Monday, August 20, 2007

His furriness and a free site

Sorry that I haven't posted here in a while just had a few things going here

So anyway I feel like a zombie, you know grr arggh stumble about not knowing what I am doing
Just totally stressed out had his fluffy furryness in the hospital in the ICU with his BP through the roof, he mentioned chest pains and the hospital staff went nuts thinking he was having a heart attack, of course it wasn't he's got a chest infection and the new BP tablets he was taking just did the opposite of what they are supposed to do ..they made his BP higher instead of lowering it or lowered it too much don't know anyway made him almost faint and his BP skyrocket it was almost twice as high as it should be.
He's on tablets for the diabetes, ones for cholesterol and ones for high blood pressure poor things only 35
He seems a bit better now thank goodness

Anyway what we have been working on is a forum site of our own links here and we where working on it setting stuff up before he started getting all sick, so mainly all the members are women, you can become a member and post on it just like a blog site its kinda like a tiny community of its own, so if you can get it to load (sorry if its slow) take a look.
Its a free PHP forum site you don't have to pay to become a member and we don't have to pay for hosting it either, good that its free bad that its sometimes slow because its free ..oh well can't have everything

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fcebook= Kids= ?? you guess

I joined Facebook because of the fact that everyone was raving about it, it's got this it's got that, you can have mobile blogging on it its great!
Well its not great, there's no colour for one and all you do is add and remove applications honestly that is all you do, of course when you add these applications these so called "fun items" there are a few boxes to check one is 'I allow this application to grab my details' you cannot add them without doing so.
Of course this gives the application access to YOUR details and then ...the spam starts hitting.
Facebook hijacks your address book and sends invites to everyone if you aren't carefull
Facebook mail box gets full of 'sent to all' mail which you cannot turn off, the Thread mail being the worst culprit.
Facebook applications give you unwanted spammy type emails from the applications that you add
And the number one thing about Facebook that I do not like its designed for children, its aimed at children 12- 18 so you know where the pedophiles are going to go ? You guessed it Facebook
A site thats designed for kids a site that sends out invites to everyone a site that grabs all of your details you may as well put up a sign saying
here pedo, pedo come here juicy ones for the picking

Ok so there are pedophiles everywhere not just one Face book
Maybe this add will show what I can't
you never know who you are talking too
Virtual Global Taskforce Video

Monday, August 6, 2007

The way I am

This is the way that I am if you don’t like it, say so to my face

I will do the same for you

I will tell you straight up if you are wrong

I will tell you straight out what I think of you

What I feel what I’m thinking

I will tell you

I’m not a yapper my face constantly flapping saying nothing

When I say something I’ve thought about it before hand

I don’t expect everyone to like me

If you can get over my ways and sometimes I come across as being bitchy

Maybe sometimes downright nasty

If you can get over that you will find I am a really nice person

Ask the few who do know me, really know me

They will tell you I go out of my way to help anyone who needs it

The truthful honest people who really do need help I will help them

But not the ones who don’t need help who only need attention that’s not what I do

There are others who can do that not me

That’s not what I do

You don’t like me, that’s fine but it’s also too bad as I won’t be helping you out anytime soon when and if you need help

This is me I don’t want to be your bestest buddy

I’ll make you smile maybe laugh, help you when and if you need it

I won’t ask you for anything in return.
And don’t expect it either

Don’t care if you totally ignore me had that all my life its nothing to me

Don’t care if you don’t like me

I’m myself by myself that’s just me

Saturday, August 4, 2007

What do I do about my mother

So anyway my daughter sends me this message on MySpace right that my mother is making a MySpace, remember my mother is 73 years old and already has a 360 that she's totally forgotten about ..I should log it in I know her password had to get it so I could set her page up it was totally impossible trying to help her in IM she kept buzzing me and trying to view my webcam that isn't even installed or trying to play a game think she just presses like all of the buttons. You can't talk to her even on the phone I put it down and she's blah, blahing away same as she does if you are actually in the room no one has any idea who or what she is talking about.
I'll be like "Mother I have no idea who you are talking about" and she's like "oh but I do" ...always helps that does
My mother knows my email, the phone number and my mobile phone number it's stored on hers
I've emailed her and she will IM me with "whats your email" ..hit reply mother.
It's not that shes stupid oh no isn't thick my mother well never used to be anyway its just that the brain doesn't work any more but she doesn't have Alzheimer's oh noooooo she doesn't have that yeah right she don't

So anyway I told my daughter that grandmas can't have MySpaces which of course isn't right as they can, just not her grandma besides my mother would forget her password for her MySpace within a day and I don't necessarily want my mother annoying me on my friends list over there
I mean who wants mummy reading anyway geeze, it would be corrected spelling here and corrected English there and corrected this and that and she would want me to help her set it up oh no not doing that again

So anyway what do I do?
Gotta go login to my old Y account I spose and email her no wait I can't she's forever changing email addresses and will not check her Yahoo one even though she gets an alert every time she gets an email on it as she's always on on Messenger, so I can't email her.

What do I do??

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