Friday, July 5, 2013


Apparently I have six followers here ... yeah I know thats NOT a lot
anyway Blogger wont tell me who they are
Is one of them you?
It is isn't it I know you are there
I have stats you know , ok so some of them are not real people for all I know 5 out of 6 aren't real people.

Used to have a load you know real people that is now I don't know where they have gone
Am I alone ?

there are no writers left any more, just 15 words or less a "like" here a "share" there

I need to go to bed I think depressing myself just thinking about that


Yes I do it, come on we all say a swear at some time or another but I don't want to read swear words specially in names of Facebook pages
 I shall put a star as really we don't need to see them
Anyway pages like this one " I'm gunna f*ck your girlfriend" or "you are all f*cked" I've seen them without the star for a U even worse the C word in a name of a page for flips sake WHY?
There is no reason to swear when there are plenty of other words, like flip for instance that we can use
of course "I'm going to flip your girlfriend" wouldn't sound quite the same now would it?
How about fak, flowers or fork? Almost sounds the same that one fork, fork fork!

Yes I realise swearing has become part of our language, I'm not that much of a prude and yes I know some of you will be calling me one but there are items we can use like stars and or shock horror a thesaurus, no that's not a dinosaur it shows you other words that mean the same and seeing as most swear words are in the dictionary now they do have "other" words that mean the same you can use.
Look you can swear in print if you want in comments its unnecessary but really to name your PAGE with a swear word in it why?
I don't see why the fork you would want to name your page something thats going to offend a pile of people.
Might get a little girly gigglesnort out of some of the young ones the Beiber fans ""o0ohh he said bottom hehehe giggle".. how old are you anyway ten?
Might get some under educated lot thinking its funny.. sorry it's not funny, just makes you look dumb because you don't know any other words to put in place of the swear.

If I drop a heavy object on my foot I can assure you I wont say FORK but a Facebook page isn't a heavy object on my foot .... one with swearing as a name is just a blot on my screen!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bit of quiet time

Don't normally get any quiet time but it is at the moment not sure how long it will last may have to type faster
Stuck another post up on Taste Buds Tuna Bake this time one of my daughters favorites she should be able to do this one herself now being all chef like

oh no he's back told you it wouldn't last .. 2 minutes I got
He did bring me a hot sausage roll though , so just excuse me while I eat it
 ok so now the dog is doing an impression of an Anime character, you know the ones with the big huge eyes
Stop LOOKING at me while I'm eating, you are not starving.
 Right there you go dog, might be a few crumbs under my feet there thats all you are going to get ... "go for it vacuum features", should have called the dog Hoover she's more fastidious at vacuuming than I am, only food though, she leaves her hair that she drops for me to vacc up.

Forgot what I was going to say now, apart from this ruler its a "fancy" one with a measure thing on it, least I thought it was turns out that its a cutter, so here is me cutting straight lines with scissors and I've got this fancy straight line cutting ruler that I didn't even know I had, sometimes it pays to clean up.
Been doing a bit of cleaning up lately because I'm getting a new desk, you don't want to know whats behind and under things lets face it I don't want to know, emptied the vacc like 3 times already err dog hair mostly
One day I'm going to glue it all together could make a whole new dog or maybe a dog hair lampshade?

Went on G plus before to post a link to Taste Buds and G plus has gone all Facebooky with the double barreled profile , hard to follow that is, be even harder on one of those smart phone things they are designed to read up down like most people read websites UP/ DOWN not left right or right left.
Two columns is going backwards in time what year are we in 2013 its not 1913 newspapers have colums (which I can't spell) and who reads newspapers now a days ? Real paper newspapers I'm talking about not online ones, read an online newspaper it goes UP/DOWN
Not that most read english any more, I know they can't write or spell and you can't blame auto correct either you type the write spelling and it will give you the rite word R I G H T
course if you can't spell and I knwo I can't spull words like collosseeum its going to make a muss if it int it

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