Saturday, October 3, 2015

Just for the Record

I've been sorting alphabetically all our vinyl records , we've got almost every dang band and singer that you could think of from ABBA to ZZ Top
Metallica , Anthrax, Samantha Fox ( no idea who that is thought Samantha Fox was a porn star?), ELO , Bay City Rollers, Cindy Lauper, Queen , The Commodores ( band not the car) , Duran Duran, Devo, David Bowie, Sweet, Sports, Split Enz, Jackson 5, Lindsey Buckingham, Ravi Shankar and Prince's Purple Rain or symbol what ever his name is.
You get the picture lots and lots of records a pile 150cm high ( 5 feet) almost every single one is perfect except for the one single Beatles album there is only one Beatles album not like Split Enz we have every single album they brought out in pristine condition in plastic sleeves not a mark on the covers or the record but this one single Beatles record has a big splotch on it like something has been spilled on it, the cover has been fixed up with black tape because its the Beatles Black Album so who ever did that at least tried to match it up.
Still tho can't record this particular album onto USB and turn it into an MP3 because someone at sometime spilled something on it, spose at least in one way its not scratched or bent or turned into a butterfly or an ashtray.
That of course is a horrible thing to do to poor vinyl records especially ones in good condition

Just what is it with The Beatles anyway were they or are they daggy, unpopular like Racey was/is ?
we only have one Racey album possibly because thats all they ever did one album that was it but I kinda think The Beatles bought out a few more than one album.
No we don't have many country albums either I know right all that lot you'd think there would be a few but country isn't our thing  could have had them but gave most of them away to someone who likes that kind of stuff , we did not give The Beatles away because there is only one ,
was there more ? Or maybe they are so popular played on the radio that you never had to buy the album ..... looks like I might have to , buy them that is because you can't go around downloading tracks for free now can you that'ts naughty.

Now here is a thought could I wash it off the splotch that is ? Can you wash a record and not scratch it or wreck the label hmmmm ???

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