Thursday, February 12, 2009

All Backed up

What is Computer Backup?
Computer backup is storing copies of your files somewhere other than your hard disk. The reason that we make computer backups is to protect against something happening to damage our files or computer so they are no longer usable. If we have backups of our files, then we can restore these files to our computer through our backups.

What is Involved in Computer Backup?

Computer backups can be made in very different formats. The traditional method of backing up computer files was the floppy disk. However, floppy disks are becoming increasingly obsolete. In fact it is becoming almost impossible to get a new computer that includes such a drive.

Floppy disks can only hold 1.4 megabytes of data, and there are formats which can hold much more.

CD-Rs are CD-ROMs

that you can actually write

onto and hold up to 800 megabytes of storage. You can also use CD-RWs (rewritable disks)
which can be written onto more than once.

DVD burners are also becoming increasingly common, and a typical DVD-R can hold up to 4700 megabytes, or 4.7 gigabytes (a whole BOX full of Floppy Disks!)

The last option is to store your data in another location altogether. Upload the files from your home computer to a online file backup service for safe Multiply or File Den

Set a schedule to backup all of your important files. Say once a month
Make sure are organised and have time, don't try to back up in a rush you may forget to backup something important
Keep your back-ups in a safe place away from environmental hazards, don't let your CD's get wet or leave them in the car or let the dog chew on the CD's and don't stick a Floppy Disk to the fridge with a magnet
In fact try NOT to use Floppy disks at all except for coasters

Even a 4year old can do this..
Get a Burnable CD out of the case a blank one, place it in the CD burner drive, open up your My Documents, grab a hold of the files you want to save with your mouse and drag them into the CD drive and follow the prompt boxes that appear, place the date of back up when it asks you to name the CD.
When it's finished the CD will appear ..the drive drawer will pop out place CD back into case, write on case the date of your back up.
And that is it you are done...till next time

sources:: Computer back up made easy and WikiHow

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Are Here

The image there is a screenshot from this map it shows where the fire are which ones are still burning and which ones are under control
As you can see we are miles away even though there are some burning here they are under control but we are still getting the smoke because of the wind it's blowing up from the pole so instead of the smoke trailing out to sea like it was before it's now blowing up here into NSW

Monday, February 9, 2009


The toll might over 130 now but that is just people
I was talking to my Aunt on the phone today had to ring her she lives in the Melbourne outskirts
My aunty shows Newfoundlands (huge hairy black or black and white dogs) and one of the breeders didn't turn up for a show yesterday the breeder lives in Kinglake
This woman has not only lost her home but her dogs and kennels as well

Then there are the native animals the ones that can't get away so fast the koalas and lizards
(no one ever worries about the snakes)
It's not grazing land out there so not so many sheep and cattle but there will be horses and other smaller domestic pets
See it's not just the human lives that are being lost but animals , during Ash Wednesday a lot of sheep where trapped up against fences and unable to get away they were overrun by fire
I wasn't worried about my things when we evacuated only photo albums and my dog, my mothers corgi and our cat all three were secured and in the car before we were
Think I was even more worried about the cat that belonged to the landlord (they moved the cat wouldn't) it was loose wouldn't come near the house because of the dogs it did survive though same as our house because of the apple orchard sprinkler system
Think the worst thing was driving through the actual fire getting away not only the fire but the animals we saw running away as well mainly natives and rabbits
Ash Wednesday was bad but this ..this is worse I lived through Ash Wednesday and today with the smoke haze hanging around I was reminded of it same time of year only over 20 years ago now
The death toll from this one will rise the animals the ones in hospital with burns I know my best friend from High School her father was the last person to die from Ash Wednesday it took months for him to die from his burns it will be the same this time

The smell of smoke is the worst
It reminds me of fear
the fear of being over run of the uncontrollable
of death and devastation
of total black
a midday sun turned red
a totally different world of fear and angst
I hope to never have to live through that ever again

Please if you wish to donate click here for more information - includes a number to call if you are outside of Australia and unable to contact relatives

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I KNOW I have 17 readers!

Had to change things around because I can't edit anything on the 3 column template
so now it's back on two, yes I know I can do CSS but this is Blogger so it's staying on 2 and the links are blue staying blue they wont change !.
Did get the Twitter widget added so all of 17 people who are subscribed you can now follow me on Twitter (even the PM follows me so ner :P) or follow me on Blogger if you want I know you won't though because you will show as doing so and odds on some of you are being sneaky and don't want me to know who you are so you wont

I'm actually posting this from Blogger for once ...I know shock amaze most times I cross post from Multiply because I'm busy on there if you don't know I make Multiply themes/layouts have been for a while now and no I won't do Blogger templates too hard no way

Question for you

If someone posts "I'm deleting my page" are they doing it for attention or would they actually do it
Me I would just go ahead and do it no fluffing about that would be it gone bye bye
I don't know I think if someone does that thay are waiting for others to comment "oh no please don't leave"
Now of course I want to say something nice to the girl (because I am) but this is in the back of my mind is it B/S or not
Myself I would if I was in the same circumstances as her shut down my page and just leave it I wouldn't delete it besides once it's gone it's gone you can't get it back (unless it's a Facebook) and I've actually left that as a comment why don't you just shut it down instead couldn't think of much else I'm not a "pandering" person

She gives no real reason and there are a few things that make me suspicious but without telling you who it is which I wont (nice person remember) they are difficult to say what they are right here this is going out to only a few of contacts on Multiply but will get cross posted to Blogger well it's an interesting question

What would you do or say if a contact or somone who wote a blog you read said that they were deleting their page ?

