Tuesday, August 3, 2010

comment moderating

I've got all of my blogs set on comment moderation
have to love it

At the moment I'm not checking everywhere all the time I mean who can with 7 different blogs to check right
So when i do log in I can see there are comments awaiting moderation don't have to bother checkng emails or anything they are there when I look here on blogger

Al you do is click on Comment Moderation up the top there when you are in edit mode .. like writing a blog up you know .. don't make me put screnshots here cos I ain't gonna
Scroll down the options and choose comment moderation "allways"
and save

there it's that easy
Now if you get strange comments from bots or ones in chinese or korean or some other language that you can't understand or ones from people that you don't like or are complete idiots that you don't want to even see you can deny the comments from them
pretty cool huh
That IS what i am doing to the comments I'm getting the ones I don't need the rubbish they are being moderated I'm approving the ones I like the comments I want !!

Leave a nice comment in English I might even approve it

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