Thursday, December 30, 2010


no not really bored just not much to do, can't get on Facebook at all it won't load so I'm sitting ok lying in bed with the netbook on my lap
Sometimes I miss chatting to people on blogs well not so much it does get tiresome after a while
Twitter got the same way it all got too much for me to keep up with far too many people wanting to interact with me
One thing I noticed the very annoying person who couldn't write comments in English has gone away they do you know if you just leave it long enough

You know its not that I don't like talking to people its just that if I start talking, conversing getting close after a while I get too close so I just pull away is better not to get close in the first place that way I wont get hurt when they don't want to talk to me anymore wether I get boring or annoying or something possibly boring more like it
Better to just not bother in the first place most in the past have wanted me not for who I am or how I write but for what I can do for them they most times do nothing for me , clingons I call em one reason why I don't Twitter any more too many clingons hanging on my every word
They never did care about me and you know what I don't give a stuff about most of them
You may wonder why I change emails a lot ... #1 Yahoo emails get full of spammers the " I wan b yor frind" kind mostly dirty little men of any nationality (take your pick) who I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole eww yuk
and the #2 reason people might think I am there online might want to talk , no wait no they wont as I said they don't want to talk to me
I've done the chat thing and its "brb" and they go offline yeah I know that one *doh* running 2 computers here I know you are still on
Seriously yep I know I'm boring we have smellanet I stink you don't like me pfft don't care ...... HA

guess what I don't have MSN, don't have Yahoo messenger installled either
neither do I put chat on Facebook make it easier on all of you that way , you don't see me online and I don't see you either

**Just a note there are some .. a few .. not many who I do like chatting to never will say who they are if I do they more than likely wont talk to me again

**another note .. why they heck do I have an "onion" tag ??

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