Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I am not an elf

Had to pause Adblocker because some things just wont work with it on and of course forgot to turn it back on , go back to Facethingy and some add comes up wanting me to play a game called Elvenar for "nature lovers in harmony with everything - the hippies of every fantasy world" 
Obviously Facethingy thinks I'm a nature loving hippy elf , yep yep an almost 6 foot elf , it only picked up that I was short because I mentioned that I was too short to get to the middle of the roof of the car when I was washing it and needed high heels , good thing it didn't pick up about me thinking when I was washing the car about the bikini clad girls who wash cars doing so in said heels so they CAN reach
I mean why else would you wear heels when washing your car?

Yes so it did get some of it right the nature loving hippie part but I am not short , if I was short the floor would be closer when I drop something , no one would ask me to reach stuff , broom handles would be as tall as me , lawn mowers would have the right size handles and it wouldn't hurt my back getting something out of the crisper in the bottom of the fridge.
Look I feel for short people I really do and most are shorter than me had someone ask if the hat they was wearing looked ok , yep sure it does I can only see the top of it you look like a mushroom but yep looks ok from here. 

Oh yes I must tell you a lion has gone missing, if you see a 30+ kilo white painted concrete lion tell the person that has it that they can have its friend ( as they come in pairs ) IF they can swim the river here with its friend tied to their back .
Photo of missing lion

Just went to tag this and I tell you what some strange words appear in previous tags that's possibly because I am strange but not an elf 

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