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Recently in the US a woman had 8 babies (octuplets) she already had 6 which is 14 children all up for those of you who can't count
Now here the Australian government pays out an allowance to those who have children, if it's the father looking after them he gets it
It's on a sliding scale so say you have 2 children under 18 and you or your partner/husband works and earns over a certain amount you get $150 from the government every week
If neither of you work or you are a single mother it can be $300 each child
So she's got 14 kids and lets say the father or fathers what ever the case maybe are not around
if that woman lived here (gets out calculator) she would get $8400 per month
That includes free health care with a long waiting list of course, free or reduced cost medications (capped at $2.50 per prescription )
If she was a drug user FREE needles , diabetic $2 per box ...don't ask why that is I've no idea
Possibly a reduced rent house, nurses for home visits once a week

In the 80's Bob Hawke promised that no child would live in poverty and they don't
Course recently everyone with children and old age pensioners got a bonus carers got $1000 per child under 18 the oldies got the same , the unemployed did not get a single cent which is fair
This windfall was the government saying hey we have a recession here is some money that we have lying around you can have it
But they gave it out in a lump sum and of course a lot spent it in the first week on booze and drugs, saw a few new laptops as well as Mp3 players and new mobile phones that kind of thing ...and the kids well you know they went to school in old torn clothes
That's what people do, you give them $1000 they gunna spend it aren't they not on paying bills but on things!
I think though if the government is going to give out money it should be to the people not businesses it's the people who buy the products and without money to spend on products your business goes down the gurgler
So who's got the right idea here not the US that's for sure

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Susan talks warts

We all have them you know something that we don't like about ourselves or others
click this ---> One Wart

Me I used to be fat ok not humongous fat but put it this way now size 12 then size 16
Aussie clothes being something like this 6(US) = 12(AU) and 16(US) = 12(AU) I think more or less that kind of conversion anyway
still that's a few dress sizes I swim in the old pair of jeans I still own not get wet in the pool swim( I don't swim get wet swim) I mean pull them out from the waistband kind of swim and they used to be tight!
down from 90 to 62kgs
Am I happy being thinner than I was, looking the same size as I did when I was 17 when I never even went near a scale when I looked good in photos except that was the 80's no one looked good then had big hair for a start, wait I still have a lot of hair more than I had when I was bigger, my hair weighs a lot which is good I need those extra kilos
See I'm too thin now no energy I survive on chocolate (doesn't everyone) except I have low BP and low blood sugar
never was a popular person don't want to be either
Here is me I'm 12 years old grade 7 wasn't even in High School and I'm 5'8 , have this pic taken then three of my friends on the left and me on the right to fit it in my purse it's cut in half put the halves together I'm a full 2 foot taller than they are, ok so they grew well two did Sally didn't she stayed short can't help that she never grew but the other two did eventually
I was always the odd one out, in High School where the boys outnumbered the girls 7-1 I was the non-girly girl I did welding without screaming worked in the chook shed at lunch time they didn't they sat and giggled and gossiped and giggled some more ..odd one out again I don't giggle never did
I could outwork the men on the farm but never did learn to ride a motorbike you try rounding up sheep using a tractor now that IS tricky

I'm tall too tall, I'm skinny too skinny my hair is too long I need a hair cut and I'm a listener not a joiner and defiantly not a giggler
Those are my warts or my wart by itself is that I sit outside of the circle to afraid to join in and that is the truth even if I am in the middle of the circle I still fell like I'm on the outside bit like being turned inside out , which is why I do come across as standoffish and aloof sometimes I don't like being "in" I'm so used to being "out" it's bending down all the time that does it you know from being so tall it makes my head spin
I wish I was outgoing but I'm not I scare too many away because I don't know how to giggle

Monday, February 2, 2009

What is this big bowl thing?

It's something to do with American football finals but for some reason instead of having one single final with a big cup and prizes there seems to be lots and lots of them and never seems to be a winner, not that I've noticed anyway.

Lets see I know they have adds on it and a lot of people watch those which seens strange to me, if the adds are more interesting than the programme on the TV must be a boring TV programme, well yes of course it is I would be bored as well looking at a big bowl on the TV
Everyone gets to sit around the TV drink beer and eat chips well you can do that any day of the week

I know the players get a snazzy huge ring at the end of the game in fact the coach, the towel boy, the guy with the esky full of drink he gets one everyone who is on the team gets one from what I've seen these are only usefull for police investgations ... if its on NCIS or Law and Order it must be true

Ok what else do I know umm yes well it's American football so it's the padded kind the players not the ball not saying the players are fat but they sure look fat like to see one of them play here they would collapse and they are so used to wearing padding one teeny bump and they would be a crying mess just like a soccer player.

The ball is shaped like a bullet so it flys from one side of the square field to the other and fits neatly under Forrest Gumps arm so he can run with it and the players say "hut hut" a lot no idea what that means either

So yes lets see
Today you watch a big bowl on the TV you watch the TV adds more than the actual prgramme you eat chips and drink beer and watch TV ... honestly you Americans are strange would today be a good day to invade your country or should we hang off till November when you are all trippy on turkey?

Disclaimer:: I know exactly what it is ..I'm teasing the Americans, so anyone who gets offended didn't read properly

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