Wednesday, August 28, 2013

too ball or not to ball this is the question

I can’t stand attention seekers, whiney whinging all the time about how “sick” they are or “how much pain” they are in a Dr Smith voice.
Like no one else in the world is as sick as they are, on their death bed moaning and crying on Monday but miraculously up and about at the theme park on Wednesday come on.
Then  there are the ones that are on a health ‘thing’ yet are perpetually drinking alcohol and then of course you get the “ohhhh I feel sick” the next day, funny that hmmm I wonder why?
Really you’d think some of the folks on Facebook are alcoholics dying of some terrible disease that’s when they aren't playing games till 3am and complaining that they can’t sleep.
Meh, I can’t sleep without pain killers had  migraine ‘stars’ earlier on as well but I don’t whine about it.

Yeah sure its midnight here and I’m typing this, my back between my shoulder blades is killing me BUT I did mow the lawn and trim bushes today and dig a garden bed yesterday, got a dentist appointment tomorrow and working at Vinnes on Thursday.

Next door neighbour is being an arrogant antagonistic thingy [naughty bad word] again but not to us this time to the neighbours on the other side of him, saying they are stealing his kids balls (same as he said we was) same balls that come flying over the fence at regular intervals, no names on them which we throw back.
Only some get lost in the process hence they are in his eyes “stolen”
What I really want to do is get everyone in the Cul-de-sac to buy a few tennis balls and throw them on his lawn maybe a few thrown by passing cars into the backyard, Now that would be funny, not for us though because even though there possibly would be a few dozen balls it would be us that would get the blame for it, we’d get the police called out on us because well he didn’t have any balls so some nice people gave him some.
Wouldn’t be Balls to the Wall it would be balls on his lawn hehehe

And at that because I can feel my head starting to throb I will post this and take two aspro and see you in the morning.

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Dave said...

well hi there Missy, been a long time, i am still around here but i am on Blogster blogging to. hope you are doing good.

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