrong version)
5) Alleluia Chorus

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1) Spend money …dah bit obvious that one
2) Get my car overhauled …look great with mag wheels it would
3) Buy one of the vacant shops in this town and set up a net café and computer learning center
4) Tell my X that he will not be getting any of this money, not this time
5) Pay for Adrian to learn to drive and get him a car, coz he ain’t driving me he can’t anyway he can’t get behind the wheel (small car + big guy = squished)

Five bad habits:
1) Pick at my nails
2) I don’t eat make that I forget to eat
3) I drink too much coffee
4) I forget things know I forget but don’t write things down
5) only being able to think of four things

Five things you like doing:
1) Helping people
2) Growing things
3) Animations
4) Finishing something
5) Sleeping

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